Top 10 Cool Things From Amazon For Rappers This Month | December 2016

December 2016 Fashion For MenDecember 2016 Fashion For Men

December 2016 Fashion For Men

Top 10 Cool Things For Rappers On Amazon

December 2016 Fashion For MenIntroduction


One thing I learned late was how important fashion really is culturally as an artist.

I used to think I could just dress the way I dressed and be fine but… not having an image for your brand makes you look less SERIOUS about being an artist.

It’s taken me time but like I said in other fashion articles on SR, your style comes over time with testing looks and seeing what works for you.

So… I buy A LOT of stuff from Amazon and other sites to test new looks and see what I can use to increase my fashion and style every month.

Growing up poor… I can’t bring myself to just throw money at super expensive stuff so I look for good deals and things to try out that may look great.


Now that I am in LA, how you dress and present yourself (whether an artist or not) is even more important.

For that reason I keep ‘Buying and trying’ all kinds of stuff.

The best stuff that I buy from these sites I am going to start showing you guys in a monthly round up.

This way you can see what it all looks like on a person as well as see that I have actually purchased these items and I can honestly give you feed back on them.

Let’s make it


number 1 mens fashion december 2016

Super Clean Fashionable Men’s Gucci Inspired Belt 

This belt took 2+ weeks to come in the mail but I was super excited when it finally did.

For one, it’s FREE shipping and is under $30… you can’t beat that for a belt that everyone will believe is Gucci.

I’ve been getting complimented on this belt for the last month straight every time I wear it.

There is also numerous color options so buying 2 or 3 wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

I mean for this price + Free Shipping you honestly can’t beat it. A real one would cost $300+


See it here


And here are some additional color options for more Gucci inspired belts


And here is the black style belt by itself for even cheaper


number 2 mens fashion december 2016

Men’s Gun Metal Snake Chain Necklace

I’ll be completely honest… I wear this necklace CONSTANTLY.

It works with almost any outfit and especially black clothing. I wear a lot of black and grey so it is perfect.


See it here


I combine it with black dog tag chains to make it pop which are just a few bucks here

It adds just a little bit more style to your neck.



number 3 mens fashion december 2016

Valley Railway Men’s Black Long T-shirt With Zippers

This shirt is dope. It has zippers on the bottom of the sides and I love the fabric on it.

Honestly it is a bit long but that is in fashion now so that’s cool.

Buy these with the black jeans with the zippers and you have a solid ass outfit.

I purchased the X-Large and it fits pretty snug.

I know you can’t really tell too well but I am wearing it in this picture I took last week at the club.

You can see it goes down half way over my crotch. It’s a solid shirt, I’ll definitely wear it when I go out a bunch.


See it here



number 4 mens fashion december 2016

Red Pants With Cool Zippers

First, I’d like to point out with all these pants you can get them with no zippers below the knees as well.

It’ll have the same tears but with no zippers.

I own a pair of the white and the black with no zippers but also pairs WITH the zippers.

When you are bold enough to wear red you will get a lot of compliments and people looking at you like you are a boss.

WARNING: Only  wear something like this if you carry yourself with confidence.

BUYING NOTE: Buy them a size ABOVE what you normal wear. I typically wear size 36 and so I bought them size 38 and they fit perfect. All 6 pairs I bought haha.

There is a NON ZIPPER example picture below.


See Them Here


number 5 rapper

White Pants With Cool Zippers

These are the same pants as the red but in white.

For the price… I bought them in every color they had lol

I got every color of these for the same cost as one pair of pants from Guess or any other fashion mall.

I present these things to you guys so you can save money and still look like you’re ballin.


See Them Here


number 6

Black Pants With Tears NO ZIPPER

These are an example of the jeans WITHOUT the zippers.

You’ll have to excuse the cat fur on these haha a girl’s cat was rubbing itself on me last time I wore them.

I don’t have a lint roller but now I am buying this one on Amazon –


Check These Pants Out Here


number 7

Cool White Shirt With Zipper And Clean Tears

This shirt is pretty sick. It definitely makes you stand out a bit and that’s exactly what you want as a rapper nowadays.

The neck line is a little lower than I like but… that’s why you wear necklaces to fill in the gap so it looks fuller but also more fashionable.

Check these out here –



Check It Out


Number 8

Hermes Inspired Belt


Hermes inspired belts and they only cost $11!

That is cheaper than a belt from Wal Mart and they look like they cost at least $100.

I own 2 of these belts already and right now I am buying a white one just to have a white belt.

Get Yourself A New Belt Right Now


Number 9

One HUGE thing I have learned about fashion is that accessorizing is key.

When people see you with the right swag on your wrist they know you know at least something about fashion.

I have bought probably 30 different bracelets and I always try them in different combinations on my wrist with different outfits.

Here you can see the clear beaded stretch bracelet with a silver lion head in the middle.

The clear color goes good with almost any outfits because it has a greynish to it.


I bought this entire set for ONLY $10!!!!

It’s so funny to me because I see fake ass companies on Instagram marketing their men’s bracelets that are identical to these for $25 EACH!!!!!


These are $2 each and yea… I have never worn the turquoise one but I wear the other 4 all the time.


Get The Entire Set Here



Leather Bracelet To Combine With Others


That top bracelet is a leather bracelet and it goes amazingly with a lot of other bracelets as you can see.

It has two leather ties that are used to tighten it hanging off of it for added wrist notice from people who see your wrist.

Look how the beaded lion bracelt, the rubber bracelet and the leather bracelet combine and make my arm stand out in this picture.

I also have 2 red rubber bands under them to make the black pop a little. But you barely see them 😉

Check those out here


wrapping up

Just like all of the other articles on Smart Rapper I am hoping you can learn from my mistakes and also grow and build with me in all ways.

That includes fashion!

So anytime I learn something or find something I think you would like that I like, I’ll show you!

I hope you have an amazing December, I’ll talk to you more about fashion next month!


– Rob Level

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