How To Meet New People | 14 Fun Ways To Meet New People And Expand Your Network

How To Meet New People

Meeting new people is essential for growth in any career field. From the music industry to any other industry. The thing I have learned in life is that it is an incredibly small world and it only takes one person to get connected to just the right person you want to know. So learning how to meet new people in all ways, shapes and forms is a key to success in life. It is also essential for creating relationships that will give you some of the best times and memories you’ll ever experience. I am going to show you how to meet new people quick and easy today.

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how to meet new people

How To Meet New People

Go To Public Events

Wherever you live there are events going on in your town or city. I don’t care if you live in the middle of Utah, people are planning fun events to take their minds off of their boring lives and create fun for others. You just have to know how to find what is going on.

There are usually city websites that have all of the town’s activities listed for events. Things from cook outs to parties in the park are normal occurrences and great ways to meet new friends and people. Even if you meet someone who is 40, they probably have a daughter or son they would be happy to introduce you to.

I’ve met some of my best friends by becoming friends with the mom or dad first. This girl is one of them.

Bri teresi maxim

Her mom found me on SnapChat and told me I had to meet her daughter. Uhm, yes, thank you. Now we are amazingly good friends and we help each other meet new people all the time in LA in the industry.

Just goes to show you that you never know where you will meet new people. So give everything a chance.


Go To Concerts To Meet New People

Yea it’s loud… but that’s only DURING the show!

A concert is an amazing place to meet new people because you and the person at the concert already have something in common… you like the same kind of music! You already have a conversation waiting to happen and allow you to become friends. Ask them what their favorite song by the artist is or their favorite album and why.

If anything just plan on going to the concert and maybe talking to someone if the chance arises. You get to have a good time and also make friends. What is wrong with that?

Check out websites that are actually dedicated to just making friends. There are tons of groups on these websites. You can join a group and make friends easily because these websites were made for meeting people. Other people who joined are only on there to make friends. So why would you not start there? Come on!

It’s a great way to learn how to meet new people if you haven’t figured out another way yet. It’s an app and it connects to your Facebook to make it easier for you. Or you can sign up with E-mail too. Here is a super quick demo of what the site is about!


Join A Gym To Meet New People

I meet people at the gym ALL the time. I just met a HUGE underground hip hop artist who just got back from touring in Europe just yesterday.

If you want to make a friend at a gym, simply walk up to someone, girl or guy, and ask them for advice on ANY exercise they are doing. People LOOOOOVE when you ask them for advice at the gym because it says 1) You think they look good enough to get advice from 2) Makes them feel smart (which everybody loves!)

Give it a try! You can also ask people if they need a spot on something heavy. Just make sure you can actually spot them haha. Getting people hurt isn’t the best way to make new friends.

A huge benefit of meeting people at a gym is that it is scientifically proven you will become better friends with someone faster if you are hanging out with them while they exercise. Why? Because their endorphins are flooding their brain making them happy and if you are their friend that is there with them, they associate that good feeling with being around you. Makes sense right? 🙂


My Favorite Way To Meet New People… Instagram

A large majority of people I meet in real life I talk to on Instagram first. Anytime I see someone I think I could benefit from connecting with, I simply shoot them a DM. I say “Hey, let’s connect” or something similar to that. If they respond, cool, if not, their loss. My work ethic is bound to take me to the top and yours can do the same thing. If anybody doesn’t want to see the value you can bring to them, that’s their problem, not yours. Yea, it’s a little cocky, but at the same time, I know that I am willing to provide just as much value to anyone else that they provide to me. It’s the law of reciprocation. Plus I am very honest and willing to help others. If you are the same way than it truly is their loss.

Anytime you see someone you might want to be friends with do the following:

  1. Like some of their pictures
  2. Leave a uniquely customized comment on a picture of theirs that shows the comment related directly to their picture and compliment them as well. (A normal comment like “good picture” alone won’t work because a lot of people use auto commenting software and it’s hard to tell the difference between a genuine comment and a real comment.)
  3. Direct Message them.

Often times my auto commenter had gained me real friendships but a majority of my friendships are built when I leave a manual comment myself. Still, an Instagram auto commenter will get people to see your profile, like your pictures, potentially follow you and then you notice and decide whether or not to reach out to them.

If you want to see the tool I use for that you can go here.


