How To Make Every Song Better Than Your Last

How To Make Every Song Better Than Your Last

You will constantly get better if you are actually conscious of your progression.

People don’t grow when they aren’t watching or paying attention to what they are doing.

You have to ask yourself the tough questions like: What can I do better here? Where are my weaknesses? Where are my strengths? Where did I mess up in that flow? Are my lyrics good enough in that part?

Constantly adjust and fix everything and you’ll realize what to do and what NOT to do. Your music should consistently evolve as you KEEP WORKING. Now if you don’t pay attention and just think you already know everything, you will never grow. That’s why you have rappers from the early 2000s who thought they made it but never continued to grow their style or sound and are stuck in the past and are no longer famous. They didn’t evolve with the times.

You have to keep growing or you won’t stand out from the crowd.

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