How To Edit A Music Video (Real Footage Of Me Editing My Own Videos)

How To Edit A Music VideoHow To Edit A Music Videohow to edit a music videoHow To Edit A Music VideoHow To Edit A Music VideoHow To Edit A Music VideoWhat you will learn todayIn today’s article we are talking about How To Edit A Music Video

Things I’ll be showing you in this Smart Rapper article will all help you edit music videos:

1) How to match the video footage with the music file so it all syncs up super easily

2) How to choose clips from your video so the entire video looks great

3) What B Roll is and why you need it in you music video

4) This is real time footage of me editing my own music video, so I also include a finished version so you can see the end result.

5) A list of the camera gear I used to shoot this music video

6) How long it took to complete editing the music video

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How To Edit A Music VideoHow To Edit A Music Video for rappers

As I was editing a new music video for myself I suddenly realized I could be showing everyone how to do it.

So I started recorded and explaining the process and what we have here is an honest, behind the scenes, first person look at how a music video really gets edited.

At the end you can see the finished music video.

How To Edit A Music Videohow long does it take to edit a music video

How long did it take me to complete the New Level Music Video?

I shot 2 music videos in the same day.

One for an All The Way Up Remix I did and one for the New Level Remix I did.

The New Level video took me about 10 hours to edit fully.

The Novi Novak – All The Way Up video took me about 2 hours tops.

I was in a super creative mode and really really really loved my new level remix so I put a shit load of effort into making it amazing.

Plus I’m a perfectionist…. so even when I thought I was done I kept editing it and editing it every time I would watch it.  I’d change 1 or 2 frames or test this and test that to see what worked best. Replace other footage and try new things. That’s why it took 10 hours.

editing a music video for novi novak

The All The Way Up Video was easier because I decided to make it a lyric music video.

This way I didn’t have to make a separate lyric video for All The Way Up like I did for New Level.

How To Edit A Music Videoediting a music video

How long does it take to edit a music video?

Usually about 4-5 hours after you get the hang of editing a music video.

It gets easier and easier and faster and faster the more you edit. Don’t worry! Like anything else, greatness comes with practicing and focus.

New Level Finished Music Video

This was also edited in the same session with the same footage from the same day.

All The Way Up Remix

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