Life Lessons #1 – Don’t Be A Know It All And You’ll Know It All

life lessons 1
life lessons 1

Life Lessons #1 – Don’t Be A Know It All 

life lessons 1

This is a really cool quote.

It’s a reminder of why I want to inspire as many people as I can in my lifetime.

henry adams motivional monday quote

-Henry Adams

I have reached the 50,000 sub mark on YouTube and I want to thank each and every single person out there for sticking with me and helping me get this far. 

Because I have a lot of subscribers here on Smart Rapper and also on YouTube I’d like start adding more inspiration to my channel and so I am starting Motivational Mondays.

I am going to take the big mistakes I have made in my life and explain what I realized after those life mistakes.

I’m hoping you can learn from all of my pitfalls and really grow as a person and become the best version of yourself possible. 

I want you to reach your goals.

You will believe in yourself and realize it’s okay to fail sometime.

I need you to push forward through any doubts you ever have and any issues you ever experience.

Overall, I want you to just be f***ing amazing!

I’m hoping this all rubs off on you.

life lessons 1

Life Lesson

If you were anything like I was when I was 18-22, you probably felt like you knew everything

Then the world just came crashing down on you so many times you suddenly realized wow… I really don’t know sh*t. lol

That crash has happened to me many many MANY times and these were the best life lessons for me.

I used to act and feel like I knew everything…. even when I didn’t.

Does that sound familiar?

I think we do that because we want to SEEM smarter and more comfortable in a world that is very fast paced, very scary outside of walls and full of knowledge we can’t even fathom exist.

In reality there is vast amounts of knowledge, fields of expertise and areas of mastery we will never know unless we happen to live hundreds if not thousands of years somehow thru the future marvels of “SCIENCE!”.

This is because it takes nearly a decade of daily hard work to achieve mastery in just one area and there are 100’s of areas to study and learn.

think about that

Just think about that for a second.

We have 1 life to live and we can really only master 1, maybe 2 fields of expertise.

That’s how much knowledge there is out there.

Then we learn tons of little bits of information about all of the other careers in life and that’s only to apply them to our current field of mastery and expand our thought process.


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I started growing more as a person when I stopped talking and acting like I knew everything and I started listening.

Now I know EVERYTHING though!

haha kidding.


Not really.

No I’m kidding for really though.

Or am I?


Britney Spears gif

I’m writing this article because I want you to understand that you don’t have to know everything or pretend in front of other people that you know everything.

Life is about growing and challenging yourself.

I used to be embarrassed about not knowing something.

I can guess it was because my whole life I had an insecurity about feeling stupid since I was banned from the “normal” school system.

That’s my self diagnoses

dr phil dumb

People’s reasons for feeling like they need to be a know it all can come from many things but it most likely came from how they were brought up.

See Now though, I openly admit it if I don’t know about something and I ask someone to explain more about whatever so I am informed.

Or I just wait till I leave that conversation and I go Google the hell out of anything I come across.

I learn the most from simply shutting my mouth and listening to another person talk about something even when I feel like I know everything.

There is always more to learn.

Plus let’s not forget the fact that the more things you say, the higher the chance is that you say something stupid and do the complete antithesis of what you expected the talking to do.

life lessons 1
My main point

What I’m Saying Is

Basically what this entire article is saying is that you really need to talk less, listen and ask more questions instead of assuming you know everything or feeling the need to ‘Show’ people you’re smart.

No one likes a know it all.

But do you know what people really love?

They love people who listen to them and ask them questions because it makes the other person feel smart.

Don’t you like when people make you feel like you’re smart?

Isn’t that the reason we were trying to be know it alls in the first place?


This is a life lesson I have learned and I hope I have passed it onto you.

life lessons 1
what you can apply today


What I want you to do today to make yourself better

Stay conscious and in the moment when you are talking to people.

Listen intently and then ask deeper questions about whatever they are talking about to gain the knowledge the other person has.

If you do this in every conversation you have, you will actually be a lot closer to being a know it all.

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Rob Level – VSOE

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