Do You Need Talent To Get Famous These Days?

Do You Need Talent To Get Famous These Days?

Rob Level – Way Up (Music Video)


Being entertaining is a talent!

Look at the Kardashians, ostensibly they have no real talents… even Barbara Walters asked them

Also having the work ethic to continue forward is a talent. Hard and determination to stick it out through everything is a talent.

Some people get on but don’t work hard enough to understand how to stay on

Or they have the right people around them to help them make it on and stay on.

Talent is definitely something that helps you get more respect and stay on longer and have a better career.

I don’t want this video to try to let anyone think that it doesn’t take hard work or that you can just make it.

YESSS there are a lot of lucky artists out there but that is such a very small amount of artists that make it.

Most artists spent YEARS working to get where they were as you can see in my video about how long does it take a rapper to blow up. Where I talk about Future, Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, Logic, MGK and more. Ill link to that below.

So, basically, to reiterate, being a hard worker is a talent 🙂 Don’t think anything is going to magically happen for you without putting in the work.

Here is a great quote I want you to write down and remember because it is incredibly true my friend…

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity You just became a smarter rapper!

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