Are Elon Musk And Meek Mill Beefing?

Are Elon Musk And Meek Mill Beefing?

Are Elon Musk And Meek Mill Beefing? Transcript

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What’s going on. Elon Musk made some changes over at Twitter and some people like Meek Mill are not happy about it. I kind of feel like something’s going down behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I mean, isn’t everything something we don’t know about? We’re going to talk about it. First in this video I’m going to give you this brand new industry information about Meek Mill.

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Then I’m going to tell you how you can apply these diamonds, these lessons for your music career, for yourself, artists you manage for everybody. I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper. Hey, subscribe so I can help more artists like me and you because you’re about to get smarter. Meek said I’ma deactivate Twitter forever and go to a new social where it’s more good vibes based off of building and creating and motivation.

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Right? And whoever run my sh-t turn this off forever, I’m gonna take over a YouTube account to replace me interacting with supports. Too many bots and weird people. So here’s the thing. Right after posting the tweet, he actually did deactivate his account and this feels like a really bad move. I’m we’re gonna talk about that in a second. I have to think that behind the scenes there’s some kind of issue I don’t think Meek likes anyone and I don’t know why but remember these circles are small and sometimes people just don’t like each other’s views.

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All right, Because here’s another thing about it, right? Is Meek Mill did this right after Elan talked about stepping down as the head of Twitter, right when the changes were made to the platform. As you can see on the Twitter support, Twitter, basically what they said was they’re going to remove accounts that are solely used for the purpose of promoting other platforms.

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And you look further into it, I mean, this doesn’t even affect Meek Mill, but at the same time, it seems to be what really triggered this, which is why I think it’s a publicity stunt. Actually, I’m almost positive, I mention that and one of these lessons. But first I want to mention what Elon said. First of all, this is great.

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He said, Should I step down as the head of Twitter? And then he said, I will abide by the result of this poll. He shouldn’t have said that second like. It’s like, Oh my God, He was thinking that, right. The poll received over 17.5 million responses and 57.5% of the voters said that he should step down. I think a lot of people press No, just like just to do it.

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This is hysterical because he might even have manipulated these numbers to give him a valid reason to step down and focus on things that are actually important to the world. Right? Twitter’s an influence power move on his part. That’s obvious. It’s an important part of the world. It gives him more influence over having the ability to change things, which is why there’s a really smart investment.

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Like the guy owns a platform, entire platform. Come on. Like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t own all of Facebook in any way, shape or form. He’s just kind of the face of. Anyway, Elon tweeted this. He said, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for as you might get it. And he said that as the numbers are coming in.

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Then he said, those who want power are the ones who least deserve it. Right. And that makes me think, man. I love Elon and don’t even care what he’s talking about. It’s such a humbling thing. But I think all of these events are always set up in perfect order to increase how humble he looks, all these things. These are all thought out.

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These are genius people. I’m still not going to drive a Tesla. Okay, Now, until they fix how long the batteries last. Those things have to last forever. I’ll never even have to charge it. I did that for one day. I was like, I’m done. I’m not doing that. I’m gonna say to my McLaren, Oh God, really quick, if you hit the subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it.

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Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it. Let’s get back to the video. So now let’s talk about the lessons we can learn from this. I think there’s a lot of insight here that you’re really going to like, or especially if you’re a music artist watching this.

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So what can we learn from Meek in this instrument? Listen, you can have opinions, but when they are so strong that they affect your audience in the reach to actually have the influence, Taking a side isn’t necessarily the best option. He’s actually losing reach to his fans and audience and return for exposure in the short time. With that said, it’s pretty obvious this feels like a publicity stunt to gain attention.

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And my guess would be that he has an album coming out or something that he wants to gain attention around. But then guess what? I looked and sure enough, when he released the project, not even four weeks ago and his main music video he just dropped the two weeks ago. Hmm. I wonder if he knew that this Twitter deactivation would get headlines after his publicist pitched it and it would be a good move to gain attention to his music.

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I wonder if they that really, does that seem, yeah, it’s obvious they do this every time they drop something. Let’s keep it real, man. I mean, realistically, the numbers that he has on YouTube, I’m not sure what they were on Spotify. They’re not as large. I would have thought they would have been. Either way, attention is attention. So this is working.

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But I guess that he’ll be right back on Twitter in the next 90 days of my last. Now, remember, you can do things like this, too, to get talked about when you have a project coming up or you want all eyes on you launching something. I mean, how many times have we heard superstars saying that they’re going to delete an account only to get back on the platform not soon after that?

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All right. Now, here’s something else. Meek Mill always takes a stand on things, and I always respect that. But saying that you’re leaving Twitter where you have 11.4 million followers, get the F- out of here, bro. It’s clearly a publicity stunt. The thing is, is most people don’t know or think about being a publicity stunt and then they share the information, whether or not it is.

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That’s how they work and that’s what you need to do. So another thing we take away from this is that you can use just about any excuse to fake delete your Twitter or your social media in the future. Put this in your pocket, save that sh-t for later and just make sure that you are able to reactivate it, that you have a connection to Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg to do so, which I’m sure he has.

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Hey, Jake, can you hit it, Mark, real quick? I don’t doubt there’s a phone call to Jay-Z. The Meek Mill can make any time he wants. The I had a feeling of being at the top. It must be amazing. Or is it? Don’t forget that I have over a hundred masterclasses for anywhere you are in your music career.

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Think about how well thought out everything that I do is. I have all these strategies and things that you can apply your music career and help you get from where you are to where you want to be. there is going to be a link in the description as well as in the top comment right here.

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Hit subscribe for me. I’m dropping a video a day now, I’m back. It’s my year, baby, and I want this to be your year to. You know what? You know it’s serious because I say, baby, I don’t even say baby. I just got my six Spotify plaque. I got my first first 10 million view YouTube plaque, even though that song has 15 million now. Keep hustling gang. Hit subscribe and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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