How To Be A Better Person | 9 Things You Can Do Today To Change Your Life Forever

how to be a better person

How To Be A Better Person

become a better person

How To Become A Better Person

As you will see in a few stories I include in this, I have definitely taught myself how to be a better person through out my messed up crazy life.

I have made nearly every stupid mistake someone can make and to be a better person I had to make a lot of change.

I had a really messed up life from losing both of my parents to homes to behavior schools to homeless shelters to jail and so much crazy stuff it’s actually being made into a movie right now.

Now I use my life to inspire and motivate people to be great.

If anyone can help you learn how to be a better person, it is me. 🙂

how to become a better person

Get over the anger

How To Be A Better Person #1

Get Over The Anger

If anyone had anger issues, it was me.

Someone once threatened me online and gave me their address when they thought they were acting gangster with a group of friends.

I went there, they were scared, locked the doors, I broke into a house full of 20 people and beat them up.

All that got me was a fun story, 2 felony charges dropped to non expungable misdemeanors for the rest of my life and 2 years of court ordered anger management.

I’ve thrown phones, put my fist through computer screens and stomped out slow laptops like a professional wrestler.

Do you know what it did for me?

Nothing. It made me feel stupid.

Never has anger done anything but taught me that anger doesn’t really solve much.

get rid of distractions

Well there goes $500 and a friendship ^


Let’s also not forget that research says stored up anger can cause difficulty sleeping, depression and even heart disease from the cortisol released during stress.

And don’t forget what Yoda Said.


become curious

How To Be A Better Person #2

Be Curious Like George

That monkey sure did learn a lot of lessons.

This has to towards to the top because this is what will help you become a better person faster than anything else.

You have to get rid of all of the blocks in your mind that stop you from being curious and interested in things.

When you aren’t curious about things, you aren’t interested in wanting to know more and learn.

I used to not listen when anyone talked or tried to give me advice.

Wow, was I stupid!

becoming a better person gif

Now I take everything anyone says into account.

There is a reason other people think the way they do. Maybe the way you are thinking is wrong.

Aside from that, there are millions of things to learn in your life.

Why would you be so complacent and uninterested where you would just stay the same person you are today?

If you aren’t willing to learn, you will never become a better person because you can’t grow.

Open your mind to new ideas, become curious, ask questions even if they seem stupid, think outside the box and you will start becoming a better person instantly.


Take Responsibility

How To Be A Better Person #3

Take Responsibility For YOU

If you are somewhere bad in life, you can’t blame others.

I mean… if you were somewhere good in life, you wouldn’t give others credit… would you?

Think about it.

think about it gif

My mom gave me up for adoption and my dad died by the time I was 7.

Sure…. I could blame my mom for how bad my childhood was because she gave me up… but can I blame my dad for getting a brain tumor and dying?

Looking at both sides of that where one person had a choice and the other didn’t I just had to come to the realization that in life I had to work harder. ME. It’s up to ME to make my moves in life.

Things happen we CAN control and things we CANNOT control.

There isn’t a brain tumor in me, this is me, alive and healthy and capable of making myself better everyday.

It is no one elses responsibility but my own to help me learn how to be a better person.

If something goes wrong, don’t immediately blame someone else for it.

Look at what you could have done to change the situation first.


kick the Ego

How To Be A Better Person #4

Get Over Your Ego

Ego will hold you up in a lot of areas as you grow yourself to the top and start garnering success.

It will hold you together until you learn how the world really works.

When you finally come to the moments in time where you realize what other people think doesn’t really matter and how freeing it is to just be yourself… you will understand the ego was just there the whole time holding you up until you got there.

It’s much better to be down to earth. No one likes cocky conceited people. We like humble people who have respect and show gratitude.

Remember, If you had wings, you would only be able to fly if you took yourself lightly. 🙂

The next one will help you overcome your ego and become a better person faster than anything.


Live In The Moment

How To Be A Better Person #5

Live In The Moment

the power of now to learn how to be happy

This book is a NY Times best seller and has sold millions of copies for a reason.

A great book that completely changed my life and helped me understand everything I mentioned above is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book will help you with becoming a better person as soon as you pick it up.

I re-read it to refresh myself on how to live in the moment by understanding what the human mind truly is.

It teaches you how to live in the moment and that your past thoughts and thoughts about the future don’t even exist.

The only thing that exist is this moment right now.

When you learn to the flip the switch and live in the moment right now, you are always happy because pain only exist in your thought process.

Sounds crazy right?

This book changed my life and showed me how to be happy much much more with just one simple understanding of presence.

Want to see more books that helped me learn how to be a better person? I have that for you too my friend.


be inspired to inspire

How To Be A Better Person #5

Be Inspired To Inspire

Use the fuel of wanting to inspire others to make yourself a better person.

