How To Bend Rhymes Like Eminem And Be A Rap God

How To Bend Rhymes Like Eminem And Be A Rap God

And it’s like it’s so easy after you get really good at writing. It just happened for you. A small wrapper today. We’re talking about more good stuff. How do you ban words like MNM. In addition to singing them Eminem because he is a marvelous example of someone who always bends the words to make rhymes fit together. He truly does. So I’m going to we’re going to go over the Lose Yourself lyrics and show you how he bends those words down and show you how you can start learning to bend the words yourself as well. It’s very easy especially as you learn more rhymes you build your vocabulary and you actually write more lyrics so that it’s something normal that your brain has wired in you’ll just you’ll start molding your lines together so seamlessly I promise you about to become a smarter rapper today. I’m Rob level Vista’s smart rapper Dom. I forgot to say I appreciate you smart rapper family but you all about to get smarter rap than the intro.

Gascón copy amulets talk about it and go over this okay pull this little chart up right here. Not the chart but the lyrics of lose yourself and I made this myself. All right Paul I pulled all the green parts of the parts. Where the rhymes all they all rhyme down. So like you know where it says down crowd loud mouth out that’s just a new set. But OK at the top here you can see this mostly how he bends these words. OK because these words typically would not generally rhyme but because he does it in such a way and he bends these words using it it’s it’s a four it’s basically using assonance as we spoke about it on the video given CNN assonance video. I put the link below for you right here. And you guys if you don’t know this I don’t know why you’re on this channel.

If you don’t know these if you don’t know the song. What are you doing with yourself. All right. All right. His palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy does vomit. Don’t sweat the already Mom’s spaghetti. OK. I’m not going to break no syllables on this but Holum see that the way you could deliver it on is so low. Okay so Pom. Poms. Vomit. Mom. Kong. Bomb. On the way he’s running all those gay heads spaghetti ready already sweat the like all these rocks they look at the blue ones right sweaty. Sweat me. We. Have. Sware array steady legs like this fucking ready for gadding. Okay. I always feel like there when I’m doing this are they getting when I’m trying to do because I’m trying to teach something that I’ve already Kharoti completely understands.

How To Bend Rhymes Like Eminem And Be A Rap God

I hope you understand what I’m saying. But when he’s bending these words he’s bending them that’s supposed to rhyme because he sounds so similar. I’m saying I’m going to I’m gonna tell you which you guys can do in order to actually get really good at this as well. Let’s go over just one more time okay. It’s how it’s easy for him to do. Palms.

Palms. He turned vomit got vomit instead he made a rhyme with mom and arms. Case of vám. But you still understand his vomit vomit like a Marman vomit mom. Arms drop bombs.

So how are you going to do this yourself. Well it’s really not that complicated. Over time you’re going to build your vocabulary. As I said you’re right. The types of crimes you know Ryan with are the words or that that VOCAT that type of vocality that rhyming dictionary or building in your head where you know what words gone rhyme with what. And you just pull it out of there. Like seriously. You’re going to be so good at that. But what I like to say as a massive tip of this is don’t do don’t rhyme when you’re writing like this when you’re trying to write don’t read it in your head try to say it out loud. Like how is this going to write. And what and this is going to sound really weird. I say that in a second though.

You just need to. Try to rhyme as much as you can out loud so you are actually your brain is audibly. You’re also hearing yourself say the words as you say them which can help your brain wiring better. But you’re saying you were Rheims out loud and then trying to find words that rhyme with it so when you say a rhyme say the rhyme out loud. OK. Like if you were to say palms like say say what would rhyme with palms. And you start saying the other rhymes outloud to yourself and then you’ll start saying duel words that rhyme with or which pieces of words like let me say off the top my head. Okay so I could use intrusive like intrusive because it goes with acoustic like the movements needed for acoustic treatment. Never a dude has been beaten rude mistreated you do get beaten but then you’d think that all started with acoustic treatments and started going off into it.

But if you start with a treatment you see that needed and choose to like a Valene mic. Scene that you’ve started and use takes or taking these rhymes and you say okay how can I start bending this. I’m saying them out loud and you’re hearing how they rhyme. Well then you start saying you start going through words and obviously you start writing them down you say OK this will go with this and this go here and I’ll put this here and I’ll move this ooh this will go really nice right here. And they start bending the words to fit in the rhyming with each other. It’s really the way you say it out loud it massively helps. OK. It really does.

How To Bend Rhymes Like Eminem And Be A Rap God

It super does it especially if you’re writing it down because you’re so you’re also seeing it you’re hearing it audibly you just saying it out loud and then you’re also seeing it visually so you’re double stimulating yourself while you’re writing these words and then you’d shares the just like if you guys have seen my lyric writing course that I tell you guys about and put the link below to that small repertoire complex right lyrics. I do this for two hours and I’m like Woop Woop Woop Woop Woop there’s some words. BOOM BOOM BOOM I’m organizing them this goes here and I’ll put this year DiCicco here this will be good down here or not make this the last line because harder and I put this here and now we’re going to build around that. And it’s like it’s so easy after you get really good at writing.

It just happened for you right. But it’s just about writing. But I really high that high ligaments in a Mouloud because even I do that because it’s stimulating yourself and you do that and you can actually hear how it’s coming out and then you’re singing when you write. Now.

