The 10 Steps To Making a HIT Song

The 10 Steps To Making a HIT Song

What does more of the family say. We’re talking about the 10 Steps To Making a hit rap song. And these things are there are vital once you understand these ten steps you can implement the steps and make sure. Oh my. I’m getting that they’re going to help you make better music on a regular basis you really need to see this video and understand how it all works. You got to get smarter today. I’m not level. This is smart rapper dot com I release a video every single day so you get smarter and you got to learn by. The intro. Ok first and foremost from the top of his list is that you have to create the right studio violence realistically. We could you maybe we know that but an awful on I want you to understand that the more precisely that everything is set up for you in your mind there’s nothing. There’s no barriers or subconscious thoughts of there’s something in this not right so the better that you’re set up a room okay. The more professional the room looks the better that you feel in the room the better the vibe is in the room the better the energy is in the room like that. All this stuff matters so that when you go into recording when you go into creature music you just know like. I am so ready to create freedom. Open there’s nothing there’s nothing burdening me and holding me back. So. That’s why I said there’s room so perfectly it wasn’t just for a huge upsets because every time I entered this room I go Yeah it is it looks really cool you know. Put a lot of work with them what works put in is something that is going to turn out so it is anything like on cent and it’s just like yeah making your buy right is going to help you as a first step to creating a hit song and any any industry. All right. SUWANNA number two. Number two and just as important as number one I want you to understand that these are probably the two most important things but you have the creature intervene in the inner vibe being your mind set. Number one having the right studio vibe helps you get your inner vibe easier. So when you see arcade of rooms cool. Ok now do I feel like making music. What do I need to do to actually make music or. How can I create the mindset like to be in a positive happy attitude or is that natural whatever attitude that you’re in for the type of songs you want to create. But if you don’t feel like working on music you’re not going to single because of coffee and tea. Do whatever you need to do in order to get into the mode that interview is just as important when those two crossed paths and they happen at just the right time and that’s one of his songs. It’s like whoa that accidentally happened at just the right time. Now you have something that you can promote for the next nine months and possibly blow up off of because you were in the right environment the right studio Bidle was number three. Number three to make a hit rap song you need something that is relevant up to date something that that beat the instrumental whatever you’re used to you’re recording needs to be relevant in uptodate can’t Seligson like 2008 and my style is so unique and new that it makes it sound different but that’s probably not the case. So when you have something that makes sense for today or is ahead of the curve just for the right timing right to really look at it like this. I love telling people this because they don’t often think about this but when you hear something on the radio today the chances are that that sounds already going to be outdated by the time your new song will become a hit because the song is playing the radio was made probably two years prior. It got made get created. The beat was there then they wrote the instrumental whatever and then they spent a year marketing it and then it got to the radio and then it got to you. So it’s like a year and a half two years old before you even heard it. So that trend of sound is probably going down so you need to be partially that. But onto the next one. Just keep that in mind. OK. There’s a lot to it but you want to be ahead of the curve so having a relevant sounding beat is definitely to push you ahead of the curve. Head of everybody else who doesn’t really pay attention to that. All right let’s go on number four. Now here’s the thing yet beat you get involved you get your studio vibe you like warm ready to go. Now what you need to do is you need to destroy get rid of all distractions that are possibly in your way do not. Number one don’t have your phone within hand’s reach because I did it this morning I wasn’t like you would have so I keep grabbing my phone like I mean that is such a bad habit to attach to our phones right. So if you don’t have your phone anywhere near you you’re not going to be going through your tags. You’re not going to be doing this. And if you need your phone right so don’t try to get around. And that’s right. When you put your phone on airplane mode so that nobody’s texting you. You’re not going on Instagram. There’s no internet or are you just using it right. Because you don’t you do not want to suddenly be like oh my Instagram older girl DME all going to go over here or do I want to do to do that. You don’t want that to happen. You want to focus solely on the music especially if you’ve already created the vibe and you’ve already have your InterVarsity already ready to go. You need to destroy the distractions turn the ringer off on your phone. Make sure that whatever else you have going be turned off the ringers are all for everybody in the room. You’re not your laptops not open. Some websites that you don’t need to be on Facebook is not open. Make sure all of this stuff is not there yet the video games wait and you turn on the computer games whatever the hell is around you that would distract you from making a great song. Turn that shit off. Okay okay now you can work on music. Let’s move on. Number five you want to skim this name it is get on these on the beat that you have chosen and you don’t want to find the right rhythms and the right melodies. This is oftentimes how people creates the best for them as the melodies because it’s what it is. After that vibe straight that we talked about the right being your scatting for melodies and it’s naturally putting out what you felt to put down what would naturally subconsciously the way that you hear it would come out on a beat because you ever notice we try to rights it just doesn’t fit or decision sound right.

