BeatStars Has A Major Problem

BeatStars Has A Major Problem!

Scammers are increasingly targeting BeatStars, creating fake profiles to sell stolen beats and make money through ads. By identifying red flags and reporting suspicious profiles, you can safeguard yourself and the community. Here’s how to stay vigilant and protect your music career on BeatStars.

Recognizing Fake Profiles Selling Stolen Beats

Scammers typically create fake profiles featuring only a few beats, often stolen from legitimate artists. These profiles might seem convincing, but there are several telltale signs to watch out for:

  • Low Stream Counts: Profiles with fewer than 5,000 streams across all beats can be a red flag. Scammers often use new or minimally active accounts.
  • Consistently High-Quality Beats on New Profiles: Be cautious of profiles offering high-quality beats despite having little to no history. This inconsistency can indicate stolen content.
  • Tag Name Consistency: Check if the tag name matches the profile name. Mismatched names can signal fraudulent activity.

Reporting Suspicious Profiles

Reporting suspicious profiles is crucial in combating scammers on BeatStars. By alerting the platform to fraudulent activity, you help create a safer environment for all artists and producers.

Maximizing Opportunities with Major Artists

Take advantage of limited-time deals for features from major artists to boost your music career. These opportunities can enhance your credibility and visibility in the industry, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Sharing Information with the Community

Sharing information about scams on BeatStars with other artists and producers is essential. Raising awareness helps prevent more individuals from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. By spreading the word and educating others, artists can collectively work towards a safer online music marketplace.

Key Insights for Artists

  • Scammers’ Strategies: Scammers use fake profiles with minimal beats and low streams to sell stolen content and generate ad revenue. Staying vigilant and recognizing these profiles is essential to protect yourself and legitimate producers.
  • Identifying Stolen Beats: High-quality beats on a profile with little history can suggest the beats are stolen. Checking for such inconsistencies helps you avoid purchasing stolen content.
  • Reporting Fraudulent Activity: Reporting suspicious profiles to BeatStars is crucial in combating scammers. Your actions contribute to a safer environment for everyone on the platform.
  • Leveraging Major Artist Features: Limited-time deals for features from major artists provide valuable opportunities to elevate your music career, enhancing your credibility and visibility.
  • Community Awareness: Sharing information about scams with other artists and producers raises awareness and prevents more individuals from being exploited. Collective efforts can lead to a safer online music marketplace.


Scammers on BeatStars are a significant threat, selling stolen beats through fake profiles. By remaining vigilant, identifying red flags, reporting suspicious activity, and sharing information, you can protect yourself and the wider community. Support each other and take advantage of legitimate opportunities to maintain a trustworthy platform.

By incorporating these strategies, you can ensure a safer and more successful experience on BeatStars.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

BeatStars Has A Major Problem! Transcript

What’s up Smart Rapper gang? In this video, I’m gonna talk about the beat stars scammer problem Right. That could really affect you. And you need to be careful. You need to know this because it’s really an issue.

As an artist like you, and I’ve usually produce my own stuff in house. I got my right hand guy, but sometimes for inspiration, I just go listen to see what other people got. And when I did this the other day, not an exaggeration, 16 out of the 20 beats that played his ads to me were all scammers. Cheater. That’s why I’m trying to protect you here.

Because I don’t want you to buy a beat and then not even be a real license. Forget all that. I don’t even want the scammer having any money. K? Because these people mess it up for people who really help people like me.

Okay? So I have to make a video about this issue. I also made a video on Smart Beat Maker, which is my other channel, to help producers protect themselves as well with this. Let them know that this exists. Here’s what’s happening.

These scammers are going and seeing the beats that have the most streams, the ones that play as an ad consistently. And they’re taking those beats, they’re creating a bunch of fake profiles, and they’re putting the beats on those pages. And then they’re running the ads from those pages to make money. Now, you probably like, how do they know it’s gonna make money? Well, they know it’s gonna make money because if you have a producer that has spent a ton of money to get a 1,000,000 plays on a beat, he or she wouldn’t keep doing that if it wasn’t profiting, which tells any scammer that, hey.

If I run ads to this beat that’s already profiting, people are gonna buy this. And I know that this guy, girl, team, different people are picking up on this and scammers are starting to do this because for the last 2 years, I’ve been seeing this happen. Are you serious? But I was seeing it in small amounts, maybe one every, you know, 10. Now only 2 out of every 10 are even real.

Right? 8 out of 10. 80% of the ads running as of yesterday were all scammers. Waiting or waiting, bud. It’s infuriating.

So I’m gonna give you a couple tips on how to protect yourself because you do still need to be buying these licenses if you wanna release these songs, and then to be giving the producer the money that they deserve for the hard work they put into these beats. But I wanna make sure you’re giving the money to the right people, and I wanna make sure you’re getting a real license so that later when your song blows up, if they can’t be like, you didn’t buy a license. I’m like, I bought the license. Then they’re like, that wasn’t me. Then you’re gonna have to pay a block more money.