It’s so incredibly hopeful that in order to build a better words like that because you know how you’re going to say it as well not just like oh that’s I’m going to read it like Mamat. If I read this and didn’t know what beat it was or how to do it. It wouldn’t rhyme the same way because you didn’t. You didn’t. He bends the O’s and vomit into Ayse. You know I’m saying and then rape makes a rhyme. He takes the old ways and bends them into a. So when you’re going to rhyme right when you’re running your rhymes you going to use that as the end rhyme. You’re going to take that one right. Basically what friends of old times you had to take that one run and then you’re going to build all the other rhymes that potentially rhyme with it around it.

OK. And when that happens you’re going to see a large list of words that you’re able to use in a lot of they’re are going to be words that are bent even though you didn’t realize it but they were bent because you made them rhyme with that initial line. Now you can place that is your second line. But to have a seizure like this coy it right. But that’s how you do it though is you just build the category of those and you start building the lines from those. Right. That’s really what it is. And you’re going to notice that you’re bending the rhymes because you were trying to rhyme with that primary word is really that easy. And then what he’s doing is he’s going back and he’s going back and saying OK how many how can a rhyme as much as possible.

How can I do double rhymes inside of these and all that is is you’re going back and replacing words you find of words. It’s like this isn’t strong enough to rhyme with anything. How can I write this with another word. You go to a rhyming dictionary or you say them out loud. You start writing and you say OK this word would go here and place of this weaker word. OK this is going to write much better. Oh cool. Now down here how can a rhyme word appear with this down here. It’s really just that it’s just it’s playing with words and then people can tell and they appreciate and respect when you take your time with your. Nephew or rhymes like they really you can tell when you were like oh there’s new sat there for like 40 minutes on that one right there.

You could fell you know as you go. So you know. So anyways I hope this helped today guys. But let me give you another example just to extend on it so maybe it sticks in your mind a little bit better. You know the part where Eminem is in the video with Eminem talking about oh how he ran. Nothing seems to rhyme with orange and then he’s like door hinge Paltridge right. And in this it seems like he’s using assonance so what you can do is you can go in there and say I’m going to floor race. I have Coleridge. Right. Like it’s like it’s just you’re just these things rhyme if you make them rhyme if you bend the word and there’s words like purple which are like what rhymes with purple. Right

How To Bend Rhymes Like Eminem And Be A Rap God

. And a lot of things wrong with purple if you make it rhyme with purple you a square in my circle k. Knew why. I pulled up higher than the pants. My. Mercury. Bag burp you. Mackrell rolled deep within the voice or a black gof and all state commercials and you afford not to be in good hands. Right. So I’m a commercial rhyme with a. Ryan was circle with perfectly right and none of them are perfect rhymes. Okay and you don’t know Remy’s. Check that out. But.

Those are bad words. Play with them you will become a great a rapper. I’m Ravi level Dismore rapper dot com and you became a smarter rapper and you’re gonna be a better rapper now that you understand this if you didn’t already know he didn’t. I’m glad that I was the one to build the show you’d help me out. OK. But him in that like for that. And I also agree with the comment. Let me see you Ben some words today. Put them give me four bars at least two bars two to four bars would you bend some words so I can see that shit happen all right. And then hit me with this scribe if you haven’t already. And if you are describing the Lobell because when you do it’s good to notify it in some released new video which is everydays.

You can become a smarter rapper. We’re going really fast for every family and I really appreciate your I keep saying every video because I’m excited as hell. The funniest people are like man I can’t believe we got a really hard core audience because it’s more than just what it seems it’s not just people watching the video. There’s way more to it than that and people see that like the fact that you guys comment you guys are interacting come back every day because you know that you know I’m helping and I want to help. If I didn’t want to help watts. Why would I keep. Releasing a video every single day for 2000. Well this be gross. They all grow with you I’m saying look I don’t make money off these videos like I get two dollars per thousand views fuck am I going to do that.

I’ve got 150000 or a car. Like it’s not about that it’s about the fact that I’m helping you guys really freaking grow and I feel so damn good that I’m helping people to get out. Helping people and I’m helping you guys grow yourselves and helping you change your mindset to be to want to be smarter.

Want to learn to want to grow it’s not just about being a rapper. It’s about being a smarter person and believing in yourself because people don’t ever believe in rappers. If I can get you guys to believe yourself to be a rapper that’s much more massive then than anything because it’s really hard to really become successful as a rapper. But if you can get you to believe in yourself and believe that you can teach yourself to do anything and have the right mindset and stay positive and grow and thrive as a person. That’s what I’m here for. Because I love that I love that energy that positive vibe. Love that karma of being like I’m helping people and I know because I get 50 people 1 DM’s everyday saying Hey man I really love Vito’s I really appreciate you bro and I don’t just teach rappers.

I also release inspirational videos on all of my other stuff and I tell my story and I inspire people across all platforms not just music but music is the primary thing but it’s all about helping people so appreciate you guys and girls. All watching these videos because it keeps me wanting to help you and it makes me feel good. Every frickin day and I’m hoping that you feel the same way. And that was a corny ass rant but I’m done with that. Go at like when one of these videos. OK. And would subscribe and spread the channel. And we keep bringing guys these videos keep commenting keep liking keep telling friends described keep sharing these videos and keep learning and wanting to push yourself and I’ll keep making these videos. Check one of these out. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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