5 Ways Rappers Keep Buzz To Never Fall Off

5 Ways Rappers Keep Buzz To Never Fall Off

There’s that new set motherfucker. Is that new shit. No shit. No. You know what I’m saying. It should took a long time to set up but it’s looking good. I’m feeling good I’m feeling great. Time to get in and this what a smart rapper today was talking about for ways to stay buzzin as a rapper forever which means soon you start buzzing the most important things you’re going to need to do is just stay Boston stay relevant. You can stay making money you stay popular she could stay influencing and inspiring people if that is your goal. And I’m going to say you had to stay relevant for. Granted intro. Number 1. You want to stay forever. Do what. All of the big rappers do because it’s the smart thing to do and that is you stay colliding with relevant artists.

If you look at people like Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj they had way more to change especially way more collaboration than they did even their own individual songs. Reason being is they’d hop on a song with somebody else or become omnipresent the freaking everywhere because they’re everywhere people like. Who is this. Who is this. They get to that point remember when 2 Chainz is talking about hundred thousand dollars a virgin even if you wasn’t I mean he probably could have been selling them for that. He was so damn relevant but looked to solidify and concrete what I’m trying to tell you. Think about this think about how Drake house on anything that’s relevant. Think about how he immediately hopped on Bigos Versace. Think about how he’s immediately shouting out. Kodak Black when he’s popping off or how he gets he does a song with 21 Sabiston as soon as he gets on to.

This is how you stay relevant. You stay attached to the artists that are already buzzing if you possibly can. It’s a lot of artist blows up. Every other rapper hits them all. Anybody who’s popular like Hey man keep you get to keep the good will get to keep the good faith with them. These nights you possibly can and try to. You don’t interact with them if you can’t. Is going to help you stay relevant. Let’s go on number 2. You have to release a project at least every three to six months. Now used to be where you can go two years and be fine. Unless you’re Justin Timberlake or Dr. Dre or Eminem you even. Even nowadays in Yemen and you you have to release a project.

Typically at least once a year minimum. But if you’re on the come up right now and you’d not like a superstar yet you’re going to get there. You got to be releasing a project every three to six months and I actually I personally have witnessed the damage that it does and how you’ll lose relevancy and you’ll lose buzz if you don’t stay in the public eye you’ll notice something like future amigos are always dropping a tape or something to keep people going that’s why Drake was dropping single or singles like rumors and who sing a lot. Much like when love has come out come out. This just came out. He’s dropping them. You have to be consistently dropping projects to number one appease your fans keep your fans happy keep them loving you so that they don’t try to go somewhere else to try to get hooked on somebody else who’s trying to stay relevant and consistently dropping material.

5 Ways Rappers Keep Buzz To Never Fall Off

Okay you need to make sure that you are keeping everybody happy and making sure they’re not putting their eyes elsewhere. People will forget really quick you’ll have people that are hardcore fans of you but if you don’t drop music on a regular basis then they forget about you. 6 second attention spans 11 seconds 6 second Vine not more but 11 seconds snapchat. You know what I’m saying. Like this is just that’s how that shit is. Let’s move forward. Number three. You want to stay relevant as a rapper. You have to hire a good publicist a publicist and get very expensive. What of publicists gonna do for you. They’re going to make sure that you they try to help you spend stories to the media and help you stay relevant and popular.

This is why every time a rapper comes out with an album suddenly they’re in the headlines for something that’s a publicist job to make sure that they’re getting heard that when the album drops they’re getting streams they’re selling they’re selling the albums or selling them either. You’re gonna get charting they’re going be good to go on tour. The publicist uju going the record events the publicist keeps you connected and you really helps you get that headline up there so that people are paying attention to you. Every time something happens a good publicist is. Oh my. It’s essential for being entertaining relevant artists have some of the artists have the best in the business and those people are making like 10 grand plus a month because they are easily worth that much money.

I’m not a hundred percent sure I think rent a month but I know some of that cost 6 rent a month and I assume of the ones that I know of course 6. The really good ones probably cost at least 10. Number four stay on top of anything that is culturally relevant. It’s very similar to how you can stay attached to a big artist by doing the collaboration and being seen and all that stuff but when something is culturally relevant like if something happens like selling really politically big happens you speak out against it. First you’re buzzing from it then everybody catches on like if something big is happening and you really believe in it because it’s culturally relevant you stay on top of it. Jeezy’s really good at this. I know he is somebody that’s helping him like being OK.

