When Is The Best Time For Artists To Get A Manager?

When Is The Best Time For Artists To Get A Manager?

A popular rapper reached out to me and he is already signed with Warner Brothers and has just hit 1 million streams on his new single that premiered on Hot New Hip Hop and been talked about on major blogs like Pigeons and Planes He reached out to me and said this If you really look at where he has gotten without a manager it’s really interesting so I wanna say props to him.

But he is being a smart rapper. He realizes he is at a point in his career where he needs a manager to help guide him through all of this. I’m going to connect him with one of my guys who is super connected in the trap rapper world and the same guy who helped get me a deal with a big name label. Hopefully he can help him find the right manager.

He asked me if I manage artist, I really considered it and I might in the future since I have so many connections but to be honest i gotta manage myself and all of this stuff for you smart rappers right now haha.

So the answer to this question really is, you need a manager when you get to a point that you can’t handle everything coming at you at once. If you can handle everything, handle it! But when you get to a point where it’s getting overwhelming and you want help coming up with ideas and navigating the game, find a good manager.


– Rob Level

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