Best Microphone Pop Filter For $8 (Unboxing And Review Of It) (Video)

Best Microphone Pop Filter For $8 <— Link to the pop filter on Amazon

If you are recording music into a microphone you definitely need a microphone pop filter to keep your vocals clean and clear from pops. A microphone pop filter is actually the cheapest way to get a cleaner vocal from your recording. I’d say it’s the best pop filter for blue yeti microphone.

This is way cheaper than a best buy pop filter. You’ll overpay if you buy a microphone pop filter at best buy and you know you will.

In this video I show you the best pop filter for less than 10 bucks and show you what you what it looks like fresh out of the box. I then review the microphone pop filter so you can see my opinion on it.

I installed it onto my microphone stand and it looks fantastic as you can see from now on in my future Smart Rapper videos. It will be the new pop filter on my mic stand in the background.

Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

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