How Rappers Cheat Using Alliteration (WTF!?)


How Rappers Cheat Using Alliteration (WTF!?)

What a smart rapper today we’re talking about the way to cheat and actually write alliteration. I’m talking about this is like you get to be like What the. This is so easy. I just write all my lyrics with alliteration for now on and if you don’t know the liberationist I shot the video yesterday on alliteration and how you put it together. And here’s a quick example of alliteration you’ll notice all the words in this and in all the words. Music metaphor.

More than a month. The most important market is made up. Of. Barry Bonds. That. Block them BlackBerry Burna. Bring your body to a box.

All those words having the same starting with all those M’s mainly molded to make it like that that is alliteration and as for the cool sound by the way that’s my song that was on the front page of Rap Genius for most lyrical of the week. When that came out. So anyways I want to teach you guys today date the cheap way to actually find words that that would be fantastic for alliteration and doesn’t have to be full lines I can also just be you adding in little pieces. Show you guys that today are going to become a smarter rapper I’m Rob level. This is what rapper Dom wants to tax but you’re gonna get smarter. Read the intro.

Super easy guys and girls are going to do is go to the free dictionary dot com and in this box you’re gonna click this starts with thing then you click. Oh yeah and typing whatever letter trying to use for your alliteration. What you’re going to see here is all of these different. All these Ezola these are all you do is you can go to these things. These are the big ones. So the real secret is going Kia and the clicking words that are easy.

Only a couple of syllables so you type them like 7 9 5 7 usually 7 or 8 because it’s enough to seem impressive when you’re saying it metal. Nouns Tressel’s something like that. So what’s happening here is you have all of these words and you can just go to these words right so you can look through these words. This whole list of them and you can just start going with the words and figuring out what you want to do. So for instance. To these words you can make something like. I. Ascertained Admiral abilities to achieve above average assaulting any awkward amateur’s acting with ass backwards antics. See and that’s all you do is just find the words find those words out of this list. All those words I wrote that like literally 45 seconds and how many ages 13 different words and those bars and if you click it it’s going to bring you straight over to the definition of it. And again like you. It’s so easy with all these frickin words all these words. The 50s in the 70s because the 60s fores all the way down and it’s super easy to just combine words just combine the words with the seven down to the seven right. It’s so freaking easy just combine them again I ascertain Admiral abilities to achieve above average assaults and any awkward amateur Zakon with as bad antics ULDA easy superfluities Supriyadi.

So as you can see like saying all those words having that type of alliteration is good as this type of musicality as this really cool like that was all that sounded really cool like that the way that it sounded right. It adds that to it and it’s not hard to do. You go to this and start piecing together what you want to add like maybe three the words in your bar have that because like I can’t see what to put here okay so it’s me some Khubani and some alliteration. And this is the best way to do it again. The Free Dictionary dot com then type in whatever letter into that box click start with and you want to find it. Hope this helped. It should really help because I wish I tools like this before I had to start thinking like what’s with a what words start with a no so use became a smarter rapper. You would like to subscribe actually use your word of the day where the poem is nebulous nebula Merab universe as you guys can see directly on the screen is of or relating to or resembling a nebula. Okay. And if you don’t know nebulas you go to a nebula or a nebula. Any

of the numerous clouds of gas or dust in interstellar space and you probably already knew what that was right. So you know it’s related to then have Yolla. So this the outer space regions you need to have that again. This is such a useful tool to consistently learn words right again.

Nebula man Buller’s. So that’s a good word. All right. Like they go get one of these when I was going to go like Subaru here because all the things are like that. It was like one of these videos check these videos out them as gets them all with another video never gets this right about should be like ranked No. When we over here and this time I appreciate all of those videos. Also check out the alliteration video if he had not seen that yet and until tomorrow he’d learn and get smarter or read a book or something. So yes.

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