What a my rapper family.

They were talking about alliteration what is alliteration alliteration is going to help you have a much cooler sound when delivering your lyrics. It’s going to give this little twist this little tiny thing that you can do and it’s actually an app you replay certain lyrics to add more musicality more like ability to sound cool when you’re rapping and also have more technical ability. For anybody that’s paying attention. So it’s is like it’s it’s it’s like the easiest thing to add to your raps. And once you start adding it you go oh my God why was I doing this before ships and I’ve been to Texas in Texas. No no no.

OK. We will get it. We’re going to have all of that right at the show. I’m Rob level. This is forever Don. You’ve got to get smarter. Read that intro.

Ok you sorry the thing because I want to be exact right so what is the definition of alliteration alliteration is the repetition of usually initial cost and it sounds in two or more neighbouring words or syllables. And here are the examples it gives says such as wild and woolly because the W’s rates are pretty much the way I explain a little wild and woolly and threatening throngs and I’d like to say it’s pretty much just just if you’re using a bunch of W’s you’re using too much AIDS using a bunch of D’s you know like like didley dip shit donkey dicks like you know. The avoidance of big bads like that alliteration. Pretty much. So you just try to use words that have the same beginning that has that sound to it right. So it’s very simple. I’m going to give you a great example and I want to put the clip in a second about this. Just take take note like it’s very easy to do and it can sound really cool you added in you know just in random places or you do like foobar stretches of it. It’s just like whoa. Oh that was kind of interesting what he did there. So he looked up something. More. Than A. Month. Mainly modem market minded Megamall. But. Barry Bonds bought that.

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