Are You Messing Up Your Songs?

Are You Messing Up Your Songs?

That’s a great question.

There is something I learned that helped me MASSIVELY with my music and that is… keep it simple.

Trim out all of the things that you don’t feel like are 100% great. If it’s not AMAZING… simply cut it out. ONLY keep the good stuff.

Anything EXTRA… you don’t need it… that extra adlib doesn’t make you feel something… cut it out.

Are there too many syllables in a bar? Cut 3 out…

What is the simplest catchiest melody you wrote for your new song? Keep that one and get rid of the others.

Keep it simple. That’s the key to making GREAT songs.

That’s why the same melodies in hit songs are used over and over again.

Hit songs are a hook melody, the verses melodies, the hooks melody again, the verse melody again and then a hook melody again and a bridge then hook again. All at a crescendo with the instrumentation to build it up.

Now there are different types of hits but that’s the basic formula.

Keep it simple

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