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sex sells

Sex Sells, How To Sell Sex To Gain Fans


I want you to understand something about human nature that you can implement into your music, brand and visuals to help you.

It’s what you have already heard 100 times in your life, Sex Sells.


Look at all of the artist that are massive and their entire brand is pretty much based around sex.

Miley Cyrus – Re-branded her entire image from good girl to sex doll.

Rihanna – Naked in bathtubs in videos and half naked every time you see her. She had an entire album called S and M.

Britney Spears – Her first hit was about getting f***ed one more time by her ex. Other songs are even crazier such as ‘If you seek amy’ which is code for ‘F-U-C-K ME’.

Katy Perry – Dark horse is a song about having sex with a black guy

Lady Gaga – You already know the deal.

Lil Wayne – Out of the 1,000+ songs he released… his biggest song EVER was Lollipop…. Lollipop is slang for dick.

Drake – Is it just me… or is this sex so good I shouldn’t have to f*** for free? A summer jam that still gets spins.

50 Cent – Shirtless Album Cover, shirtless in most videos as he talks about 21 questions and Candy shops to females.

get rich or die tryin album cover


Why does sex sell

Why Does Sex Sell?

It’s human nature.

There is a reason decent looking girls on Instagram somehow have 10 million followers whilst possessing absolutely no talent.

They just shake their ass and simple minded guys follow like drones in hoards.

I’ve met a lot of the biggest Instagram models in person… I can’t say the conversations were very compelling.

I’m talking… around 50 of them… and it’s like they just live to be pretty… but it works for them.. they are huge.

Of course there are exceptions….

Some of them are really smart, and they combine their smarts with using their sexuality to to grow their brands.

Such as some of my very best friends Bri and Kati Teresi.

Bri teresi maxim

As humans we only evolve and survive by spreading our seed and breeding. So by nature we are attracted to anything with a nice ass and big tits.

I’m not trying to sound like a pervert here but… it’s the truth whether we like it or not.


how to sell sex

How To Sell Sex

So, how does this knowledge benefit you and how can you sell sex as a music artist?

I am going to provide you with a bunch of ways to help you grow your music brand selling sex.


sex sells on youtube

YouTube Marketing With Sex

1) Using Sexy YouTube Thumbnails

A guy recently purchased the Hip Hop Blog List And Rap Voice E-book combo package.

Then I reached out to him to give him the newest version of the Hip Hop Blog list.

conversation with artist

He said thanks, then he asked me how much I charge to post videos on Smart Rapper while sending over a link.

Generally I would never even click the video since I’m so busy… but because sex sells, I was enticed and wanted to see what this was.

That thumbnail is just begging to be clicked by any guy on the planet.

The video is a guy doing what he is calling “Comedy Rap”.

comedy sex

It’s kind of funny but of course I kept watching because the girls were pretty f***ing hot.

If they were ugly, Sex wouldn’t have sold, and I would have turned it off immediately.


Watching video sparked my idea to write this article to help you learn that sex sells.


You can use this strategy to get any guy to click your video simply by putting any type of sexual position, hot girl picture or anything else related to sex as the thumbnail.

It is a guaranteed strategy to increase clicks to your videos.


2) Title Is Everything In A YouTube Video

The title of a video is incredibly important. The same goes for the headlines of any news story.

People at Buzz Feed and other major media sites write 25 different potential headlines and then choose the best 1.

They do that every single time because the headlines (titles) are THAT important.


For example, would you rather click option 1 or 2

1) 12 Ways To Grow Your Music Fan Base

2) 12 Genius Tips Guaranteed To Grow Your Music Fan Base Starting Today


See the drastic difference? Clearly you are going to click option 2.

In the guys example above, it actually says ‘DOUBLE D’s’ and seeing the Double Ds you are even more enticed to click it.


In just 2 days he has received nearly 1,000 views on his video and he doesn’t have a huge fan base yet.

1,000 people viewing your video in 2 days feels great. Imagine if 1,000 people bought everything you sold… that’s $1,000 a song or even $25,000 if you sold 1,000 T shirts at $25.

Just sayin 😉


He also sent me this. Boy was he prepared!

sex sells banner


Diving deeper

Diving Deeper Into The Male Mind And Sex

Let’s look a bit further into his channel too.

He has the header on his channel sexually set up.

sex header


And he probably doesn’t realize it but we can also see all of the sexual content he has recently been watching. Sex sells 2

Even he was enticed to CLICK because of the thumbnails and titles. Just look at those titles and thumbnails. He not only watched the videos but he also took his time to ‘Like’ the videos.

Use this to your advantage.


how does sex sell

Using Your Body To Sell Sex

LL Cool J selling sex

LL Cool J sold millions of albums to females just using his body…. Insane.

But it works.

50 Cent did the same thing.

If you go back to the In Da Club music video the first thing females get to see if 50 Cent shirtless doing situps upside down on a pull up bar. Then him running on a tread mill shirtless.

Shirtless sells. Sex sells. Cute girls and cute guys sell.


sex appeal in advertising

The Issue With Rappers Selling Sex

You might be thinking the same thing I was thinking when I was first told I needed to make my body and music style more sexual to sell.

“That shit’s gay.” or “I’m too tough to try to look like that” or “I’ll get laughed at.”

50 cent shirtless

If you know the story about some of my managers you may know about the one that used to manage Nas.

He found me and thought I was massively talented but he wanted to turn me into a pop artist and use my look to sell records.

He tried to convince me for 6 months that I needed to start doing shirtless photo shoots and make songs geared towards women.

I am from south side Chicago… I have been charged with 3 Felonies and 6 misdemeanors (Check for yourself it’s public record)…. For me to lower my ego and start singing to bitches… you lost your fucking mind.

But as I grow as an artist and realize how everything really works… wow was I stupid.

Eminem poster to sell sexIt’s not SELLING OUT to use everything at your disposal to grow your influence and reach more people.

I mean… 50 Cent has been shot 9 times and then he comes along singing to bitches and suddenly makes 300 Million dollars.

Eminem had how many posters of him shirtless that probably sold to millions of girls?

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using sex to sell your music as long as you’re intentions are good.

Lil Wayne pretty much lives shirtless in every music video lol. Drake would go shirtless if he looked better without a shirt.

There is nothing but sex in advertising with these big name music artists.


wrapping up

What I’ve Learned About Selling Sex

If I could go back, I would have started using my body and style to sell sex from the get go.

Because here is the deal…. even if the guys don’t like your music at first that doesn’t mean shit.

If you get all of the girls to love your music, the guys will start liking your music because they want the girls.

The music that all the girls keep blasting and listening to all the time when the guys are hanging out with them, the guys start liking it to.

How else would so many guys love The Weeknd’s music? It’s all female music!

Believe me or not, this is how it works.

Do you want to be an underground rapper forever and have a few guys like your music and a couple girls?

Or do you want a TON of girls loving your music and a shit load of guys?

Anyone who isn’t being egotistical and full of shit is going to choose the latter (second one).

body transformation 2

Look what is possible in 6 months of hard word.

Go do some crunches, hit the gym, take a shirtless pic and watch the comments start popping up with emoji heart eyes from tons of girls.

That first little boost of female attention will help you understand the power of it.

I don’t want to hear anything about how you can’t lose weight or you’re too lazy to go to the gym either.

I want to see you growing your fan base because you’re a Smart Rapper.



Rob Level 

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