Do Rappers Need A Consistent Image To Last? (Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z)

Do Rappers Need A Consistent Image To Last? (Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z)

Well is the request. As always he asked Do you need a concise name and artist to last. That’s a great question and there’s a couple variables a couple of things about this that you learn today. It’s actually very Shino want you to see in your mind so that you can keep it in mind later when you blow your nose. You’re very smart. That’s happened right after the intro. Works best in the circumstances. You have an image that is be recognizable that is that person’s love. And you keep that image for probably one to two projects depending on how you release the productivity keep for a year or two years and then you change it when you get a new start or the sound or your evolving your image. And this this type of rebranding shows the public shows your audience shows your fans that whole he’s changing to look and see what he’s doing.

And this happened with tons of these horrible lesions and pictures. I mean for instance just for starters it happened with Ken KUMAR Right. You see I’m not not as possible look looks just like a regular guy. You can tell he doesn’t have much money yet and he just gets some money. He’s evolving style. You see that his hair is different. He gets a little different haircut clothes change of everything changes up even the music gets a little bit more political and stuff like that and then it evolves again you look somebody like that Aboriginal style white T-shirt line hair and then you know he had that for years that was his thing. And then what changed when that black haired Eisenhuth back again and then and now he’s doing the weird things and this is this is this thing because he’s going to change or they’re changing their sound or they’re trying to tell Will that change sound great.

Do Rappers Need A Consistent Image To Last?

Wiz Khalifa is a great example as well as with labels is bland look Logan do they even fully chatted up yet was wearing glasses over all his hair the hair straight really hairspray. And it just consistently changed consistently evolving. I mean products on the bottom got more and more superstars. His clothing increased his golf money his jewelry increases your money. It’s just consistent evolution. I know personally like J.C. J.C. dressed extremely good in the beginning stages around. Reasonable doubt. Even though his image was like a.

Professional businessman making money. This is my thing. OK. And then eventually you are like OK I’m in business suits. This is my thing.

And it’s just it’s just evolution is growth where you want to show that you are you sure that you are gay and you go like people you should draw really good and then eventually he started cussing and soon he said I’m rich now.

This is this is me. And businessmen are making money. You know it is it’s an evolution. OK. Well we see consistent shoes you have consistent consistency.

Change seems pretty primitive reinventing yourself with sexual power. Any idea why change my name and change my energy politicians myself change my name and I evolved to a new stadium more easily name in a sense for who I was. A name that people could be. I know they are not they want to go Tiger or I know their name because it’s someone’s red red red red some branding books to understand what I need to do properly and they implement the strategies. That’s why smart and fucking smart and a bombing. That’s what we’re teaching. So I hope we learn something today. You became a smart rapper hit me like a police car I don’t care what it is like to see your 4 Marcello’s you can grow with us from his describe his little Bellavista and notify him early believe you can become a smart rapper Missy smart another video get other fine image of all the images and keep it can happen for you I believe Casey has far more video so sell their videos.

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