Drake Just Surpassed Eminem…

Drake Just Surpassed Eminem…

Drake Just Surpassed Eminem… Transcript

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Drake just surpassed Eminem. I didn’t think I’d ever say that. First, let me give you this new industry news about Drake and Eminem that I’m going to tell you, you can apply these diamonds. The lessons in this news for you, music, career for yourself, or a friend of yours that’s an artist aright, this is for everybody. Thank you. I’m Rob Level.

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You’re about to get smarter right. Listen, this is crazy. It really is. Drake now has ten more plaques than Eminem. Drake keeps breaking career records. He recently sold more singles than Eminem, making him the best selling singles artist in history. It was bound to happen at some point, right? Right. Here’s the thing, right. Data now shows he sold 184 million.

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That’s crazy. The old record was held by Eminem, who had sold 166 million. Okay, so think about this, right? Drake has hotline bling. One Dance, God’s Plan. Sicko Mode with Travis Scott. Life Is Good with Future. He’s all bangers. And think about this he’s only the third act in history to have at least five diamond singles. Bruno Mars and Post Malone who have each had six in five diamond singles stand next to him.

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Okay. Now he’s also won a Grammy. He’s also close to breaking the record for the most certified RIAA song. This is crazy. I want you to get to this level. right now the current thing help for that is Sunflower by Post Malone, Swae Lee and Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road is also up there too. Okay. His God’s plan that went 15 times platinum made his best selling single ever.

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And in addition to the Diamond plaques, seven of Drake’s other hits also moved up in the rankings. This is this is cray, maybe sort of fake stream out. You know what? Now that I’m thinking, good. Maybe Just wait a minute. All right. Either way, even the mixtapes made with Future were certified platinum. Thank Me Later. If You’re Reading This Is Too Late.

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Sold more than a million copies the songs Non Stop, I’m Upset, Controlla, they’ve all reached new levels. Also Drake tied Jay-Z’s record for the most number one hits on Billboard’s top R&B hip hop charts. This is made possible with his new number one album that he made with 21 Savage. Drake’s had this perfect score since his first album with a major deal, which is Thank Me later.

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That came out 2010, and Jay-Z’s score began with his third album, Volume two, which came out in 98. You know, hard not like. So as an artist, what can you take from this? This is really interesting because looking at a back catalog, you’ve got to realize your songs. They’re always there and they’re going to keep growing.

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They may not be platinum now, they may not be anything now, but if you keep going, you grow. You’re going to get to a certain level and your songs are going to grow. If you keep going and you keep getting exposure. To even have those old songs get where they’ve gotten now to have sold based on, you know, 1500 streams now counts as an album sale.

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So when you calculate and do all those numbers, you’re growing. Are you getting 1500 streams a day? Don’t you know it? You know, Well then you’re selling an album a day, according to the RIAA. All right, think about that. When you take that into account, that feels pretty good. You’re selling what’s considered an album every single time it’s selling.

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If you get 1500 streams, that’s crazy. That’s really crazy. Okay, So just remember, like, fans are going to support you. You’re going to keep growing, you keep making music, you keep putting out good records. You don’t have to be at Drake level, but those things keep growing. I would guarantee you if you keep going, you will get a platinum record.

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You’ll get one, especially with the way that streaming works. Now you can and you will if you keep going, like right now. So I hope you learn some from this. The fact that he was able to get past Eminem is crazy to me, but it’s Drake at the same time, right? It’s different. He’s way more pop, so he has a much broader audience.

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I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper. I have over a hundred master classes in the link below this video in the description that helps artists wherever they are now. It’s where they want to be, and I want to help you make 2023 your year. This is what I do. All right, click the links below. Hope you learned something from this, got some news, got some lessons. Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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