Don’t Do Anything Part Time…. Do It Full Time To See The Results

A Real Life Example

This is a little inspirational post taken straight from my Instagram that is inspiring a lot of people so I figured I would post it on Smart Rapper as an article to shoot a little inspiration into your day.


I know that YOU know people who say they are working their ass off to build their career to be a model, actor, music artist or name any of other job in the artistic work field.

Shit… A lot of people say they are all of those things… ??


So why are they part time everything?

Why aren’t any of those job fields actually carrying them forward?

They don’t believe in themselves enough to work their ass off so they procrastinate and make excuses as to why they aren’t moving forward.

The truth is… It’s all them. Their lack of motivation + their lack of understanding that they can do anything that they put their mind to.


If you want to be successful… Get the fuck out there and fucking hustle! Anyone can be anything they put their all into. ANYONE!
I don’t wanna hear about how you are all those job titles… I wanna SEE it.


You aren’t going to move forward until you wake up grateful everyday that it’s another day to move forward and become a better you. It doesn’t matter WHERE you start… It matters that you start. PERIOD.
I delivered pizzas ? for years to save up for my studio equipment, I taught myself all the music software, how to mix, how to master.

Then I learned how cameras work, got another job and save up for the camera and lenses and learned editing software’s so I could shoot my own music videos so I didn’t need anyone.

I’ve been learning how to market myself since Myspace…

No one helped me with shit…. I made BY MYSELF. and it generates nearly 5k a month. All of that plus about 100 other things I do. ?

I have 2 additional jobs just to make connections in LA.

I promote at clubs sometimes and bring in dozens of girls.

I am currently writing a TV Show Pilot that already has financing because the idea was so great. I’m also one of the main stars in the show itself.

I also workout 5-6 days a week… Have 10+ meetings a week with new connects and… so much more.



Every time I thought I couldn’t move forward because I had to rely on somebody else slowed me down…

You can do it all yourself and the pieces will come together when you show everyone they can join you or go against you but either way you are moving forward with OR without them.

Be your own unstoppable force. Stop working part time… Do it full time.


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