7 Weird Music Promo Strategies That Actually Worked

7 Weird Music Promo Strategies That Actually Worked

7 Weird Music Promo Strategies That Actually Worked Transcript

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What’s up Smart Rapper gang? I’m Rob Level today I’m going to tell you seven of the dozens of outside of the box marketing strategies that is just so frickin, they’re smart is what you got to do nowadays to really get your music heard this video is going to help you blow your music up go first. Let’s talk about what has gotten millions upon millions and millions, hundreds of billions of eyeballs on music that you can also do.

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And that is the start with this because it’s easy to do. Things are a little creative and that is dance campaigns. All right. If you can make a dance to your song, that’s easy or anybody can do it, your grandma could do it, A five year old could do it, three year old could do it. It can catch on and become a trend.

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And then your song is attached to it. Now, you should already know about this, but I want you to think about this. You’re making a song. Think about it. There’s a part of the song that could specifically be the dance part of the song or a part that breaks down where the dance is done or why you’re working on your music.

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Think about what is an interesting dance to this that actually bounces to this beat. Or to the song, or what is a bar of the song that makes sense to do that action physically so that you can actually, like, do it like like, shoot it, like whatever. You know what I’m saying? These are those little things that really add up and you see you basically being creative while you’re already being creative with your music anyway.

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Right? Should be thinking about the marketing for the song’s been done. Marketing strategy number two, meme campaigns. Okay. Lil Nas, X Old Town Road. That was all means memes, memes, means, memes okay. People love meme videos. Now you do all kinds of different things, but things that means it’s shared. And if you can attach your music to a meme or something that’s like a meme or something that has the viral potential in your music is going to spread with it.

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Pretty simple, I think. Marketing strategy number three that I don’t really see enough artists doing which to do it properly is you pay to put your music on Instagram, hip hop pages or any of the genre of music. Okay, Now I’ve seen his work exceptionally well for upcoming artists to get eyes on them, right? So actually, I’ve spent an entire month of my life collecting the pages.

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The average engagement rate, the contact information, every single one of these pages to actually have the information to buy the post. By the way, I can actually let you have that list. I’ll actually allow you access to that list and more. You will. So I’ll put a link to that below this video and in the top comments. Now, you might really want to check that out because it also includes contact information of all the Tik-Tok pages, the pricing of people that we’ve got and stuff like that.

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So it’s the same list that me and my team actually use, but I share it because what’s it hurt for me to share it? You know what I’m saying? Now, one piece of this before I move on to number four is make sure that you’re double checking the engagement and to see if the likes of real the comments are real.

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If the followers are real, the people who are commenting are real. All of these things, because I know there’s a lot of pages out there that fake all the numbers so that they could sell promo to an artist. I mean, there’s a lot of them. They buy million followers million, and then they pretend like they’re marketing. They’re not marketing people.

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There’s nobody really listing. They’re taking the numbers. They’re using sites like boosterboss.com to put a thousand likes on a picture for a dollar You know I’m saying 10,000 views on a video for a couple of bucks but they’re charging the artists like 25-30 bucks and making money off all these artists who don’t know any better.

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And they think the people really paying attention but they’re not. So just be cautious of that. Right. Oh, God. Really quick, if you can hit the subscribe button for me. I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it. Let’s get back to the video now.

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Number four Give your music to people who do gaming videos all day long. People watch people play games all day like little zombies, right? And at the same time, gamers often listen to music while they’re gaming. This is an amazing way to reach gamers audiences. Okay, So if you can get your song, it is really good for gameplay of a specific type of game while they’re playing.

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Get that onto the playlist of that gamer. If they get a million people watching their stuff, that’s how many people are going to hear that song. See that song? Any time they watch one of those videos or watch them play and it’s on that playlist, it’s a little bit of an outside of the box strategy there. I mean, I have hundreds of these strategies.

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I mean, you get way more strategies in like week three of the Music Industry Shortcut. I put a link to that too. Okay. Right. Number five is get fitness and workout pages to post about your music. All right. You got a song. It’s like, man, it’s really good in the gym. That’s what you want to have posted. You know, I wouldn’t even have the hip hop pages posted.

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I’d find a more urban type of fitness person and then have them added to their playlist. If they like it, then say, Hey, I’ll pay you to actually share this with your followers. This playlist that you know, tell them that you work out because it helps you get some extra reps in. I’m listening to it, right? So that is a really, really good strategy.

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You can use number six paying people for reviews of your song so their audience sees you. Now, the only downside of this is these people charge a ridiculous amount of money and they don’t ever get the views that it’s generally worth. But if you can make a deal with them and their ego comes down and they stop thinking they’re actually somebody because they’re getting views of somebody else’s name and clicks, they get a chill out with that, then it’s worth it.

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But the thing is always make sure those views are right, Make sure it’s worth the money and make sure they’re not price gouging. You just trying to just be like $1,000 for you to sit there for 4 minutes. You lost your marbles. Are you out of your goddamn mind? But if you do it right and the right person, their whole audience will see number seven, get hot girls to do a dance, twerking or anything sexual while playing your song in the background.

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I saw this girl that was insanely hot to the point that I couldn’t ignore it. And actually, when I looked at the song, I’m like, Why she dancing is this guy stuff. She is so like, it worked on me. I’m like, Who is this? Because he clearly paid her and he did. He clearly paid her. But I was like, So you can look up girls who are popping up in your feed on Instagram, explore page and say how even 50 bucks I give you hundred bucks to make a post dance in this video, if that’s the type of content that they make.

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Right? So that’s another way to get people to be a little jealous, actually go look you up. But also, you know, if it’s a good song, you gain fans from it that simple. And if you want some of my top marketing strategies, I’m going to put a link below this video and in the top comments, you can check that out as well as some other stuff I spoke about in this video.

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Music industry shortcut so much marketing stuff in there. If you want to get your hands on the influencer list with all the Instagram pages, the tik-tokers, the influencers, the Instagram, all that and they’re categorized dancers, dancers, fitness is all organized like that from the link below for that as well. Right. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper and you just got a little bit smarter. Please hit that subscribe button for me. Click the like button. If you have any questions you want me to make a video about. Put them in description below. I read those comments. All right, click the link below. Go get that influencer list.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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