How To Make $400 A Day Making Lyric Videos (NO JOKE!)

How To Make $400 A Day Making Lyric Videos (NO JOKE!)

What is up smart rapper gang as you know if you’ve been watching my videos for prowl for a while. I’ve been talking about how I have a music video of course coming a music video course used to shoot music videos with your cell phone and then actually going to release a video. My next music video I shot with an iPhone 7. Not even the newest iPod I wish I was an iPhone 7 was edited with an iPhone 7 and you don’t have to read. Actually I have read this whole thing was shot with an iPhone 7 this whole music video like act like no.

I’m talking no budget right.

Well there’s an additional part of that course I made a lyric video course that shows people how to make lyric videos because not only do I want you to be able to create and make music videos for yourself because I make all my own music videos which saves me thousands of dollars. Every time I make music the you’re. But you could also shoot them for other people and make a business out of it. One piece of that is actually lyric video. Now in the beginning stages I figure you may not be camera ready yet but one thing you are ready for is a live video. It helps increase the visual stimulation of your watches can help you keep a fan. It’s going to help you gain more fans when people watch your gear your actual music or seeing the lyrics on the screen as well as you’re going to see that you’re more of a poet you’re going to read your lyrics and actually understand and relate easier.

There’s a lot of benefits to having a lyric video as opposed to just having a video with a picture with the music behind it which you should never do. You just heard me heard me talk about that a lot of times but I actually took this course and I uploaded it to you and not only do I show you how to make videos for yourself but I show you how to act. You learn the skill how to turn into a business making 50 to 400 dollars a day. Yes for an hour a day finding clients and making deals for them and making videos take less than an hour almost every time you make lyric video and you build to make them for all of your songs. OK so you gain more fans in and all those other benefits that I said are you. Also builders sell the skill to other people like 50 bucks for less than an hour.

How To Make $400 A Day Making Lyric Videos (NO JOKE!)

50 bucks an hour that’s 100 grand a year. You’re doing it on a regular basis and you really can’t because after you convince somebody and even have things in here that shows you how to convince somebody of the benefits of it right how to get your money. Farmer here can’t find clients that are willing to actually lyric videos and you already needler video you pirating yourself needle. So imagine many people are like you there are hundreds of thousands of rappers hundreds of thousands of music or doesn’t have to be rappers musicians in general. They need lyric videos. Okay so you can copy and paste I even have samples you can copy and paste that you would just send straight to them that’ll convince them like OK look if you do have videos or videos already here’s a template if they don’t have blurred videos yet here is a template to copy and paste setin.

You find these people know how to convince them and then this is just that you want to make money from it. But that’s just an additional thing. If you don’t want to do that you’d want to learn how to make videos for yourself. That’s fantastic to show you how to do everything from find the software of your free trial software your software options. What I recommend is from your process. You don’t need crazy computing power to do this either. Having a really basic computer and you can do this. OK. How to Create a session. Every single thing you need. I even had trouble shooting videos. I even have everything. Choose not installing fonts. I mean every single step of the entire process is all right here even to exporting it and sending it to people who needs it. So I made this horse will do is for this.

I literally just uploaded this to day to day. Okay this is going to give this show me an email. Okay I’m going to give this to the first 20 people. Who want this I’m going to I’m going to make a deal. You guys shoot me an email the rapper got a GMO Larcom and then the 50 people after that. I’m going to give you guys 60 percent off of this. You can get your hands on it cause I know people who are like Syriza when I actually had to do this and also learn how to monetize it make money from it.

How To Make $400 A Day Making Lyric Videos (NO JOKE!)

Also take into account that if you’re super interested in the How to Shoot music videos from your cell phone course that can come out within the next month. That is going to include this. This is one of the things that comes with it but just so you know that course is not cheap. If you’re trying to get this you try to get the villanous for 60 percent off of this one to put the link below for you and the first 20 people who email me and are willing to trade me some stuff for it whole Gollop too so if not it’s still a really good deal to get 60 percent off. Yes you going to love this so. Shoot me an email. Also awesome. He has been on government that course me and I’m so excited for this course bloodedness.

This was shot on her iPod. The whole music video was shot on an iPhone. You can make music videos on your iPhone. This is going to blow people’s minds. I’m so excited and it shows everything had a fine clients for that issue.

All videos have cast people on me whatever that’s coming through. I don’t want to give you much about that but I’m excited that too. So guess what to get this. E-mail me the rapper got a G.M. that com and then if you didn’t happen to get in there is going to be below that you can get your hands on this for 60 percent off. OK. Yes. Love this. Hope you like it. And if you do take it please hooking me with a five star review. I am a top rated UNICOR core seller with over four and a half star reviews on every one of my courses for a reason. I really do put together really good courses. So while this isn’t the typical small Reber video it is something that you do need to get your hands on this one and get a couple of them way.

So you guys tomorrow. No word of the day to day life like you to comment hit me with a subscriber to a location where you do and I’m going to get some OMICS actually. I’ll make sure to keep make sure that there’s a discount of some sort and a link below what’s going to be the first warning. Email me. The first 50 to 60 percent off and then after that I put a link for the 30 percent off permanently and 30 percent just from watching this video. I see you guys tomorrow keep puzzling Keep killing it. I hate when you do or how to make videos. It’s easy and it’s fun. And you can make money from it.

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