Can You Get Sued For Remixing A Song!?

Can You Get Sued For Remixing A Song!?

What does my family add a great question. Somebody asked Can you get sued by a big name artists if you make a remix to their song. Are you even allowed to actually like legally remix a song. We’re going to talk about that today. You’re going to get smarter. Very simple answer and tell you how and why it works or how stuff works and stuff like that so you don’t get it in any trouble. And I understand you know just all of it right. I’m not level this man Robert ICOM you’re about to get smarter and not get sued. Right after the intro. OK you’re not going to get sued by an artist. What’s going to happen to this if you remix a song with you uploaded to YouTube. The thing is you cannot monetize it. You cannot monetize monetize means make money from can’t make money from it. You can’t put ads on or anything like that but what is going to happen is if the copyright owner you know if you do a remix of a song on YouTube scans everything for songs and remixes of songs. And this sounds like the original version and it automatically puts a copyright on it and then it gives the money that it starts monetizing automatically and that money goes straight to the copyright owner. It’s not really a big deal. It doesn’t hurt you any. You’re allowed to do remixes and actually doing remixes is a completely common thing in hip hop as you already know and it is a great way to gain a fan base if you do an amazing remix and you happened to get into. And you have to happen to have good search engine optimization for it so you pop up on the first page and people watching your remakes you’re getting the fans off of the original version and all the marketing dollars that are going into the original song. It’s very smart and a lot of artists do remixes on top of the fact that your fans probably want to hear you hop on something like a remix because they already liked the song. They get to hear the song from that artist with band they already liked the song and they get to hear another favors of theirs which is you on that song. It’s very helpful so you should be doing remixes. Of course it is oversaturated but the thing about it. It’s not about that like would your fans like to do it. Do you like the song that you want to remix it or write where you’re not going to get sued. No reason to suing you unless you’re making a lot of money off of it and it’s going to get copyright pulled as soon as you upload it anyways. So you’re not going to get sued. They’re going to be making the money from the views that you’re getting. But you are going to be getting views of new fans from them dumping advertising dollars into that song that’s moving in and if you push it and get on the first page or your fans can’t even trade them make some money but you’re getting fans right. You became a smart rapper. Quick video today. All right.

Teacher. Teacher sounds like some.

Sphynx Your Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher tincture what the hell is this.

All right. A solution of medicinal Substance in an alcoholic solvent. Or our definition there are two characteristic quality cast a slight mixture of trace color. There’s a lot a lot a whole lot of definitions for this word but I don’t think I’ll ever use this word. A slight admixture a solution of medicinal substance and alcohol alcoholic solvent. Well either way now you know the word. It’s not really a word that we’re going to use too often but it’s still a word. And again what the fuck are Heather unbuttons teacher tincture. Okay so you one that probably won’t ever use that word but I know tinctures like sphincter used became a smarter rapper.

Now see them on the other videos are right and then don’t check them out. You’re gonna learn some stuff you’re always learning on this channel released video everything plays into it as a to this video. This one described there. Check these videos out on this you again tomorrow with another one.

And again today’s word is tincture. See if you can even use that in a sentence. Put a bullet through jugaad Osseo tomorrow.

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