mixtape track list


1) To The Sky ft. Shake (Prod by Sonaro)
2) Goyard Bag ft. Lil Uzi Vert (Prod. By Don Cannon x Keef Boyd)
3) Faith In Me ft. Wale (Prod. By Mister Neek x DJ Money x Mark Henry)
4) Sex Wit Me ft. Rihanna & Trey Songz
5) 4am Flex ft. Tory Lanez (Prod. By araabMUZIK)
6) Team Litty ft. Jazzy (Prod. By Amadeus x Trilogy)
7) Im Goin Down ft. Jazzy
8) Ashanti ft. Goldie (Prod. By Mark Henry x MK x Heavy)
9) Wishing Remix ft. Dj Drama & Chris Brown
10) Check On Me ft. Future & Dj Esco
11) My Shit ft. A. Boogie
12) Ah Man(Prod. by araabMUZIK & llmind)
13) For The Family ft. Dave East & Don Q (Prod. By Sonaro)

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Why I Reviewed

I listen to every new project that every new major artist releases. I do this for numerous reasons that you probably know if you have been reading Smart Rapper articles for a while.

It helps me understand where music in the top of the industry is headed and keep on top of things.

I figured as long as I am already listening to these albums… why not do quick reviews of them and just let you know the best tracks on the albums.

Also it helps me bring Smart Rapper readers the new music out.


This is a good mixtape, and provides a lot of good content, old and new, with many twists to classic songs, as well as remixes to popular songs of this day and age.

Many great features including, but not limited to: Rihanna, Future, and Chris Brown.

Fabolous does a good job adapting to, and complimenting other artist’s styles depending on the track, and that allows him to showcase his collection of different skills including: Flow, Sing-Rap, and just straight bars.

This kind of mixtape is what you can expect from an Artist like Fabolous, and something that has a song for everything, and everyone.

best track on the project album mixtape


Ashanti ft. Goldie – Fab loosely samples Ashanti’s early 2000s hit Foolish.

“See my days are cold without you, But I’m hurtin while I’m with you, And though my heart can’t take no more, I keep on running back to you”

He also interpolates Ja Rule’s song ft. Ashtanti, Always On Time “Always on time, Gave you my all, Baby Be mine”

I like this song because Fab makes great use of those 2 classic songs, and provides a song that throws back, but still is up to date in sound overall.

Anyone who is a fan of Hip-Hop, and a supporter of the culture, know’s that bringing back that old school feel, while still keeping the sound up to date, is a recipe for a great song!

tracks I like

Tracks I Also Liked:

Sex Wit Me ft. Rihanna & Trey Songz – Remix of  ‘Sex Wit Me’ by Rihanna

Definitely a Female Focused track, I mean, the song is called Sex Wit Me…pretty self explanatory haha

Rihanna on the Hook is FIRE, plus adding Trey Songz in the mix is like a Triple Threat for bringing women to a track!


It’s Goin Down ft. Jazzy – This song is a Remix of the song ‘It’s Goin Down Remix’ by Mary J. Blige, originally composed by Rose Royce.

This track is a Remix, of a Remix…of a Remix..That’s deep! Haha

Old school sound resonates in this song, with great bars, as well as a solid hook!

Fab throws back his flow, and his bars in this track, that gives it a nice nostalgic feeling, and classic sound overall! Great song!


My Shit ft. A. Boogie – Remix of ‘My Shit’ by A. Boogie

Catchy song right from the start, with Fab flexing his SingRap skills to fit the beat just right, and provide a solid sound on the overall track!

Smooth vibe, and delivery in general, with a nice Pop/Rap type beat, highlighted with New School accents to keep up that theme of bringing the old school into modern Hip-Hop

This is probably the most musically sound tracks on the project as far as the music, melodies, word choice, and delivery are concerned. Fabulous, and A. Boogie compliment each other very well, so this song is definitely on my list of great tracks from this mixtape!


For the Family ft. Dave East & Don Q – Samples ‘4 Da Fam’ by Amil ft. Jay-Z

Bars, on Bars, on Bars, on Bars! This is a great Hip-Hop track no doubt! Fab is dropping bombs, Dave East is dropping bombs, Don Q is dropping bombs..Everybody goes hard! Very classic sounding Hip-Hop track!

This song really captures the concept of the entire project in my opinion.

It has a classic style beat, and an old school sound that is very clear when listening, but many new school accents incorporated in places like flow, and delivery.

This all ties into the Theme of the mixtape, which is bringing back old school Hip-Hop culture, but bringing it up to speed in modern times without losing its authentic flashback vibe. As the final track of the project, i’d say it’s a great choice to place it at the very end, and go out with a bang!!

specifIC Things I LIKED

Additional Specific Things I Liked:

This is a great mixtape. Many people forget what a mixtape is supposed to be, or what it’s defined as.

A mixtape is a compilation of music, and Fabolous does a great job compiling music, old and new, then mixing it into a big melting pot to create something new.

There are great features on this tape, as well as old, and new songs being sampled, and interpolated, but also a lot of new, original content just the same.

This tape has the ability to give you new music, but still cause you to throwback, and I think that is one of the biggest themes of this whole project, so Fabolous did a great job of embodying that concept.



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