How I Got MILLIONS Of Views Utilizing Dance Competitions

How I Got MILLIONS Of Views Utilizing Dance Competitions

How I Got MILLIONS Of Views Utilizing Dance Competitions Transcript

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What’s going on gang, Rob Level here. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about something that I did that helped me tremendously and pushed us on to over half a million streams in just about two and a half months. I’m going to share that with you. So you can you can replicate it most and give you a bunch more tips and things I’ve learned since I did this.

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All right. We’re going to talk about that in this video. I’m Rob Level. This is smart rapper and you’re about to get smarter. Thank you. So, first of all, what are you going to need in order to do this strategy is a song that people can actually make a dance to. And the thing is, believe it or not, you can do this for a lot of songs, but I want you to take this into account while you’re creating songs.

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Even if the whole song isn’t danceable. What part of the song can you make? Like a bop or, you know, a piece of it that has this bounce to it that can be danced to in that? So you can utilize a song no matter what kind of song it is, to put a dance to it for Tik Tok, for reels, for anywhere else that you want to market.

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So the power of this is that it on its own. If it is catchy enough of a song and the dance is easy enough to do, people will be able to replicate it and that can move personal person on its own with a very minimal amount of marketing, very minimal amount of marketing ad spend, even with a very small budget.

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So think about this. Somebody sees a dance in a reel or a Tik Tok and then they go, Oh, that looks easy. What kind of like with their song sounds, I need content to create. Think about that. Everybody on reels, everybody on Tik Tok is basically really deep down they’re waiting till they come across something where they’re like, I can do that, that’ll be funny, or a great piece of content that people would like my friends, family, or if you had a bunch of followers, a bunch of followers, right?

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So if you can make something that’s easy to do and it’s really catchy, like I just said, then people on their own when they come across it will be like, I could do that. Yeah. And the better it is, even if it’s small in the beginning, somebody be willing to do it because it’s just great. They want to do it.

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They like it. All right, you can do that I’ve done before. And that was actually hold a dance contest. What I did was I actually hired the Future Kings. At the time, they did every single person inside of their group.

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They just danced in a bunch of videos to Da Baby videos. And my boy in Chicago actually was like the mentor of a bunch of those guys. So I got like, a stupid, ridiculous, crazy, really low cost deal. And I’m from Chicago and they knew who I was, so I got a really good deal. Basically, their entire group, which had tons of people, all did dances to the song.

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I had a contract with them, make sure that they all posted, do all this stuff. And what was amazing was the rate of spread that it actually did. Because if there’s a contest and people can win something, if they actually replicate the dance, it’s going to really bring up the amount of creations to your sound and both Tik-Tok and Reels, which is really going to help you a lot.

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And then also you have all of this content that you can re-utilize on your social media, right? And you can take this content, you can chop it up, you could repost it, you could do something where you could consistently shout out people. You can combine five of them, shout out five people, get them to then share it with whoever they have that’s following them.

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There’s a bunch of different ways to do this. I’m not saying you have to hire anybody, but take into account that you could. Another way to do this is hire somebody, hire people on the low end, hire a bunch of dancers, get 100 bucks, get 200 bucks, hire a bunch of people to come up with a dance in case, you know, you can’t come up with a dance.

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That’s kind of what I did. I was like, Well, I got some ideas, but let’s let the professionals do it. So you just got to find people on Tik-Tok or over on Instagram that actually already do dances. They don’t have a bunch of followers, but you like their dancing and think they can make something. You give them 20 bucks, 30 bucks, 40 bucks, 50 bucks.

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They make that video. From there, you can replicate it. You get other people to replicate it. You can hold the contest, you can do all these things. It’s going to really, really, really add up. And it’s going to build a momentum for your song, which is what you want, right? Oh, God. Really quick, if you can hit the subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it.

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Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me, so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it. Let’s get back to the video. So let’s make sure that you actually implement a dance contest into your marketing strategies. Maybe not for this song, but maybe the next one or for the moment when it comes where you’re on a beat and you go, man, oh, this could be a crazy dance song, right?

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You’re going to use this though. But guess what, time it is? What? It’s time for Word of the day.

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Hi. My name is Sherrie, and today’s word of the day is Masterpiece, a work of outstanding artistry, skill, workmanship. Here’s the word used in a sentence. The Just Get In music video is a masterpiece.

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All right, I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. Just so you know, there’s a tremendous amount, that people don’t understand or know about music marketing. There’s a lot of music marketing stuff. Taken so masterclasses and I watched everything. I’ve read everything. Everything that has to do with marketing across every single business sector. And I take all this stuff and I implement it into my master series in my master classes, and I have a bunch of bundles, But scratch that, I’m not trying to sell you a thing.

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I want to give you free downloads and free PDFs that you can print out. I give you all the cheats and all the keys you can to be looking at and studying when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of music marketing because there’s so many different areas. Okay, I’m not going to get started. It’s a 50 minute video, but I want to give you these free downloads.

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Just tell me where to send it. So click the link in the top comment or click the link in the description and it’s going to send you to a page. Tell me where to send it, and it’s yours. Then after that, it’s going to show you page that I spent way too much money on, to load and 2 seconds for you. So I didn’t waste any of your valuable time.

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Where, you can check out all of the bundles that I have just to look at them, just see what exists, and see what you may potentially want. Maybe not now, but later. Once you understand that I really know what I’m talking about. Okay, click those links get you free stuff. Check it out. I’m Rob level this is Smart Rapper. You just got a little bit smarter keep hustling gang and I’ll see you at the top

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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