Do it for your family, your spouse, future spouse, kid(s) and anyone you come into contact with in life.

Remember that in order to inspire other people around you, you have to be someone they actually want to look up too.

Interesting… I actually just wrote an Instagram post on this yesterday! Perfect timing.


Be Honest And Upfront

How To Be A Better Person #6

Be Honest And Upfront

Being an honest person may be hard for some people but once you get used to being straight forward and being truthful you will feel like a better person every single day.

Telling the truth feels good for a reason. It eases stress from your mind and keeps you from having to hold in secrets and lies as well as keeps you from having to keep up on lies which can be extremely stressful.

Just last night someone said “Wow, that was a lot of information. Most people don’t share that kind of stuff” and my response was “I’m just honest and upfront.”

I have no reason to lie. I don’t want to lie and that is something I truly believe and feel makes me a better person.



How To Be A Better Person #7


I used to be so ADHD and fog brained that I could never focus on anything anyone said.

One way to show others you are becoming a better person is to intently listen when people talk.

Hear them, their needs and concerns and respond in a helpful and honest manner.

How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they don’t seem to be listening to you?

You feel offended, uninteresting and like no one cares. You don’t want to make other people feel like that… do you?

I can guarantee you right now if you start listening to others more intently it will increase the quality of every relationship you have in your life.

Give it a try.


help other people

How To Be A Better Person #8

Help Others

Now, I know this may sound hard since you are trying to learn how to be a better person for yourself.

You probably feel like you need to focus on you becoming a better person before you can help others become better but it all works together.

When you start helping other people you will notice the quality of your life increase instantly.

The universe just has a way of helping people who help others.

If you ask any millionaire what they did that helped them really start seeing big results… one of the things is always the fact that they gave back.

Whether it was charities or time involved helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

Look at how Scrooge felt in the end of that story when just started giving away money and trying to help. He wasn’t happy until the end for a reason.

becoming a better person

I made this website to help artist learn from all of the mistakes I made in my career.

I didn’t want other people to have to make those mistakes. They caused me a lot of pain, stress and frustration.

I dedicated my life to inspiring and helping people using my crazy life story and knowledge I have ascertained through a lot of failure and all of my success.


becoming a better personr

How To Be A Better Person #9

Everyday Is A New Opportunity To Be A Better Person

There is a reason I don’t sit around all day and just watch TV and eat cheetos and then repeat.

Every single day you are alive and healthy is a day you can be moving forward in your life to make yourself a better person.

You can do a lot more in a day than I think you even realized and this is where I show you how to be a better person by seeing it from a different perspective.


Let’s break this down in a non corny simple way to understand how to become a better person everyday.

Do you know what you can do in just 8 hours in a day?


1) Most audio books are around 4 hours… That means you could listen to 2 audio books a day.

A book is an accumulation of someone’s entire life worth of knowledge. That one thing they have mastered in life that they then go and write a book on because they spent so many years learning about that ONE thing.

That’s why I love books, you get the opportunity to learn 15+ years of knowledge on something in just a couple hours of listening to an audio book.

Check out this list of all of the books I have read that I can tell you right now helped me learn how to be a better person.


2) You could watch 4 or 5 Documentaries on random subjects and expand your mind.

Documentaries are amazing ways to go deeper into things you don’t know much about.

Here are some documentaries that blew my mind when I watched them.

1) Requiem for the American Dream – How the people in power have manipulated everything to change and sway the rules so that we stay poor and in need for the government so that they stay in control.

2) Scientology: Going Clear – This is hysterical and it just gets more and more crazy as the documentary progresses. How can so many people be brainwashed? Tom Cruise… you silly man.

3) Where to Invade Next – How every other country is set up better than the United States based on our founding principles and ideas. When you realize some countries have way higher test scores, no homework and work less yet live better you’ll wonder why America isn’t like that.

4) Bill Maher: Religulous -You may be a bit offended by the time this ends but it’ll open your mind to how religion is… well… you’ll see.


Watch those 4 documentaries today all on Netflix and tell me you aren’t a smart and better person by the end of the day.


3) You can watch nearly 100 YouTube videos on any skillset

In just 1 DAY…. you can watch that many YouTube videos on a new software, a new skill set you want, knowledge about a specific industry or dang near anything.

I taught myself Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, How To Mix Music, How To Make Websites, How To Build Relationships and just about anything I wanted to learn all from YouTube videos and books.


What do you want to learn? Type it in to YouTube and start learning right now and start becoming a better person instantly.


wrapping up

I hope this helped you learn how to be a better person.

I sure wish I knew all of this stuff way younger in my life so that I would be even smarter than I am now.

The sooner you start growing and becoming a better person, the sooner you will be happier and find your life’s purpose.

I can promise you that my friend.


– Your Friend, Rob Level

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