What Should You Do With Your Hands While You Rap?

What Should You Do With Your Hands While You Rap?




I am a very animated person because I started out as a battle rapper.

One of the top comments on one of my biggest videos says “Hand gesture game is straight fire” haha

I recommend to you that you start using your body language to try to describe what you are saying. Do it so that someone could get a decent understanding of what you are trying to say even if you didn’t say any words.

Start pointing and describing things with hand gestures. Here are some examples

“who the f are you?”

I do it big

I do it real big

shotty hitcha

when the gun spray

blow ya wig off

It’s great to start practicing these because the animation makes the punchlines and lines you say hit so much more. It’s that additional visual stimulation that people enjoy.

I recommend if you have any recorded songs that you turn on your songs and find ways to say what you say in the song with your hands. Stand in a mirror and do this.

It may feel stupid but honestly being animated is very important for looking more charismatic and entertaining


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