Tell me what tell me what is relevant right now because they speak about it in a song it just every time is always he’s always on top of it. That’s another reason he got to the damn sight he knows what he’s doing right. But staying up on top of relevant topics and current trends is how you stay in front of it and actually stay on top of the wave and jump to the next trending wave. Before that last wave goes down you have to stay on top of things you have to evolve with the times. Okay. I mean let’s look at how MNM does Donald Trump right immediately. Like that’s like a boom like what like 30 million voters Buwa. I’m saying this is like it’s it’s because it was culturally relevant. Somebody needed it this is. Who better a MNM right stuff just like that number 5.

More important than anything is you have to make hate songs when at the end of the day it is a record business. It comes down to can you make hit songs that people are going to listen to over and over and over again can you generate the income. Are people going to want to put your song on and then listen to it again and again and again and then listen to it and after a friend hears it goes what is that. What are you listening to because that’s typically how it happens. Is it not. So you can make hit songs what’s going to happen is you’re always going to stay at the highest the biggest that you’ll get you’ll be a great artist and probably say a C or a D. Great artist for you never really stay on the top level even if you’re known but you’re not in the limelight.

5 Ways Rappers Keep Buzz To Never Fall Off

The thing about drake always in the limelight always dropping records that are potential hits that always do something right. You have to be making hits above all else these other four things that to help you stay relevant. But the hit is what’s going to help you stay iconic is going to help you become legendary and help you really like had the longevity that you want. She need to be making songs people who stay relevant by consistently having releases like releasing a song every three or releasing a project every three months like we spoke about right. But if those songs are not hot the people only get to keep them inside of their playlist for three weeks to a month and then it’s going to move on to whatever else because there’s so much music being put out whichever hit they keep listening to keep listen and keep listening and keep listening and you’ll learn how to write songs and again I don’t always talk about it but my songwriting course I teach you how to get beats.

I teach you how to go through the beats in record your melodies in a range of melodies and write the lyrics and do everything and I show you how to make like 15 songs in a matter of two hours. All right in front usually you bring in a pro tools all that stuff. I know that small rapper dot com slash write songs and put the link below for that. But that stuff took me ten years to learn. Fact of the matter is a hot song Stay spinning and people’s cars playing on or playing on the radio if you can get there playing in the clubs right is where people are consistently hearing consistently or being and then going home listening to it and then a repeats goes into the cartilages into the club and repeats until until it plays its lifespan out which is typically around 9 months after it has blown up already.

But it takes about six to nine months to really work a record start getting in her. So it has it has a strong lifespan. Right. But then that’s when you need to have another hit because what happens with the one hit wonders you never hear about him again. You’re like OK what happened to that guy. Let’s review these real quick. Right. Number one collab with relevant artists. Number two release a project at least every six months every three months if possible look or at least a single OK number three.

Hire a good publicist. Number four stay up with what’s culturally relevant. And number five more important than anything is make hits. You just became a smarter rapper. I’m Rob level this small rabid dot him you would like him with us subscribe and we describe it a little Belke is going to notify you every time release new video to you’ve him another smart rapper right. And also hit me with the calm him your four bars of the day. And also while you guys know tons of new content coming I’m actually going to switch to the type of content you get the new set going. I’m going to make the concept way better way stronger way more in-depth. I’m going to start doing some Dikhana that I’ve been wanting to do but have been so busy they do release a video a day but I want to I want to get deeper into stuff so you just learn more than just like what did you learn you’re learning.

That’s what I’m here to help you with but I want to I want to teach. I want to help you more so when it started so I’m trying to put at least one really super crazy salad episode out a week and then the rest of it still going to be me answering your questions. And how do you build your knowledge. You can become a smart Rappard to get farther faster and anyways unless you get smart with another video or get a check out that songwriting course or put the links below. No forget. Once you get on you get a stay on you got to stay buzzing. So when we became a way smart rapper and you going to be famous you on tomorrow. Check out these other videos.

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