When Is the Best Time to Write Raps?

When Is the Best Time to Write Raps?

What is more apt today we’re talking about when is the best time to write. Rach This is actually something that I should have said you as a long time ago but it just didn’t come across as somebody asked me to actually tell them this. I mean you read the complaint. You don’t become must want to wrap it today I’m Rob level. This is smart rapid dot com. And I have tons of energy off of this coffee to get into it. Read the intro. Here’s something that I know that you’ve noticed in your life before but you may not have noticed it but you didn’t really take on. You didn’t look at it. Oh sure you do that every time. First let me say something I just read in this book that I’m reading one of the books that I’m reading just from another book another book which when was it the high performance book.

No it was no. Oh no it was Jack Canfield a success principles book. But I think it’s like the fourth time that I read this book but this is the updated version of it. But anyways he says in this book because learning always with books books books reading the book change your life take that to account. Now in the book he says that it’s scientifically scientific truth is science that you will forget something if you don’t write down within 30 seconds so that’s what it was. I mean to be rude here. What I got here. We’ll get like minded people in everything I’ll learn every day. Right on right on here. And then I go back over it. I mean this thing is just filled with things that I’ve learned.

And then I have my things I knock out for the day and they have a whole bunch of other pairs of them with the carcass of the Starbucks but I’m. Like right. If you have an idea in my phone. Where you at phone get over your phone. I want to show you guys you see it ok. Make sure no. No. Should have no nudes on here. Real quick but you’ll see this here and the release of Yuto. But I have ideas Pead song names best lyrics people I meet work out. I mean networking lines skipped pad influence report. So look at this. You can see this OK it’s still on. There’s a bunch of PAD each pad has different types of ideas and if I have an idea I don’t want to lose the idea.

When Is the Best Time to Write Raps?

So I like that guy’s shirt. Oh that’s me. I like this shirt bro. Medially write something down if I have an idea for have a lyric idea I immediately put it into my song lyrics Pat. If I have a song name idea I immediately write it down because you forget it within the 38 seconds 30 to 40 seconds. You’re like fuck. What was it. You’re not going to remember it later. So write them down and they’ll compile the compile. I mean I don’t want to say because then use might seem unfair. Finished letters in which stoolie any milers can but have the lyrics in that Pather just like Woo’s. I mean like fucking pages of pages. Plus they have the lyric pad on my computer on this computer just so I can open it up and write lyrics anyways.

Saying here for today’s video is this is that when you have an idea write it down. When inspiration strikes. This is the main point of this video. Listen close and focus when inspiration strikes. When you when you have that feeling of man I would love to work on music right now. And you know what talk them out. Does that does that feeling not almost instantly go away some time you’ll be like wow a lot of work of music right now. And then you turn you turn left you turn right and something distract you. From whatever you whatever you want to work on music and it just distracts you. So what you do is you set up things you have the pad open you have your mike ready to go anytime you ready go you have your your phone recorder on so you can immediately take down notes and ideas or the moments of inspiration because that moment that overwhelming feeling of you get to work on music right now right.

Unidad capture that every time it ever comes about because it doesn’t come back and every time that you don’t do it you lose something that was like not to sound corny some like godsend universal energy you were about to cry. You were capable of reading something because you had your energy revive you were vibrating at a higher level. Right. And because you didn’t work on something because you decided to play videogames instead or pick up a phone call or text a girl back or whatever you lost that moment you lost what could have been that moment for you like and it sounds like no no I’m telling you I’ve heard a lot of books on artist inspiration.

There is this book going on. It’s I think it’s called daily rituals I read and it goes through everybody like all the famous painters book writers poets artists just everything in history. And he talks about their daily habits like how they woke up what they did when they woke up and when they wrote when they were most inspired to write and everybody had their own different things or even people who like were more inspired because they kept writing. Apple’s inside of their their drawer right here. They like the smell and that inspired looks like you really just find what inspires you. But when that moment of inspiration comes be ready that’s when you need to write. You can write all the time. I also recommend you write you force yourself to write so that your skill sets growing.

When Is the Best Time to Write Raps?

That’s the drudge work you have to put yourself through but you also need to find how to harness that inspiration like find ways to inspire yourself on a regular basis. Right. And then also be able to make sure that you’re going to you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna get that inspiration flow into something and do it right when that strikes you have to be ready. And I really hope you watch this whole video and you saw this video because this is a really fucking big deal. I hope a million people see this because that’s something if you don’t know that. If you don’t know what that feeling is that happens to you when you create something that. I’m telling you right now. It will change your life if you understand how to harness it and be ready to put it down.

Every time that you feel inspired don’t let anything stock run home do it. Immediately start writing on your phone. So writing our paper record what are you going to do. Capture that moment. That’s when you should write. That’s when you need to write this you’re being given something because when you’re so excited to write something is that not when something great comes out to you when you’re like. I really want to write now. Don’t you like make the best stuff then. Yes. The answer is yes and you know it’s yes you can’t argue me about it. OK. So inspired yourself and then capture that inspiration to inspire other people. That’s a good quote. Right they should put on a T-shirt MacMillian now. Caught. On. Camera smart a rapper. I’m Rob level this is my Robert Caccamo.

You’ll get out there and spiders though. I hope you’re inspired right now. Right for Bottas blow. Right now I want to see four bars below just do it. Hope you’re inspired. But wait you’ll never get that energy like the four bars below. I’m going give you all the word to start with. Decapitates came a pull it out boom decapitate. Right. Something about decapitation below. Know it’s a little gory but it’s a cool word. It’s very visual lesy. You start working with a capital whether it’s in NY or the beginning of the lines. I want to see decapitate. In your rhymes below when you’re 4 bars go right now and you would like him he was described in a Gogobot he writes for Botshabelo. And you write those four bars click one of these videos up here or reverse it and hit these four videos up here right here subscribe.

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