Nazis Are Now Supporting Kanye For President In 2024

Nazis Are Now Supporting Kanye For President In 2024

Nazis Are Now Supporting Kanye For President In 2024 Transcript

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All right, okay, I mean Nazis, Nazis. I mean realistically this is crazy. Nazis are supporting Kanye for president in 2024 and really when you think about things going on it’s not really that much of a shocker is it? First in this video I’m going to give you brand new industry information then I’m going to tell you how you can use and apply these diamonds and lessons for your music career for yourself for artists you manage your friends who are music artists this is for everybody. I’m Rob Level this is Smart Rapper and you’re about to get smarter.

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Now real recent, a 63 year old man was attacked in a hate crime against Jewish people in New York, right police are still looking for this guy I don’t know if they’re gonna find him so this guy hits an elderly man in the back of the head while screaming Kanye 2024 and making anti-semitic comments. Lord Jesus. This isn’t funny. I think the fact that somebody would even do this is funny, that guy’s funny, not the circumstance to be very clear. This is not really a laughing matter.

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I just think this guy’s an idiot in addition to this I can’t believe, come on man, what you doing bro, what you doing bro, you fu–ed it all up man. He was named anti-semite of the year by a watchdog group called stop anti-semitism all right. Now there are some lessons for your music career that you can learn from this these are the diamonds, okay both good and bad, believe it or not okay. Number one the first lesson is things you do and say that take a side in any way. Wasn’t supposed to rhyme like that. Be it religion, politics, beliefs, they’re gonna make people take sides with you and support you I mean really think about it, person who hates Jewish people most likely is Nazi, but Nazis also don’t like black people yet because of a false union of beliefs and being on the same page, it’s not even the same page because dude’s so stupid because he’s not paying attention, a person’s actually screaming Kanye for 2024. Ain’t no [ __ ] way.

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What now this situation is obviously bad but what you can learn from it is that people, when people have strong beliefs they will come to your side even if they don’t necessarily like you, okay. So think about this think about how many fans Nipsey Hustle gained when he made the F Donald Trump song okay. People who had never heard of him became fans, super fans and it was all because people agreed with what he was saying, okay. The message they took sides even people who didn’t listen to hip-hop were converted over to that song? Think about it okay. So the lesson take to take this, right write this down. By taking a side you show you support a group of people’s opinions and those opinions will gain you fans by people that share that same opinion because they already see a middle ground and reason to like you. Oh this person thinks like me.

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Think of how you can use this knowledge to gain fans. What opinion do you strongly believe in or share, that you can use to start getting fans with? Just think like what do you like like I would beat up somebody over this, you know. On the other end, I do need you to know that while you gain a group of supporters you also alienate and go against another group who has, you know, opposing opinions right. But at the same time who cares? Right. If you believe it and you’re passionate say it okay. Not everyone’s gonna like you anyway. The sooner you understand that you have a certain target group of fans for yourself, the faster you’re gonna grow, okay. Not everyone is going to like, I wanted everybody like me, then I started realizing. I was like no, no, doesn’t matter how nice you are or nothing. Some people just don’t like people, okay. That’s just how it is.

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So take a side with something that you’re passionate about. All right, it’s gonna help you gain fans. That’s the lesson from today’s video. Thanks Kanye. Now look, make sure to check out my music links are below. I just got my sixth, sixth Spotify plaque. I play first a song for you at the end here, but I want to let you know this don’t forget that I have over a hundred master classes for anywhere that you are in your music career wherever you are right now. The program can help you get where you want to be faster than anyone else right. Point Blank I mean like who? Name the person like. You can check them out by going to or it’s going to be in the description and in the top comment I’m Rob Level this is Smart Rapper you just got a little bit smarter. Keep hustling gang, and I’ll see you at the top. Check out my music.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

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