Are Rappers Cheating By Using RhymeZone?

Are Rappers Cheating By Using RhymeZone?

Let’s do it. Let’s get it going. So much to do so so much to do. All right. What a small rapper family almost call your family. Now with the biggest family on earth. My focus today is very very good question I actually worry myself about this. But is it cheating if you use rhyme zone when you’re writing raps or if you use a thesaurus or if you use anything anything like that. Is it cheating. We’re going to talk about that today. I have the perfect tantras can have you understand all of it. I guess I’m MNM examples Big Pun Immortal Technique like these. Come on. We’re not talking about that stop right. That intro I’m Rob level this is my rapper Dom you going get smarter. Read the intro. Now is it cheating to use Ron Zonen stuff like that.

I mean look. Oh absolutely not but let me explain this to you. I used to think that it was cheating if you’re using a dictionary and all. Like why can’t you just use your brain. OK here’s the thing though is that when you really look at it it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if you use rhyming dictionary. What matters is the end product that end product is worth someone’s going to hear them and listen to they’re going to replay them and to play again over and over again the end product is the only thing they seen here. What you did how long it took you to make this song. How many times you rewrote it if you made it in 15 minutes no matter what it is at the end of the day whatever it doesn’t matter none of that stuff matters.

What matters is what it sounds like when it’s finished when an artwork is complete. Think about that painting. It doesn’t matter how you got it to look that beautiful. What matters is the fact that it is now finished and that thing can be admired by millions of people saying that it’s cheating to use. A RHYME zone or a writing dictionary. It’s like saying it’s cheating to use a dictionary to learn new words that you’re going to use in your raps. That stupid MNM is known to use rhyming dictionaries Big Pun is well known to use the sources and rhyming dictionaries when writing. That’s why his shit is put together like that. You know what I’m saying. Like think about it.

Are Rappers Cheating By Using RhymeZone?

Look at some of his bars in the middle of Little Italy Little did we know heavy metals or metal metal Todd.

I’ve heard immortal technique uses them as well Immortal Technique is Van fucking tactic. It’s not cheating what it is it’s a tool for you to use and your arsenal the more tools you have the better. Think about it like this. If you have to put something into a wall or you’re going to use a screwdriver just because it takes more effort and you feel better about using the screwdriver like you do that with a screwdriver or just going to use the power drill book or use it different it’s a tool to get things done faster and more efficiently. Let’s say like let’s say you were using a rhyming dictionary just to get better at rhyming right. You’re using the rhyming dictionary to increase your rhyming skills but you’re not doing it while you’re writing songs right. You’re just learning the rhymes for later use.

For what. For writing the songs. Why not just fucking do it while you’re writing the book. I that. How is it Janny wearing. During the ride. All right. Getting starting it I’m putting it in a lot of different scenarios and put it from a different perspective so you guys understand a case you have buried in your mind that it is cheating it’s not cheating it’s okay to use rhyme zone or a rhyming dictionary or if this works while you’re writing. Use the tools at your disposal. OK if you use arriving dictionary while you’re writing songs you’re actually going to retain the rhymes better and they’re going to be more useful to you because you’re actually writing them in its time in a circumstance when you’re actually applying it to a skill set being built is actually building your writing ability while you’re working on the song and while you’re learning the rhyme so the ride is going to stick with you.

Easier as opposed to trying to learn the rhymes you know beforehand and then using them later. Like it just makes more sense to actually use the tool while you’re writing a song because you’re in the zone of creation so you’re going to learn faster you’re going to apply faster. Those words are going to come into your use faster. Like actually using it during song creation it’s probably better than just using the rhyme dictionary to learn right. So if you want to feel better right now you tell yourself that is cheating. Think about it from the perspective of you’re actually learning faster. You’re learning rhymes faster while you’re actually writing the song so use it while you’re writing songs in order to teach yourself to build rhymes is better not to write the songs but to learn how to write better while actually writing the songs.

Are Rappers Cheating By Using RhymeZone?

You don’t say it’s all about tricking yourself and having the right mindset in order for you to learn the fastest. It’s all about being a smart rapper so you just became a smarter rapper. I’m Rob level this is more Rappard calm him with you four bars of the day I want to see the comments below in which for Bargewell Yook you’ll see a lot of you guys you guys are really start stepping it up. I respect and I appreciate the fact that you drop in the bars cause the bars show that you’re actually taking steps forward and trying to get better every day even if it’s just for bars and with the like. And then hit me with a subscribe and hitting him.

Him and him and him hit him into him and then him and us getting our job. I hope you have learned something today. It’s not cheating. Get out there. Use the tools at your disposal. You can grow and you can learn and and by the way if anybody has taken my or how to write lyrics course you know. Actually I bring up rhymes and I bring up random word generator I’m like here. Use this and this is how you use Rheims own to write rhymes faster better. This is how you use a random word generator. And other tools that I show you in the right the right songs course. Okay now I’ll put a link to that below. I’m not even personally like name dropping these things I just think about like look I use it.

Here’s proof that I used it so whatever you guys don’t like this shit is common limit tator right now. I’m so fucking excited for every day that I have the right now. All right Joe. I’m going to show you guys but until tomorrow here’s some more videos you can check out. Hit that LIKE him with a comment subscribe. Tons of stuff come and take the audio of the videos. Get a question you’d do a little search bar in a search and a small rapper channel and you can find probably whatever you look for is already of 500 videos on his channel or tomorrow.

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