Let’s Be Real! This Is How 21 Savage Really Made It As A Rapper

Let’s Be Real! This Is How 21 Savage Really Made It As A Rapper

You. Oh you can we give it a day. What a small rapper today we’re talking about 21 savage and how he really made it and this is interesting this is my perspective on how he made it and I think that if you’re a rapper watching this video you’re actually going to be like yo that makes a lot of sense because you look at how big he is right now and I’m explaining why I believe that he actually didn’t make it and how it became so easy for him to make it. While it wasn’t really easy but it was easy at the same time it was it was natural for him to make it more and talked about that. Appreciate you watch as every family on Rob level. This is small rapper dot com and you got to get smarter. Read the intro. I.

Had. A friend tell me. That when so many listens to music they could really tell if what you’re saying is really what you are and what you do. Like honestly like think about that when people would listen to you can they tell like oh that’s fake that you don’t sell drugs like to you fill you tone are CMF I’ll give you Villis those drugs. I’m like anybody out in the industry. But you could just tell from looking to somebody like me on all of us on drugs. I bet the DEA kicked my team’s door because I ran with big drug dealers but did I ever say that I sold drugs. No I didn’t. I then sold drugs. I’m just affiliated with people that sell drugs. But anyways maybe I should put that in here. But anyway they did confiscate all my shit because I was in their house.

So. Close enough with the singles I write about selling drugs and then you saw me would you like. Yes it was drugs. Because that’s that’s fake anyways. Any ways to. If you listen to 21 Savage. Everything he’s saying is so insanely simple there’s no deep metaphors it’s not crazy the way he delivers everything is just so dumb that effortlessly like he thinks I’m a guy and like you just like soul like he don’t give a shit. He’s not even trying. It’s just getting done. You know what I’m saying. But you know what’s happening really though when you’re listening to them you also understand because he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s not trying. To be something he’s not. You could tell. He’s just. He doesn’t beat his street self and project his voice he’s like Man I don’t care what he’s seen.

I’m a fucking bitch. Yeah. Yeah I had to protect them. But you feel like he doesn’t have to try. He’s being 100 percent himself. People see that. They applaud that they appreciate that they recognize that they see that is real so they can respect that and can give more love to it. You know what I’m saying. Like that’s across the school no matter who they are white kids black kids Asian kids want to have a very very very big fan base. What I’m saying is I do believe because I her I will listen to songs that was on the way I got. I had a box seats at the Lakers. Not a good game at the Kings game last night. More than punch people and has some girls in the.

Let’s Be Real! This Is How 21 Savage Really Made It As A Rapper

Let me play something and started playing when I was 7 and I’m like. And I think to myself because I love hearing what other people listen to. I love it because I want to know what people listen to and then ask them why they listen to it like you know and she didn’t know how much of a response she’s like is my favorite rapper damn thing. I’m like This is like this girls are not just girls and nine out of ten it’s girl hotfoot she’s an Instagram model for like 60000 followers and I’m like I’m like her. She’s like talking like like this and I’m like why. And I’m. And I start listening intently listened. And I’m like I get the vibe. Do just being himself. It’s just like I can see why people can put this on the back from people just play this.

It’s like you don’t have to try. It’s just I can feel it because it’s real. And I get why he has that fanbase Braunohler go deeper into it and get a little bit deeper into this. He doesn’t give a shit when anybody saying about him. You could just tell he blew my mind. You would give it. And you know he just delivering and saying shit the real shit that he feels like is really what he wants to say. All he cares about is gun guns drugs fucking bitches in the trap which is probably only cares about because that’s the type of environment that he grew up in. That’s all he talks about it just it just gives that off. I like I’m trying to explain as best I can. And the reason I made this video wasn’t about 21.

That was really the reason I made this video was that you can take something away from that something that I learned that I became smarter from which I already knew that because I’m real I don’t ever see things that I haven’t done and I don’t try to be something I’m not. I’ve been I’ve lived through a lot and I express my story and I told my story and it’s a crazy fucking story. I have a lot to say. But for you I want you to take into account that being real. Is what is going to get across to more people than anything. If you try to be something you’re not. People know Isanzu and in blossom you get caught not being real. Then you get you get pointed out like Facebook does not.

