How Fetty Wap Got So Famous In A Few Months! (Video)

How Fetty Wap Got Famous In A Few Months!

How Long Does It Take A HIT Song To Blow Up?

WATCH THIS If You Have One.


This video is primarily based on music marketing. I want to show all music artists that you can’t just release a song – record and just expect it to blow up. When someone has a HIT SONG, they have to get it heard and truly believe in the song or it won’t get heard by people and start growing.


In this video It shows Fetty Wap talking about how he knew his song Trap Queen was a hit and how he just marketed it all day everyday without any regard for if it bothered or annoyed people. He just made sure people heard it until it started getting some serious spins. I love his dedication and it definitely paid off for him!


Rob Level

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