14 Things That Should Be In Your Lyric Pad

14 Things That Should Be In Your Lyric Pad

14 Things That Should Be In Your Lyric Pad Transcript

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What of gang this video. I’m going to talk about the 14 things that your lyric pad is probably missing, but it’s going to help you. It’s going to help you tremendously. I promise you that, my friend. You know, I’m here to help you out. I got you. From studying other rappers in the way that they write. I have seen a lot of ways that artists write their lyrics and how they remember them, how they flow them.

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I remember I had a study too, but there wasn’t smart rapper to show me this stuff, so I had to study in a different way and a lot more intensely. And now I’m bestowing it on you. Okay. Thank you. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use symbols and how to use markers and all these are the things to keep track of how to flow everything, deliver everything, how to breathe, all those things inside of your lyrics.

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Okay. As well as what I’ve learned and put in my lyric patterns over the last 15 years of writing to keep me organized, to get songs completed faster without ever losing the steps, without losing that flow that you forgot to record when you made the song. You’re writing it like this. The flow right here. Oh yeah. And then you forget me.

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Go back to, you know what Im talking about. This will save you from that, even that it’s going to get into it. And this actually works for all music really realistically. But have you ever written lyrics that were crazy and the flow was ridiculous, but you go back to it to read it and just just didn’t feel as hot as it was.

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Well, this is why you need lyrics, simple reminders inside of your lyric pads. All of the greats have used these and everyone has their own way of doing this. But I’m going to show you mine. Okay? If there’s a delivery or a voice or a tone or a level of volume of voice that you knew and know that you wanted to use, always put it inside of the lyric pad in the notes.

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You remember that. I capitalized letters when I’m actually writing to make sure that I remember to deliver them, emphasize them, and deliver them with more energy or louder. Stretch out the vowels in my songs to make sure that I know to stretch out that word. I put a comma for a very short pause in the lyric delivery.

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I put a period for a long pause with three periods for a semi long pause. Okay, build your own whatever works for you. I pretty much count the period as a full quarter beat pause and I put it at the start of the bar. If I want the line to jump in slightly later to build a unique flow or build tension in my delivery for the listener, we’re not going to go into psychological song writing stuff right now, but now I use an arrow to show lyrics in the bar that are not supposed to stop it.

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Instead, you carry through to the next bar and that pause between the bar, this is generally used if the next bar has extra syllables that I need to use to get the lyrics across. Okay, I use parentheses to show what will fill the end of the bar. If it’s not a long bar, for example, sometimes it’s a specific adlib I don’t want to forget or an echo.

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I want to put an echo or delay on the end of the bar or there’s a word or something that I need to remember that’s going to be put at the end of. It could also be more in the background, like an adlib. If I know more syllables have to go in a line, but I haven’t finished writing the line.

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I use underscores to remember where to add the lyrics and the syllables and the bars are extremely good. I make sure to put asterisk or little stars above it for the whole quatrain of the set of four bars, or at least by the specific line I know I love so much. So if I trash lyrics for the song, I know to keep those lyrics at least.

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Okay, now if I have an optional lyric for a line, I use a more then sign or a left arrow. Okay. To show that these are the options for the bar. And I use this a lot because I write and rewrite a lot and do a lot of variations on lines to find the best way and the best lyrics.

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Find the best punch lines, and emotionally going to really come across to the listener. You should be doing this too. And then there’s more. But it may seem like there’s a lot, but you only have to take the ones that you want to use right now I use a double right arrow to show lyrics that get set a double speed or speed rap.

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Next, I use a double back arrow in order to show that these are lyrics that should be said slower or the flow actually gets slower. In this part, the opposite of that was speed rap part where I know that I need to speed it up more if I put the double right Arrow. Okay, that’s another helpful one. If the quatrains should go in a certain order, I use a star or an asterisk between the two quatrains to remind me that those are good enough to go together and that this is a proper order that they should go in.

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Because, you know, sometimes you type lyrics and readjust them. Well, if it makes more sense story wise or, you know, flow wise, I make sure that I put the asterisk in between the two and they’re connected inside of the writing. You know, if I have two sets of quatrains and either of them could work for a certain area in the song, I put the less than and the more than signs between the two quatrains to remind myself that it’s either this one or it’s this one.