But if you were to freestyle on a beat sometimes all that sounds so cool. Well that is a normal process of writing songs. OK’s people will just freestyle on the beats and then they’ll go through and you’ll choose the pieces that sound really cool and then you’ll write lyrics to those with the exact amount of syllables exact sounds everything like that. It’s very simple to a very normal process for every single person who writes songs. So we need a lot to get you get on the beat. Freestyle you go by it about it. But but it hardly ever buddy want to do that thang ha. How about that. How about a Hoda and the right things to it. I’m a go do that now I’m gonna be like whatever. It’s really that simple. And then he said oh that sounds cool. And to do that I’m gonna get this the best selling ones the chorus the secondary ones you find the verse melody whatever. I have a song reading course you can check out smart rapper dot com slash write songs that bring in the studio I show you where to get beats. I write like 15 songs in like two and a half hours I’m like this I could do this as I do this would take this put in the Pro Tools we chop chopped up his features. This is your best melody you don’t put the set as the course is and we’re going to do this easies cake membranes for. 15 years. Of course I can do easies cake. I have big name song placements whatever. Don’t brag about stuff like that but I had that available you check that proly below small rabbit icons let’s write songs and then that the reason mentioning it is because I do that I say look we’re going to go find some beats that sound relevant and then we’re going to frikken we’re going to pull these out here we get a freestyle to these and I’m going to show you guys how to do this properly and you keep restarting sometimes a free 10 minutes 100 free stuff for three minutes. Sometimes you do it for just a minute. Oh I like that idea. Back to that later. K and I got to go to crazy on this. I’m going over the steps of how to write a hit song with scatting free song for melody is enormous. Get used to doing that. If you’re not already because I remember when I wasn’t doing that and I was like Farkash doing that the whole time. Right. Let’s move on. Number Six you choose the best rhythms and melodies you need to write to them so that they’re actually discernible words. Like I said like you said before you find them and you match that you match the amount of syllables you match the way that they sound like Hibbett the habit. But I like get it. Give us give us some. Like going to go rather be on the same. Like it’s like you just find the words that fit what they like. OK no it wasn’t heavy to have any. No no go Robbie No I’m saying it just like it’s all you’re just matching those words up and then putting them together and that sounds good. Now those words to him this is what everybody does this is why a lot of old rappers that mumble in the middle despite the mumble mumble with aphids. OK let’s move on. Now you have all of them. You already know what you like. You like like this one like this one now you said take it right. Number seven is you got to take it. You got to arrange it. Where’s the chorus. We started with a chorus course start with the verse and you have an intro you have Salyut you have a rhythm you like for the intro where do you put this how are you going to arrange them so that is appeasing to the ear of whoever listens to it arrangement is enormous. This is somebody whose entire job on a project they go no chorus you go first or no piano should go first or no pull this out. We’re going to European when here here here we’re going. Later this year that’s an enormous job not to overwhelm you but you do need to figure out the understand how arrangement works and a lot of other songwriting things I’m going to go super into that but you can do arrange them so it sounds the best. Take your time with this. After you have it and then recording write whatever is going on memory first before you recorded the thing number eight you need to rewrite the lyrics so you’ve already arranged it. You already wrote to things right. You arranged it. Now you need to go back with a fresh year maybe the next day and go Hey. Hey this could be better. I don’t really like that this can be stronger because when somebody hears you for the first time you want it to be as best as it can be right. You want somebody to really be impressed by you. Well rewriting is a huge tool. Every rapper J Cole Kendrick Lamar every rapper you know they go back they rewrite. And then they rewrite again. It’s a massive tool that you need to use and don’t just think it’s oh I can settle for this. Yeah. You settle. Yeah. People can hear when you settled on to that. So go back rewrite. You can. It’s the same. It can be the same melodies but you rewrite or you maybe choose the different rhythms and you rearrange it. But now you have a fresh ear on it. OK. Now it’s stronger than it was before. Let’s move on. Number nine. Now started 100 percent record everything that you already have rewritten you already know you like this is what is going to be record be in the moment. Don’t worry about anything just do it naturally. Don’t overthink it. Have some confidence be yourself get the song recorded. Now it’s recorded and Number 10. Now you can send it off to somebody for 25 to 50 bucks to go mix it and or they will master it. And that’s that’s a big deal actually you know what I should mention that right now. Right. That’s a big deal I should mention in this video. OK one of my boys remember the guy when I heard that the guy who did the giveaway who has credits with Kendrick Lamar Snoop Dog Tec 9 like all these beginning credits because he’s a big producer. Well inside of his community if you join the community you get one song mixed free a month and you get like four free beats or like a whole bunch of beads and they have like their beats or dope right. So if you join that they actually give you a Mixmaster song a month. And one of the upper tiers. So what I was actually going to tell everybody to do I’m going to get supervillian on this as well because I really was like This is a massive benefit because what it does is when you’re in the community you. Get one song to be able to give mix a month which means you kick yourself in the ass to actually get to write the song to record it so you can sentence them to give mixed and make changes for you if you don’t like the way the make sounds or if you’re like oh change this a little bit you know and it gives you that final version mixed Ammash by professionals and you have a really fantastic sounding song to output. I’ll put a link below where you guys actually go check that out. Check out the community and you’re gonna get the beats and you’re going to get they also there is free music marketing stuff in there. It’s really cool. And again massive credits and I’ve been talking to this guy he’s killed and we’re actually going to end raid on something come together. So we bring the community together because everybody who bought the big package that he had before it was like all these just don’t go 200 beats for like 30 bucks or something whatever. But those are the 10 steps are going to put the link below to everything up literally blow to my Samadi course that only blows you guys can go check up that community and see and get your song mixed and mastered one a month and get the beats. And like all those other benefits OK. And then on also. Yeah we can go to word of the day. I want to give you a little saving goes one word of the day. The is double what a day.

