How To Copyright Music For Free (Lies You’ve Been Told!) (Video)

How To Copyright Music For Free

How to copyright music! The facts about how to copyright a song

Here is a step by step guide for

How to copyright music! The facts about how to copyright a song

1) Once you make even a sample of a song, yes it is a song protected as a copyright song but you should still know how to copyright a song because you want your music to have a stronger defense in court.

Copyright legislation that took effect on Jan. 1, 1978, dictates that all works are automatically copyrighted from the time that they are created and “fixed” in some recognizable way.
A draft of your songs, for example, is copyrighted without you having to mail anything anywhere. That means that it is legally recognized as yours.

This puts your song under ‘Common Copyright Law’

2) But if it’s so GOOD you feel like you really gotta take it to the next level for further added protection you simply go to and submit your song or group of songs.

You do need to register your work so you can be eligible to take advantage of the statutory damages rule that allows courts to fine people who violate your copyright.
If you aren’t registered, you have to prove your actual damages in court.

Once you do file it though, it puts it under federal copyright law
3) You may have heard of the poor man’s copyright – it doesn’t work.

That’s why I’m here for! How to copyright a song is really easy, don’t overthink it. Finish your music project and go copyright your music.


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