7 Skills That Will Make You A Successful Rapper

7 Skills That Will make You A Successful Rapper

7 Skills That Will make You A Successful Rapper Transcript

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What a gang. Thanks for watching, Rob level here. In this video, we’re going to talk about seven skills that will make you a successful/rich I don’t want to say rich, I don’t like that cliché, they make successful because the money comes with everything, right? Seven things are going to make you successful. But let’s talk about this skill. Number one is the ability to deliver your music in a way that makes people feel what you’re saying.

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I’ve got one hand in your face, the other hand in my pocket, bringing them into your world. Do you know how to say powerful lines? You mean write the lyrics, but delivering them is different. Do you know how to say powerful words that you’ve written that compel people to listen, feel and relate to you? That is a skill you may not understand.

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Just saying the words isn’t enough. The tone, the energy, the vibe on it, crazy poo poo poo poo stuff, whatever it comes from in you. Write out your soul, right? You don’t know how to be able to harness that and put it onto the microphone so that people can actually feel it. That is a skill you have to develop.

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And I want to say that first because the music is where it all starts. Skill set number two that you’re going to have to learn is the ability to speak to groups. And I like to say more like this overcoming stage fright. All great artists are great at leading crowds of people. If you want to be an artist who inspires and has millions of people listening to your music, you need the ability to speak to them not only through music, but to perform in front of them.

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You will beat stage fright. I want you to understand later you’re going to love doing shows. I love doing shows. You’re going to love it. Because when the audience, people for you love you, the stage fright comes from you being afraid. These people don’t like you. You know you’re somewhere and people love you. You’re going to love that.

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You ever think about it like that? Skill set. Number three, the ability to write your lyrics so good where even if you didn’t flow, which have a beat, say it out loud. Say with a special tone, sing it. If people want to just read your lyrics that they feel them. They just feel because you read some of these lyrics and they’re really like damn.

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Right? That’s really important skill set to have. Is it especially as a as a creative. Skill number 4 that you will have to develop this is this is a is a major one is the ability to manage and organize your time for maximum results, learn how to work on what matters the most. Don’t keep creating new music.

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If you got 30 songs and you haven’t put them out yet. You have to choose where the time is going to go. Your time needs to be going to the things that are going to help you progress, learn the marketing, promoting what you already have. Its good to have other music backed up. That’s the fun. You make it in music. You got to do the work.

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Where’s your time going? You got to think about the time you spend learning new skills. Think about the time you’re spending going to your job. Okay, But your time has to be spent in the right places if you want to move forward. And that’s where time management comes in. All right. Willpower, right. Self-control, those things. These are very important.

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Every successful person, every successful person who’s built anything has the willpower and the self-control that they need to make sure that they’re getting things done. And they definitely, definitely understand the value of time. You need to learn those things, too. Oh, God. Really quick. If you hit the subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together.

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That’s it. Let’s get back to the video. Skill set number of five that’s going to need is financial literacy, understanding how to make money and how to spend it efficiently. Where it gives you results because you have a bunch of money, spend it wrong. So you get $20,000 to spend on marketing big spend the wrong place. You don’t win.

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If you understand money works how you make more money, you can keep making money and investing in your music. And that’s an important thing to know. Understand you need to know that because it’s going to help you in the long run. Now number six how to market yourself. Marketing is actually more important than the song is itself, because if the song never gets heard, it’s like it doesn’t matter if you get some it sucks.

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Got a million views on it. And I guarantee even if it really sucked, you still gain some fans from it and people still saw your name. Right. And that’s why we say it like that. Because that’s how, you know, marketing is more important, right? If a product is amazing, but nobody knows it exist, it doesn’t matter.

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It’s marketing is actually first and part of the marketing believe it or not, the song itself is actually part of the marketing. So I’m going to to even that. But people often look at it like that. It usually is just the product. It’s actually part of the marketing because it’s part of your brain. Okay, so I have tons of marketing masterclasses, I put a marketing bundle together for you, I’ll put it in a link in the description and in the top comment, you check that out, you learn a lot of marketing stuff, the fundamentals, the advanced stuff, everything.

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The seventh skill that you can learn is mindset, okay? The ability to manage your own mind. And this is harder, I mean, I think you can probably understand saying the frustration, limiting beliefs that you have procrastination, fear, stress, negative thoughts, focusing, believing in yourself and willpower because you need to understand you control your life, right? The decisions that you make, every small choice is what ends up.

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You make a lot of good choices. Guess what happens? You live a good life. You make a lot of bad choices. Do things that don’t really matter. You know, life doesn’t really matter. You have a bad life . Every life matters, which matters a lot less to the world. If you if you don’t treat your life like it, man.

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Come on. Okay, So. So looking at your thoughts, start looking at these things that you believe are holding you back. And remember, always have a positive mindset. One positive thought can completely destroy ten negative thoughts. Okay, so just remember to tell yourself that you believe in yourself and eventually you will. And then you start seeing results like it’s crazy, but it’s true and stuff like this, right?

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So learn how to start controlling your emotions in your life so you can make the changes that it’s going to take to move forward and really move the needle daily with your time and your energy to create better music to learn marketing, to push your music, to become the artist that you believe that you can be one day, right to be where you want to be.

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Right? I’m Rob level this is Smart Rapper hit me with a subscribe. Make sure you check out the links below. Put a marketing bundle for you together so you can check that out. Now. Make it a really reasonable price. Was not going to be crazy. Okay. I know you need to learn some marketing, so the link is going to be in the description at the top comment. Like I always say, keep hustling, gang, and I’ll see you at the top. Keep believing yourself right.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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