Building A Music Fan Base Works Like This…

Building A Music Fan Base Works Like This…

Building A Music Fan Base Works Like This Transcript

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What I’m gang. In this video, you will learn about music business, you know, when I grow a fanbase fast, you’re going to learn music psychology. Let’s get into it. Listen, do you realize there is so much music out right now? The amount of songs get put on on Spotify every day that every artist, including you and me, has to produce insane amount of songs and release them consistently and put those songs out at a rate that we’ve never had you before.

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Is that even about competitions, about oversaturation, about the so many songs that are options that we are not consistently giving and putting more options into the bucket? We can’t really gain fans. Take that as an inspiration to make music. Okay, let’s keep going. For those of you right now that haven’t put out any music, not putting out music, you know, I came to this and they’re about procrastinate in the they doing nothing.

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You realize that with a $100 computer and a $50 USB microphone, there’s only videos on this channel, a thousand free videos, number one. The music industry, the things you can learn here. I mean, including the masterclasses, you have everything you need to create a brand released music and promote. What are you doing? Every other artist out there that realizes what I just said is making music, put it out, and they’re the ones that are good.

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I know it’s kind of older. You remember Kobe? Yeah, you remember. You ain’t forget about that. Thing is, you don’t want the artist actually learn a tremendous amount during Kobe because they were honed, honing his skills, watching these videos, taking master classes, recording tens of thousands of songs were made. Okay, Now they don’t only have the music, they have the knowledge.

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You have the knowledge. You’ve seen capabilities, how to go about promoting that music, pushing more and more marketing, putting messages in the feed emails, DMS comments, algorithms taking spots and attention away from what could be your attention the game fans. I don’t want me to express them dynamic, but kind of it’s going to get harder and harder to make it because of the oversaturate, the music releasing.

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You get that? And the difficulty of getting people’s attention to become a fan of you and then keep it, which is a whole nother skill because even after they hear your music and they have to be shown your other music in any push to your story, to go from a fan of your music to a fan of you, to a fan of your brand, to a hardcore fans, you get that right.

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And as I speak about another video, there’s a chain of events that has to happen for fans to become super fans. If you want to know more about that, search the channel a little bit, you can find with some links below to my fan base funnels, you can understand a little bit more about that. Okay. But because there are so many options for new music out there, if you don’t establish the relationship, the trust, the emotional connection with the fan before they move on to the next artist, you probably won’t have that ability again.

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Family at one chance. So you need to consistently release the music and have a strategy to make them connect with you. It’s way more than just music. It’s a relationship. Oh God. Really quick. If you hit that subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together.

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That’s it. Let’s get back to the video. You guys love my videos, you guys and girls, whoever is you watching these, right? Why do you like them? Well, I provide good information, but also it’s because more so. You trust me, right? You watch and tens of millions of other artists watch. Because you know that I care because I’m an artist just like you.

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And because I care. You care. That’s a relationship. Meaning you have. That’s the relationship. I love you to man. The thing is, is imagine that relationship that we have with your fans. Realize that’s a relationship. You need to capture that person. Make them love you. You have to make them love the music, then love you as soon as you possibly can.

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Same as when a baby come out of the mother. You know what I’m saying? You’re supposed to immediately do skin to skin contact with the baby. So it immediately connects with the mother. Okay, now, it sounds weird, but that’s a type of connection that you want to have with your fans as soon as possible. No sexual things here.

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Okay, Just just to clarify, don’t be touching on people. This guy clarified. Some people don’t think this way. They don’t get distracted by other artists music that’s coming at them so rapidly. Do you get that? And this way, even if they do get distracted, they have the relationship with you and your music where they’ll come back, they’ll remember you more often, come back more often and listen.

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Now, with that being said, also have to realize you need to realize, but you also have to make sure that your music is consistently releasing this consistently quality. So when people come back, they stay attached. You build you a stronger and stronger relationship with you until they are not only trusting fans who like you, but hardcore fans who love you.

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Now, once they convert to hardcore fan, you have them hooked. You want as many of these fans as possible. That’s the chain. The problem is, is that even if you have the music releasing the tons of fans and every social media platform like Instagram, Spotify, Tik Tok, you can’t even reach your own fans. You need consistent music releases and then a way to reach them and get the music into their eyes and ears.

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And that’s why you need to build an email and the text list. I actually show you how to do that. I show you how to build an email this hundred percent free. It will be in the top comments, which is free. I want to tell you that that’s really important. Okay, So you need to build that relationship. Also, if you can harness and build that relationship even more using automation inside of email providers, I show you how to do that too.

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It’s where you send an email, and in two days later it sends another one. Two days later it sends another one. It just tells them your story, tells them things about you that makes them become more attached to you, that sends them the second best song. Do you set that all up on autopilot since they join essentially 100% free Get it right now Go to

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Okay. It will bring you straight over there. It’s yours. Tell me where to send it. It’s yours. Promise Right. That’s that build that relationship. Hope you understand to live in more relationships what matters I’m Rob level this is smart rapper hit the subscribe for me Let me nurture our relationship even more and help me out in our relationship by subscribing and liking this video.

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Keep hustling gang. Click those links and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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