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I’ve been doing this so long for such a long time. This is how I keep my lyrics super organized and make sure my well-written lyrics are very organized. Okay, You got to respect the lyrics, especially if you want people to respect your lyrics. All right. Exactly. In just a second, we’re going to go ahead and get to the girl doing the word of the day.

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But I want to do a quick roundup of these 14 things. So if you want to take the notes, you can take them right now or you get the free sheet below. That I usually sell. So I’m going to give to you today for free. It’s going to be in the description. All right. It’s going to be all 14. These right there with the examples you have in your pocket.

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Download it, right, your phone, computer, whatever. All right. So let’s just go over these really quick before I give you the word of the day. Number one, capitalized the individual letters or the entire syllable or the whole word in order to know what to emphasize or deliver louder or with more energy when you’re delivering the lyric. Number two, stretch out vowels.

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Bunch of O’s, bunch of U’s, bunch of I’s. If you know that that you want to stretch out that word inside of the bar. Number three, put a comma for a very short pause in your bars delivery and before put a period for a long pause before five put dot, dot, dot. If it’s a medium length pause that you’re going to make number six, put a right arrow.

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So, you know, if the bar should actually flow into the next bar or if it’s not supposed to flow in the next bar and just stops, cuts off in the bar, starts on the one. Okay. Seven. I use parentheses to remind me if I need a delay or what word needs to be said for the adlib or any other effects that you want to remind yourself to use.

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There you are having a creative moment. You’re actually going in number eight. If I don’t finish line and I know that I need to come back to it later, is having a brain fart or if I had to stop working on the song and I just couldn’t come up with something for some reason, I just put underscores to remind me how many words need to be there to finish the line or how many syllables need to be there.

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It just reminds me, Hey, this bar is not done. Number nine if a lines extremely good, I put an asterisk next to it. A little star you put an emoji just to remind you, if you’re going to trash the song at any point, you can actually make sure that you’re going to copy paste that into your pad because you going to use it later.

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So the hottest bars are always going to star next to it. Number ten, If I have an optional line like another bar and different idea or different lyrics that are an option for that line itself, then I put a tab, I put a bunch of spaces and then I put the more than sign, which is basically left arrow, and then I put the bars one at a time.

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Each bar goes on its own line in order to indicate that these are different options for this. Number 11, use the double right arrow to show that this is where you should speed up your lyrics inside of that box. Then number 12 use two back arrows in order to show that this is what you should slow up in your delivery in the bar number 13, if bar sets sets of quatrains, sets of bars should go together.

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And it’s the order that I know do not change this order because these go really well together with the delivery and helps emphasize the message or the lyrics. Then I make sure I put asterisk between the two sets of bars and I make sure that the touching because any other circumstance the bars are not touching. Okay. But if I know they go together, I put the asterisk in.

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It reminds me, Hey, this will go together really well, don’t forget that. And number 14, I put a left arrow and a right arrow between quatrains or sets of bars that I know there’s going to be an option. This one is going to be better or this one’s going to be better. Right here. Okay. Those are the 14 lets get going to the word of the day.

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You know what time it is?

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Hi, my name is Kiely. And today’s word of the day is pedantic, overly concerned with my new details or formalism. So here’s today’s word in a sentence When you are a perfectionist, you will spend hours upon hours making pedantic tweaks to your songs.

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Well, I hope you learned a new word there. That’s what it’s for. You want to stare at the girl? Well, I mean, maybe you were given a cheat sheet below 100% free. And also, if you’re newer to writing and rapping, I’m going to give you something. It cost less than $3. Okay? After you look at a free download of that cheat sheet, 100% free to you, by the way, it’ll bring it to a page.

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It’s going to load in like 2 seconds. I want to show you something. I give you a bunch of thinking for different master series that I have for less than $3 because I know you’re in the beginning. It’s, you know, you can only afford so much, but it’s less than $3. So you want to get the cheat sheet you want check it out.

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It’s going to be the link in the description and the top comment. I’m Rob level. Thanks for let me help you out here. Hit me with a subscribe, hit me with a like, if you have any questions, ask them below. I do read these comments. All right. By the way, thanks for watching. Keep hustling gang. I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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