Eminem MGK Diss Breakdown & My Reaction [Killshot Reaction]

Eminem MGK Diss Breakdown & My Reaction

For one… if you think MGK won this battle again Eminem….

MGK is a talented artist there is a lot to like about him. I have met him a few times and he was a nice, very very tall guy.

I have to give credit to MGK for even dissing Eminem but he knew he was going to lose before he even made the diss track. It was the smartest career move he ever made in order to get those eyeballs on him he needed to grow.

He now has more followers, more notice and even the ability to say he went head to head with Eminem.

But like all Contenders who get in the ring and get knocked out after throwing a few jabs… you’re still not the champ. You still look a little stupid. The champion is forever remembered, not the guy he threw some sucker punches at the champ.

But the guy who got in the ring still leaves with A LOT of money and recognition.


After such a hard hitting diss from Eminem, MGK Dissing this murderous 2002 Slim Shady styled diss (that happens to exist in 2018) back would just make him look needy for attention.

I know it’s a lot of words for one sentence but it had to be said.

There is no coming back from this.

But again… I give him points for having the balls.

– Rob Level

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