Did Kendrick Lamar Just Steal My Music Video Idea?

Did Kendrick Lamar Just Steal My Music Video Idea?

Did Kendrick Lamar Just Steal My Music Video Idea? Transcript

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I’m Rob Level. But first, in this video, I’m going to give you brand new music industry info about Kendrick Lamar. Then I’m going to tell you how you can take this information and apply these diamonds to your music career for yourself. Artists you manage or friends who are artists. So this video is for everybody. Thank you. I’m Rob Level.

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This is Smart Rapper and you’re about to get smarter. People usually don’t know much about Kendrick Lamar’s personal life, right? And the things he speaks about, right. The things come out in his music. So recently he released a music video for Count Me Out. Now, this is a deep song from his Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers album.

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This video shows him in a therapy session with an Oscar winning actress named Helen Mirren. Okay, Well, you know, sitting at the piano, it starts with a skit about Lamar taking a women’s parking spot. It’s kind of funny, real life situations, right? And then there’s a three way split screen with him talking about his deepest thoughts on the side, the lady is looking at him with an understanding of one another and the scenes he’s talking about, including the shots of his girlfriend, are happening in the middle now.

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The video lyrics. They talk about anger, growth, cheating, ego. Right. And they stay true to the black, white and red color scheme of the Big Steppers tour. Take that into account. Okay. And it also talked about life and death. Now, this video isn’t really about how his video looks super similar to mine, even though it looks very similar.

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It’s obviously a different video. But I just want to teach upcoming artists about what they can learn from this Kendrick Lamar video. First of all, the same thing that I learned when I shot my Screwed Up True Story video that now is 15 million views, by the way. So it’s not like somebody hadn’t been capable of seeing it. Just stating that. Is that you can use a set like this that is very inexpensive to shoot the whole music video right now.

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So think about if you had to shoot a video, the setting can say a lot about what the song is and make people really get pulled into the song more by simply having a room that’s clearly a therapy session. You already know what’s going to be talked about and it pulls you in a little bit more into it.

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In addition to that, as artists, we can also do that. Actually, I kind of took from it a little bit is that you can have a one set like this and then layer over a bunch of different emotions and things like that into the video with external clips and stuff like that that aren’t even full screen, but they’re just clipping around.

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I found it really interesting as a way to actually edit the video and explain these emotions. Okay, so I took that from this and I think that you’ll be able to apply this when you start going to shoot music videos for yourself because it’s really, really inexpensive if you think about it. In addition to that, the way that people are reacting to this song, I’d say right now, Screwed Up True Story, the reason why has so many views is because people truly connect with it.

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I mean is growing crazier and crazier right now. But here’s the reason. Same thing with Kendrick’s video is this emotional attachment that people have when they’re expressing their emotions and the problems and the pains that they have. Like, that’s what music is for a lot of people. But some people just like they just make bangers. They don’t really, you know, delve too much into their emotions.

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But artists who do delve into their emotions, they deep dive and they go into things like this. They express things that brings out emotions and thoughts in other artists and other people that listen to them in ways that other music doesn’t because it goes deeper. There’s things that you’re going to realize about yourself from music like this, from my song, from his, that make you think damn like it puts you in a different perspective.

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It’ll pull emotions out of you that you actually have, that you resonate with. Like you resonate with me. If you knew my life story and you’re going to resonate with him more when you see that, wow, he’s feeling the same way I am. I didn’t realize I felt like that, but he broke it down. He or she, they okay.

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But you can see how powerful this is by expressing your emotions to a therapist level, even if you’re not doing the therapy office, even if you’re not doing in the therapist’s office is very powerful. Why don’t you do what he’s doing? Why don’t you do what I’m doing? Tell your story. Because that’s what people want to hear and that’s what’s going to make them connect to you.

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If you want to see my Screwed Up True Story. Less than 2 minutes, I’ll put a link below. 15 million views, crazy comments, people crying and everything like that. I didn’t read all his comments, but I’m sure that people on his my mind but my crazy, crazy, crazy tattooed on my arms. Anyways, it’s not about me. It’s about you learning that the only reason that I’m actually sharing this information.

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Okay. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. A link to A Screwed Up True Story is below as well as a link to musicindustryshortcut.com/programs/ where I have over 100 master classes to help you get where you want to get. Okay. No matter where you are in music right now, that many, I made sure every angle was covered and I can help every artist to be seven years to build this company.

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To this point, I’m right. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. Hit me with a subscribed to some click the links. Keep hustling gang, and I’ll see at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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