It’s not what you are it is not who you are and people will no longer respect you and you don’t want to lose all your hard work for that right. Of course there is the line the fine line of this guy being entertaining which is fantastic I understand the entertainment value in things I do. I have songs that are fully built on punchlines but at the same time I do believe that people understand that this is to entertain and be punchlines a bit because like 80 percent of my music is real talk. So when I do those I hate but a lot of rappers are just be like talking about drugs and shooting guns and fucking bitches and having cars and you see them as you guys heard me say before you see in a music video. Girls that are like you got like two girls that are like hey here’s a girl in a video that took a 6 but it’s only because there’s two fat girls that are threes and then they have no car there and they maybe have like 100 Aldo’s and like tens or maybe 300 dollars because they got a paycheck from her printer Kmart job.

There’s nothing wrong with every start somewhere. I’ve been way lower than that on this. On the totem pole but what I’m saying is as I don’t talk about the things that you don’t really have and don’t be late on manifesting it I know what you should do is you should be who you are as a person and this benefits he was a person because you get the benefits you will never feel fake. Because you know you want honest frank sharing honest you’ll look for more life experiences to be able to talk about and you’ll also recognize life experiences when you have them you know I could rap about this like I do the all time I’m writing this down.

Let’s Be Real! This Is How 21 Savage Really Made It As A Rapper

I did that earlier today. Well you know I’m saying you frikken every day I do that really. But every time you live something or you look back on the moment you’re letting go. Damn that was a learning experience and you write about that you know there being real is just nobody going to hate on you for being rude because people will bend in the same circumstances you viewed as people who have the biggest fanbase is realistically people are just being completely honest people who express their emotions. Look how Drake expresses his emotions logic. Ok. Like a lot of rappers it’s just like this is just this they don’t have to go crazy ham lyrically they’re just being themselves and they’re just over.

Here. This is me except this you know I’m saying and it doesn’t seem fake as it puts it it puts off like you know this is really me. So you can attach to it easier. So these will as you can which in music where I’m saying always get off script the script that Mike already said all this shit and it said more notice in the script scripts just like an outline but you know whatever at the end they keep it real. Honestly I believe that I didn’t put this in script almost like I just finished the Charlemagne the gods book The Black Privilege book where he tells his story. And you know he was just like how he’s like my whole life. I was just always as honest with people and if I said something I said yeah I said that and I don’t you don’t like Jews no need to lie is never really a reason to lie about you what you want to seem cool but when you get caught out on and you look stupid it’s not really worth it.

It’s just about just being honest being a man of your word. And people think that’s just corny but isn’t that what being a man is in that we’re being like really big is like being like you stay home. But somebody said you can go do it. You know they say look like when I’m fucking somebody said you go fucking my girlfriend. Where are you. And he gave me the address and sabby right there went there. First time I caught it broke and I was beat to shoot him and his friend.

First time on the first time I got real fucked up that caught two felonies dropped them there dropped the misdemeanor criminal trespass actually breaking and entering traffic and trespass. Saw the deadly weapon drop the battery and to say no like just be about it. If you’re going to say you’re about it so just be Kidapawan pansit right now just be you just be real be who you are who you say you are and be. In real life. You are on the tracks. You don’t need to be anything else. You are going to resonate with people. If you are you like not to be saying things like that. But the reason that you could probably watch these videos everyday because you could tell a hundred percent on you. I’m very upfront and I pride myself on the fact that I don’t lie.

I have no reason to lie. I want to be upfront and honest cause I want help people grow from my experiences. I want you to be the best version of you that you can be and I’m not going to be able to resonate with you if you don’t trust me. If you don’t believe me if you thought that I was making up shape or if I was like if I was trying to be fake or do I do a lot of doo doo is there something to give you like you like. Warnbro no but. I don’t. Know. It’s just I don’t know. It’s more of a life lesson as far as just being. Just be as honest as you can. I’m going to say 200 times you just became a smarter rapper.

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