Amazon Acoustic Foam Vs Auralex (The Crazy Truth)

Amazon Acoustic Foam Vs Auralex (The Crazy Truth)

Today I want to make a quick video and this is actually very helpful would you understand the difference is when you’re trying to acoustically treat a room oftentimes if you’re trying to figure out what stuff should I buy what works and or is it really a price difference in me expensive acoustic treatment or buying the stuff from Amazon. Number one, this is the acoustic treatments ifrom the Amazon that you’re getting its full half of this which was refused one foot by one foot a of that and this only cost about 20 dollars. This is the two which is the big stuff.

Big difference. It’s massive. And this should still be the same thickness even though it is bigger and as far as thickness goes. So this is the cheap stuff from amazon. And this is the good shit that cost is four times more. Here’s the difference though, I hope the camera can pick up the difference in sound but you can even be perfectly fine with this. You can really hear that will be this. Year that the out there again you can hear perfectly through this. And it really models out when it goes through this is a massive difference. They didn’t. So what was happening here. Let me explain what happened. The Cousy chamber. It’s on the wall right. What that means is the sound is going. Bouncing around the room and when it hits this it it diffuses it so it goes into this house around to this.

OK. You can see it bounces around. The sound goes in here and it bounces around here it tries and the water has come back down. OK. If it’s not the next sound hits the wall bounces right back out goes to your microphone goes into the camera when moves treated. Everything. The reverb sounds completely. Different. Holds most of the. Time. So the whole reason they’re treating it is so that you just happened with.

Rebar rebar and rework scrape. So it’s really a treat. Yes that’s a major difference in Dubai. The Good Stuff is cheap stuff but the cheap stuff still works. So. What. Know. You guys are the videos of me saying that everything in my room is going to be half charcoal. I got you stuck to it for the good spots it put the good Shige just what it cost like a couple thousand fucking dollars a week. If I was in a five whole room.

Oh my god like it would have been gravy. So stimulators. Writes. The. Orange across and I don’t have CDs. CDs that you are already familiar with charcoal CDs orange you know charcoal again he’s orange. And that’s. And she guys that book. Today’s the day was just on the difference. There is a difference. There’s a thickness difference even if that she was two inches. That would it still be. So if you’re serious by the more. I guess is it came as more a rapper who would like him to describe and hit me with your four comments for today. We’ll get in this room set up. I’m going to show you these videos like crazy. Tons more stuff coming you guys. Yes. All it has to do with me. Everything is going to be setting up. The. Rows of everything. I’m super excited. I’m here now and it was just music and cranked out small record. You don’t have the ability to collab with me on a monthly basis.

A lot is happening. OK so the like one subscribe comment

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