Okay? Then you’re gonna have legal issues. I don’t know what you had to have those problems. Alright? So here’s how you can protect yourself and identify if it’s a real producer selling this beat.

Okay? First of all, the indicators to me that they were clearly fake profiles, which I’ve been seeing for the last couple years whenever I noticed these, is that it only has 1 to 3 beats on the page. They don’t seem to build out the page any more than that. It’s really lazy. It’s probably because it has a deletion rate.

But BeatStars cannot keep up with it. Their systems are not set like that. It’s extremely it’s just not how their system’s built. They don’t it’s just a simple infrastructure for them to make money, and it does what it’s supposed to do. Beyond that, they really don’t have a way to protect artists or even producers from this happening.

All they can do is delete them when they get reported. So whenever I come across them, I report them. You should do the same thing. As well as the Instagram or any other profile connected to these to help protect artists like me and you as well as help protect the actual productions of these producers that are the ones that made the actual thing, the thing people with the talent. Okay?

Right. So for you to be able to identify that, if it has less than 3 beats on it, it’s probably not a real producer. Because me, I make 5 beats in a day. Right? And I’m not even a full time producer.

I just produce for myself. Imagine how many beats normal a producer can make. Right? They have more than 3 beats online. They’re not gonna start up a beat store and not put at least the 10 on the free version of it that they could put.

Alright? So that’s 1. Number 2 is if all of their beats have less than 5,000 streams on on beat stars, it might be a fake profile. That’s not a 100% indicator, but if it has that many streams on it and there’s only 3 beats, chances are it was a scammer profile. Cheater.

Okay. Next, if all the beats on the profile are super crazy good, it’s probably a scammer. It’s because not everybody’s beats are consistently that good. So if they have 5 beats and oh, these all sound like hit songs. Chances are you didn’t just come across the next Timbaland or Metro Boomin.

Chances are is they stole the beats from Timbaland and Metro Boomin, and they all put them on a page because they’re just jacking all of these beats. They’re jacking all of these beats. Okay. I’m dying to pause, bro. Anyway, so another way that you could tell if it’s a real person is you actually go and you look at their website.

Do they have something connected? Do they have an Instagram connected? Go look at that Instagram. It seems like a lot of them are the same person, but then there’s also other ones that are different that are scamming or actually leading to the same Instagram profile, which I think is just stupid and lazy and a clear way to identify if it’s a scammer. Okay?

So go to their website. Go see if they have real producer credits. Go to their Instagram. Okay? Make sure that the tag on the beat, maybe like, privacy beats or something like that.

I keep seeing these scammer pages. It’ll be privacy boots and the freaking and then on the name, it’s like it’s like jump starter beats. And then, like, that doesn’t match that’s that’s a that’s a red flag right there. Right? So listen for the tag, make sure that the tag name matches the name of the profile.

Realistically, the amount of beats on the page, the amount of plays, how long ago the beat was put up there. That’s another indicator because the beats being up for a while means that the page was not reported or not put up as a scam. So they they have a long history of uploading beats for a long time. It’s probably a real page. Alright?

Another thing that I found interesting was BeatStars would delete the profile. Some of these profiles would get deleted because obviously people who notice it were reporting it, and it would still play the ad to get the money from the person who was scamming. Oh, no. It would still play that ad, but then when you clicked it, it went to a profile that was deleted. I just thought that was funny.

But the problem is is that out of all of these that I came across, only a few of them were actually deleted, which means that chances are if you’re hearing ads on BeatStars, you’re hearing these scammers. Okay? Just wanna let you know about that so that you can protect yourself. Okay. And, you know, I very rarely do much self promo in videos, but right now I have something that I’m a part of that’s not gonna last very long.

Right now you can get a Rick Ross feature, a Sean Kingston feature, Disney Wright feature all in the same bundle for less than $200. And if you were to get another artist you know or a producer that you know to go in with it on you, it’d be less than a $100 for each And then you’d both have a feature for major artists. You’d have features on the top of your Spotify. You have people taking you more seriously. And I just want you to know that that is available.

I’ll put links below this video so that you can actually go and check that out. But you gotta remember, it’s contractually binding that this can only be sold in a specific time window. Okay? So if you don’t get it now, you’re not gonna be able to get it. Links for that are gonna be in the description as well as the top comment.

And after that changes, I’ll still redirect it to any other deal that I see that I trust that looks like it’s gonna be a good benefit for you. Okay? So click that link, check it out, get your hands on that, have that major feature, make people stop taking you more seriously. Share this information with producers, you know, share this information with other artists just to protect them and make sure they’re doing their due diligence to look for these red flags on beat stars. Okay.

Protect yourself, do what you can. And if you see any of these guys, report them so that BeatStars can do what they can to help you. Okay? Either way, alright. Click those links below.

Top comment and the description. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper. You just got a little bit smarter. Keep hustling the game, and I’ll see you at the top.

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