Go To Bars and Clubs To Meet People

Again, it’s loud but most likely you have alcohol in your system and that lowers your anxiety levels enough to just walk up to people and meet them. Strike up conversation and exchange social media profiles to stay in touch with them. I have made a lot of friends at bars. To overcome fear and anxiety I used to force myself to go to bars and clubs alone so that I had to go talk to people and make friends. That or I’d feel stupid sitting in the corner alone and no one wants that.


Walk Your Dog

If you have a cute dog, walk that bish. lol. Your dog is the ice breaker for conversation when meeting new people. When I walk a dog everybody stops and says “Awwww it’s so cute!” and then I ask them their name and I make friends with them. Go to a dog park where owners bring their dogs and then just sit on the side line while the dogs are playing. These people are in great moods, who else goes to a park and let’s their dog run free. Not sad depressed people lol.


Friend Of A Friend On Facebook

Yea, you might be a little bit of a stalker here but Facebook is a great way to meet new people. You can go to a good friends page and see who is commenting on your friends photos. Now you know you have a friend in common and you can just inbox that person saying “Hey you know ____! I’m good friends with ___. How do you know him/her?” and they are definitely going to respond if they know the person. Knowing the person automatically gives you rapport because if they were commenting on Bob’s picture they probably have some degree of trust with Bob.


Forums Or Any Type Of Groups

You don’t have to meet new people that live by you. I meet people across the world everyday. You can reach out to people on forums or in facebook/twitter/other website groups that you have a similar interest in. Simply inbox the person and strike up a conversation about the topic you both enjoy.

On most forums there is a history shown on posts the person has commented on. You can do a little bit of sleuthing and see how their opinions are and you can base your conversation off of that.

My brother is part of a club that takes pictures of air force jets. They meet every so often in places like Las Vegas and take professional photos of jets. He met them all on the internet from around the world and they gather a few times a year. A friend is a friend. Go make some!


Meet New People Out In Public Places

Grocery Store, parks, going on a walk or hike, anywhere outside your house! When you see anybody in public that looks friends, just compliment them on something. Then introduce yourself. It’s super easy! They aren’t going to bite you.


Plenty Of Fish And OkCupid

Usually this site is used to meet new people of the opposite sex, but you can still make ‘friends’ with people from this site. I have before and I still do today. If you make a profile and put your social media info like your Instagram and stuff in your bio, people stumble onto your profile and sometimes hit you up on your social media.



If you have ever used Tinder you know what it is ‘Really’ for. But if you have scrolled through profiles you may have noticed a lot of people actually put “Just here to make friends” in their bio at the top. If you say it from the jump, people know what they are getting into. It’s not only a great way to meet new people but people of the opposite sex will feel more comfortable talking to you since they won’t think you just want to use them for something. Get me?


Meet People At A Local Coffee Shop

How often do you go out to get coffee? I go everyday. I am drinking coffee right now as I type this. What you can do at a coffee shop is talk to the people who work there. If you go there often you will always see them and that will build a rapport with them for you. Start a conversation with them and make friends. Eventually you will be able to ask them if they wanna go to a concert or the gym or something else.

The great thing about talking to someone who is at work is, they HAVE to be nice to you. It’s their job haha.

Of course there are also other people in the coffee shop you can make friends with. Let’s not forget about that.


Comedy Shows

Wanna know how to meet new people? Go to a local comedy show and laugh for an hour. You will be so happy afterwards that you will be more comfortable talking to and meeting new people. What do you talk about? Well talk about the most funny joke or which comedian you liked the most. It’s that easy. The cool thing about something like is that you can also invite a friend to come with and then figure out how to meet new people when you are already there. Team work!


School Yourself

Take a class at the local college for something like public speaking. These people are probably taking the class to get better at talking to people and meeting friends. You already have something in common!


If you didn’t notice that was actually 15 ways on how to meet new people. I threw an extra one in there for ya 😉


wrapping up

Anyone is capable of learning how to meet new people. You just have to take the effort and do it. Anytime in my life when I have just taken the effort, everything has worked better than I ever expected and I gain tons from it.

I hope this helped you learn how to meet new people. Take it all a day at a time and grow yourself to be a better person.

Wake up as early as you can everyday, be happystay focused on the things you truly want and don’t procrastinate.

No one is going to slow you down… except you. Believe in yourself or no one else will!


Your Friend, Rob Level

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