Proof That Not Buying A Beat Lease Can F*&% You Over

proof of beat lease

Why Even Buy A Beat Lease? This Is Why!


This is actually a super super CRAZY story that JUST happened to me so I am writing an article about it.

As you can see in the blog roll for ‘How to save money when buying beats for your projects‘ I just bought a bunch of beats from a producer YESTERDAY.

Today he sends an e-mail out to his entire e-mail list that states the beat (I bought a lease to) has now been sold.

Someone else bought the f*&%ing beat lol!


This is the e-mail I received TODAY because on his e-mail list

Why you need to buy a beat you wrote a song to 3

It says that the exclusive rights to the beat I bought a lease for yesterday has been sold.


I immediately e-mailed him back and said this.

Why you need to buy a beat you wrote a song to 2

Lets Get Smart

Let me explain what’s going on here if you don’t understand it.

I didn’t buy the exclusive for the beat, I only bought the lease. When you buy the exclusive the beat maker can’t sell it to anyone else because you now hold the rights to beat. Everyone who has already bought a lease still has their rights though, that’s how it works.

If I hadn’t had bought the beat lease yesterday (less than 18 hours ago)…. I wouldn’t have been able to release the song with this beat which is the main single from my new album.

Like you can see I said in the picture, I scoop beat leases JUST IN CASE they sell like this. Thank God I did! Now I can still release the song.

I have had times where the beat will sell and I have the entire song done ready to release. Then I can’t even release it because it’s covered in tags and the beat maker can’t legally sell me the lease or beat anymore.

I want to help you guys learn from this and be aware that if you have a HOT SONG you need to buy AT LEAST the beat lease before it is too late.


Chances Of Having A Hit Song

(W)Rapping Up

Moral of the story. Buy beats from these great beat makers that make beats you like so much you lay down songs to them.

If you don’t you could be losing your opportunity to legally be able to sell your song + you’ll have a tagged beat and look super amateur.

You got this!

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