How To Trademark Your Artist Name

How To Trademark Your Artist Name

How To Trademark Your Artist Name Transcript

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What up Smart Rapper? In this video, we gonna talk about how to trademark your artist name. Okay, check this out. I’m Rob Level this is Smart Rapper. your about to get smarter. Here’s the thing, you’re going to want to register your service mark at some point in your career, right? Service mark is different from a trademark. Now, registration tells the world that you’re using a certain name and that it has goodwill attached to it.

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Registration also shows how long you’ve been using the name, and it makes it clear to the law that you own it. All right. Now there’s a legal presumption the other person has to prove you don’t own it. So you need a lock your name it right now. Now, if there isn’t a legal presumption, you have to prove that you do own it obviously.

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In addition to these legal benefits, registering make sure that your name comes up. If someone else searches it right, you can go into the trademark database and everything and search it and you can also put that there. Nice R next to your name, you know, little R because it’s registered. Okay. The U.S. Patent Trademark Office has a very good website for this

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You’ll find if you Google it. Now all the forms are on there. It’s super easy to do. Here’s the you fill the application online, which isn’t really that great of an idea because this is a very tricky and technical area. It’s important to do anything they have to do with rights to actually go to a trademark lawyer. All but one of my trademarks I did through a trademark lawyer, right.

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And it can get expensive, so you don’t need to do it immediately, but definitely do it at some point. Trademark lawyer specifically by having a company hold your service mark instead of you, which is actually what I do. I have an LLC that just holds my trademarks because it protects them. There’s an extra layer of protection, but it’s important to figure this out, know this before you start to do that, because if you get sued or something happens to you and you as a person own it, then they can actually own your trademark and get that in the lawsuit.

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So don’t get confused. I just want to let you know that. If you put yourself on the application, it’s going to go to you. But if you have an LLC, which you can set up and I have videos on how to do that, you can set up an LLC in 5 minutes, really you can. And then you can assign the trademark when you go to the trademark lawyer, to where the LLC actually has ownership of the trademarks. You just got a little bit smarter.

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It’s Smart Rapper. On God. Did you know that I have over 100 Masterclass to help music artists just like you and me get from wherever you are, to where you want to be. And this stuff covers every single possible area you can think of, and it’s free to check out. If you click this video, it’s going to show you all of the different masterclasses that I have. And I know at least one of them is going to be right for you. Right click this video. I’m Rob Level from Smart Rapper, 450,000 subscribers, almost 50 million views, can’t be wrong. Click this video, check it out and keep hustling. I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

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