Such shows are like the debates and they like that. Watch it really two seconds long. All right cool. Today’s word of the day is erupts Iran. But it’s different this in eyes. I R R U P T. And the definition is to rush in forcibly or violently. Oh it’s almost like OKane is a verb. Talent that like you erupt into a bank. They erupted into the bank with machine guns right. Well wait a minute. Or will you like break into somebody’s house. I went to coquet bricks. I know you got breaks bitch anyways. I fuck up as normal. Okay cool but again erupt from set against Iran is a verb. Okay which is an action. Okay so you erupt you do something with it okay so to rush in forcibly or violently.

The second definition is to undergo a sudden up spurred upsurge in numbers especially when natural ecological balances and checks are disturbed. I probably never use that word. The definition is to become active or violent especially especially suddenly and in the actual definition is erupts because it robs usually needs to explode. But this is like a version that is. Actually Lissy with the differences. I would love to know the difference. This is how we learn. Ruppe means to break out like as a guess. So this especially in this type is more based on violence. So if you erupted into a building or if it erupted into a fight this is pretty cool I didn’t even know this word so or learn it erupt. That’s the word used became a smarter rapper it to like him with the comment I want to see 4 bars for the day. You getting better as you’re doing this and you know if you are new here. Hit the subscribe button and hit the little bell is going to notify. Every time I release a new video which is every day so you could become a smarter rapper. The community’s coming I had tons of courses marketing courses everything just don’t have access to. Am so excited. I’d put together myself though had somebody that wasn’t hired to do it. He felt through it. Do it yourself. Doing things yourself. It’s a learning thing going to learn how to do everything you good whatever fucking right. Ah I’m Rob level. See you guys tomorrow until then check out these other videos your videos and subscribe and check them out the channel as well. Almost 100000 subscribers on their songwriting course. Link is below. So is legion beats their community thing you guys can check out for that making them feel like that. I respect your appreciate your small rebel family I’m going to get smaller than other video of these videos.


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