Can You Afford To Be A Rapper? (Let’s Find Out…)

Can You Afford To Be A Rapper? (Let’s Find Out…)

What does he have a today we’re talking about. How much money should a rapper.

Have to Gain. Today we’re talking about how much money should a rapper be spending. Every month. On themselves and the marketing on investing into their career. And I really want to look at this. I thought about this from what this is. Not only is it a good topic but it’s a good time to bring this stuff because if you really break it down into smaller increments like this it makes more than enough sense. It’s fun it’s financially feasible. You will be able to afford to do this. And you know just a lot more factors. So we’re going to talk about this and this is going to help you grow every month. Game fans get better equipment get better gear and everything like that. And you know. Really in the long run we’ll break it down a little bit of like how much you’ll be able to get within a year so. We’re going on about that after the though I’m left level this small rapper dot com and you are going to get smarter. Right after the intro.

So check it out. This is the way that I’m looking at it. OK. If the minimum wage is ten dollars and you are actually hustling enough to be working a full time job 40 hours. I just want to say you’re making 400. Let’s just pretend like you’re making 400 dollars a week even after taxes. OK let’s say that you get a decent job. Twelve dollars an hour. You know what I’m saying. And that’s completely that makes sense that’s something that could actually happen nowadays. So here’s what I want to think like this. Say it to me. Four hundred dollars a week right. That’s 6300 dollars a month. Now let’s just say this. Let’s say of a thousand dollars dollar bills. You have a car payment that’s three hundred dollars. Your car insurance is 100 dollars your rent. Six hundred dollars. You get 100 dollars in other bills.

Eleven hundred dollars a year. Five hundred dollars left. You got to eat. Is that going to be like 200 dollars. And this is only if you have a bunch of bills that you live at home with your parents. You want to pay that rent. You can go work more hours and get more money for yourself and work to buy more things. But I want to look like this. I want you to be able to take. Just just just 20 percent of the money that you make every month. Which would be 320 dollars 16 times to add the 0 320 hours. Let’s just say 300 dollars a month if you take this 20 percent of your income every month. And that’s not even that much money. OK. Like if you stop if you don’t eat out if you can’t afford it stop eating out stop going to Starbucks buy coffee in the store instead.

That you can afford. You can really afford this look and break down how much money you’re spending on things you can afford to do this. OK. Three hundred dollars a month. Let’s say that you live with your page you have no bills and all you need to do is get 300 dollars a month go work a part time job 10 hours a week you’re going to have the baby by the end of the month. Anyway let’s get into this Rockcliffe OK. Let’s say every month you’re investing 300 dollars in yourself ok or even 200 but I’d like to say 3 because I think that you could honestly do that. Three hundred dollars is going to get you. Three dollars a alone is a good prenup. The next month microphone. The next month whatever you need you know say in the computer through hours for computer get a computer for three and three months.

Can You Afford To Be A Rapper? (Let’s Find Out…)

You already have a basic home studio set up. Wow. OK. Right. Month for you have extra stuff you actually have like a fool. We’re talking about just a third of a year in you’re able to record yourself and do all these things. Now you start get the money if you spend three dollars a month on Facebook advertisements or even the three dollars a month paying you know three or four different rappers to cloud with you to gain off their families every month. Think about that by month for month by. You. Spending that money. And you’re gaining fans on a regular basis even if you gained a hundred fans from each person or 50 cents for each person you’re talking about your gaming to or 300 fans a month. What you don’t is fans it is Juif. That’s a lot of fans. I’m on BYE. BYE.

BYE. People just don’t make plans if you make a plan and you set goals going reach the goals because you had a plan the whole time. But if you just go I don’t know what I’m doing. Rob what do I do. Where do I start. This is where you start. Go get a job. You go get you some money you start investing the money in yourself. Now once you think about it like this too you’re not just spending the money they don’t think about it like I’m spending this money. You know think about it as you’re going to get a return on this investment you know within a year times 10. Every dollar you spend you’re going to make 10 back at the least because. Of the way that everything is a start coming together because you’re gaining fans. You said up your business right and you merchandise everything like that.

Let’s look at it from a year right. Let’s say by month five. Month went through for watch your home studio gear 1 5 1 5 you get 300 dollars saved. You know and you’re you’re recording songs the whole time. Now you’re recording songs and then months in months six you got next. We know it’s not six hours a month six weeks because you didn’t spend in one month five. Six hundred dollars. You go buy six one hundred dollar collaborations from people with probably two to three thousand fans. You know what I’m saying. That shit adds up really fast. It really does. And by the end of the year you have an additional six months of. 6000 to 10000 fans by the end of the month. OK. Anyways like that start taking 20 percent of your income and reinvesting it back in yourself. For example word of the day Israel stop. That day. New words say no words of a round them for your word. Bought you leave his baby home. You’ll be smart. You was mofo.

The timing of the word of the day today’s word of the day is her panda means to reflect carefully to be attentive to when you’re planning. So for instance if you get really drunk and I forget what you did. You definitely get a pen on what happened last night.

Go ahead hit me with a light came out with a comment here with the scribe. And I will see you guys tomorrow. Check out these videos OK with your comment below and if you have any questions ask who are answering those questions. But the thing is this is that it’s not their money back. It’s going to pay you back. OK you’re going to get your money back in no time. Don’t worry about her right. He plus she gets. The best of the best he sells some investing your stuff some.


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