Drake Vs. Quentin Miller – The Proof That Voice Makes Your Rap Career

quentin miller vs drake
what songs did quentin miller write for drake

Quentin Miller Vs. Drake

what songs did quentin miller write for drake

Unless you live under a rock you have most definitely heard about the fact that Quentin Miller was writing some of the rapper Drake’s lyrics, choruses and or songs.

meek mill vs drake

Meek Mill had no shame in making sure everyone knew. It was only right to point out since rappers are supposed to be lyricist 100% on their own.

I understand from an industry perspective why he did it, it makes sense. Thing is (unfortunately) that the people are going to always thing of the fact you didn’t write all of your own lyrics and songs that took you to that top level.

Drake is an amazing artist no matter what but having a guaranteed hit song is hard to turn down by any super star artist. Not that Quentin wrote hits for him but other people write songs for him as well. That’s just how the industry works at the top level.

I mean I have written songs for 16 year old HUGE pop artist like www.Instagram.com/JordynJones and I am a rapper lol It’s just how the industry works.

This article is going to show you something that may leave you realizing something extremely vital in the music industry.

what songs did quentin miller write for drake

The Artists Voice

Similar to how you can’t sell records or gain a fan base as a singer if you don’t have a good singing voice, the same applies for rappers. If you don’t have a good voice, you won’t appeal to a large audience no matter how great the lyrics and melodies are.

I have spoken about this numerous time on Smart Rapper in articles such as

Yesterday I was looking at Hip Hop news and noticed this guy dropped another track so I decided to check it out. It blew my mind… not because it was good or bad… but because of how you can clearly tell if Drake did this song it would actually be really good. Unfortunately Quentin Miller did the song and it wasn’t very good because his voice just isn’t smooth like Drakes (Even when he is rapping identical to Drake!).

Now that’s crazy.


This also means that if you have a HIT SONG, it may not be a hit with you on it. This is well known in the music industry by songwriters but I wanted to let you know it as well. People writing the songs for super stars typically don’t have a solo career themselves only because of their voice. That or they just don’t want the life that comes with it.

what songs did quentin miller write for drake

Check It Out

Go check out the song that Quentin Miller released. As you listen imagine if Drake was doing the exact same song. The lyrics aren’t bad, it’s the voice and delivery that make it NON great.

Moral of the story:
Your voice matters massively. Start developing it NOW. It matters in your career more than almost anything else.

If you haven’t already, check out the How To Find Your Rap Voice E-book to help you get going on finding your rap voice in a 15 minute process I created custom for myself to use and revealed on Smart Rapper.

what songs did quentin miller write for drake

Songs He Wrote With Drake

This is the track listing for the ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ Album.

Everything marked in orange is a song that Quentin Miller got a songwriting credit on for that album.

if youre reading this its too late 2

Going through all of Drake’s other albums I don’t see Quentin Miller credited anywhere. So really he may have just been involved in this project OR he just started receiving credit this project. Sometimes people have to earn their way into being credited. Either way here it is!

Hope this made you a bit smarter today!

– Novi Novak

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