Does Your Music Manager’s Personality Matter?

Does Your Music Manager’s Personality Matter?

Does Your Music Manager’s Personality Matter transcript

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What’s up Smart Rapper Gang. You’re going to love this. Does your music manager’s personality matter? That’s what we talk about. Because 20% of your money right now, it’s a fallacy to believe that one personality type is more effective than another, provided that you’re not hiring a coward. Well, now managers with a little bit of aggression screamers, table pounders, they can they can get to bargain for you if they’re intelligent and knowledgeable, but not more than those who talk quietly and are intelligent and competent.

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So many visuals work with the foil, others work with the saber. Both approaches may be beneficial, but remember that you are hiring individuals to assist you in your work life with your career, which affects your family. All right. That’s a service tour guide. It’s desirable to develop genuine friendships with your colleagues, especially a manager, but it’s not required.

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However, I do believe that you need at least a decent amount of rapport with your personal manager, if not realistically, a friendship or a partnership. Right now, not recommending that you hire someone that you detest or who has the personality of, you know, a lizard. But I am saying that these individuals do not need to be your friends, which is interesting.

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In fact, distance is frequently beneficial in the same way that doctors cannot operate on their own family. One of the primary functions of a professional is to inject impartiality into your life. Right. There’s a fantastic tale about a famous warrior chief of Genghis Khan, an assistant entered Times ten during a crucial fight for his dominion. You know, he conquered everything right.

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This involves thousands of men on both sides. And he was shocked to find Khan was just sitting there. And then the assistant said, Are you out of your goddamn mind? The truth require you command the situation, and this is war. People die. And then Khan responded. I turned in the battle, caused me to get enraged, and I can’t think Well, while I’m upset, I came here to calm down before selecting my next course of action.

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This is why. This is what I do. You know, this is like conquerors stuff, bro. Think about that. I consider this carefully. Even if old Genghis Khan had to control his emotions in order to perform his best work to conquer. Who are you and I to do better? Think about that when I have legal issues,

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I get an attorney. This may seem odd to you, but I, like you, become upset about my own difficulties when I have them. And I don’t trust my judgment when I’m too close to the subject. Right. No, that stuff. So I employ someone who is not directly attached to it with emotion and conclusion. A little distance from you. And you’re pros.

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The manager is not an issue, but you should feel at ease and have open contact with your manager, with your team. It’s not about personalities, about what can they do for you? Oh, God.

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Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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