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How To Save Money On Rap Beats

I originally wrote this post a few months ago on how to get rap beats at a discount because…. every independent artist needs to save a little bit of money and  I have done this a dozen times for my own pockets sake.

Now I am working on a new album and I had to get my hands on these beats before they happened to sell. So I went to go buy the beats I needed and here is the exact e-mail from start to finish that got me 3 beat leases for $20.

I also bought other beats from another beat maker and he gave me 3 beats for $40. You just have to negotiate.

Rule #1 always be nice and respectable. Notice how incredibly nice I am to this guy. He is a super dope beat maker and I meant everything I said.

All of this took place within 30 minutes because why? Like I say further down below, the beat maker wants his money. He would rather give you 3 beats for $20 than you not giving him any dollars because he won’t give you a deal. Get me?

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If you have ever been to a flea market, this is how it works. I used to hustle stuff at flea markets all the time. By myself, I so many pairs of air forces for $30 back in 2008-2010 it would blow your mind lol. I was reselling them for $60… but that’s another story check the picture.

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Step By Step Guide | How To Save Money When Buying Your Mixtape’s Beats

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You may wonder why an article like this is important.

Well here is why it has major benefit to you:

Every time you release a mixtape If you have 15 songs on the mixtape, the beats would cost you 15 x $20 per beat lease. That is $300 in beat leases. Sometimes beats are $30-$50 so generally you are paying about $400 in total.

What if you could shave $100-$150 off of that? That is some solid marketing money. You could even get a decent video shot for that. That is why this technique is extremely helpful.

Also, if you are buying beat track outs that cost $60-$100 each. You are saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

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The Saving Money Mindset

If there is one thing I learned from years of growing up poor it is that ‘When there is money involved, there is always a way to get a deal’. Growing up in order to save a buck here and a buck there my family would bargain for everything.

Now I take the same approach to everything I can in order to save money. No matter how rich I get I will always have this attitude simply because it was instilled in me. At this moment I am able to help YOU save money by presenting you with the same attitude.

When it comes to beat makers they are selling leases to beats. That means they sell the same beat to 100s-1000s of people. 99.9% of the time no one will ever hear the other song someone wrote to that beat because the other artist purchasing the lease doesn’t have a hot enough song on it or the resources to push the song if it’s hot. So it’s not really a big deal that a bunch of rappers are rapping on it, get me?

Because the beat maker is selling the same beat lease 100s-1000s of times and can sell it 10,000 times until someone purchases the exclusive, they don’t care who buys it, they are making money. If the beat costs $20 but they can keep selling it, why would they mind accepting $10 for it? Or even better, you buying a bunch of beat leases for half off in a bundle. Say 10 beats for $100 instead of the $200 it would normally cost.

The beat maker is making the money and he can continue to sell the beats, so why would he mind?

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THE STEP BY STEP PROCESS on buying beats

So how do you do it? Easy!!!

1) The beat makers e-mails are always right there on their beat page. Collect the E-mail so you can E-mail them.

2) E-mail them telling them a bunch of compliments on how great you think their work is and how you are a long time fan. Obviously try to be honest when doing this. If you are buying a lease from them, you are in some way a fan of their work. You liked it enough to want to make a song to it and release it with your name attached.

3) After you compliment them and tell them how awesome they are. They feel a bit more rapport with you and you are instantly more respected in their eyes. Without the compliments you are simply just asking for a hand out and your chances highly decrease so don’t skip that step.

You are now going to say you want to buy a beat lease but you have to buy 10-15 beats for your mixtape and can only afford X amount.

Tell them I know you are a big time producer now but I know you remember back in the day when you were trying to make the dream work and only had a few dollars. I’d appreciate it if I could scoop the beat for X amount. I want to make sure you get paid in some way for your work, it’s just unfortunate I only have X amount.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

4) Now we have done numerous things. We have made them feel special, because they are, and we have told them we can only afford X amount. If you only have X amount to offer. They can’t ask you for anymore than that. They know you only have X amount and they are either going to take it or they aren’t.

Chances are they will take it.


If you are buying numerous beats from the same beat maker you have a much higher chance of actually getting a discount.

This is because you are spending more money and they are obviously more enticed by more money.

Say you want 4 beats instead of just 1. The price would be $80 for 4 beats. You can definitely offer them $40-$50 and they will say yes if you say that’s all you can afford. They just make $50. If they say no they could potentially be losing $50 so they probably won’t say no.

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What if a beat maker says no

Well then you simply purchase the beat through their catalog and they won’t even notice you bought it.

They will just notice they made money.

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Don’t overthink it. Just get the E-mail and shoot them an E-mail. Also approaching them on a personal level and complimenting them helps in other ways.

After e-mailing them you now have a relationship going with the beat maker. If you feel like your song is hot enough you can send the song over when it’s all finished and also thank them for making such a great beat. They will take a listen because it’s their beat, they did some of the work on the song and wanna hear what you are working with.

If you are good, beat makers are pretty connected and it could lead to the song being shown to other people who matter. People who you personally don’t have reach to as a rapper.

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You can do this

Please note that the old me used to be a bit timid and wouldn’t do this. That was a huge mistake on my part. I made Smart Rapper to help people not make the same mistakes I made. Please learn from them.

Now I am outgoing and bold. I take action and do and push through anything with absolute ease because I know that nothing can stop me if I put my mind to it.

You can do this, don’t fear rejection! At least try and see what comes of it. I guarantee you will save some money. Plus don’t forget the benefit of building a relationship with the beat maker.

This is the same attitude you have to have in all other areas of life. Whether it is approaching females or trying to get a job. The worst thing the person can say is “No.” and if they say no, okay cool no big deal. Next.

You got this. Go save some money and make some connections.

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– SR

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