How To Get On World Star Hip Hop (I’ve Been Posted 4 Times)

How To Get Posted On World Star Hip Hop

1) First I want to prove to you that I’ve been marketing my music since 2010 and before.
I pulled up some e-mails I had with Worldstar from 2010. Look at the date on it in the video.

First I e-mailed them asking what it takes and they told me you gotta be buzzin and they check everything.

THen they give me the prices, I’ll show you the world star hip hop current prices they charge here in just a minute. 2 months later, I was buzzing so I hit them back

They said I made the cut and would post anything new I released since I was buzzin.

Now how can you get posted by worldstar hip hop

1) You gotta be buzzing like crazy when you submit your video to guarantee a worldstar hip hop post. They need content to post everyday so you might get lucky.

So you submit your video to

If that doesn’t work you can always pay. But let me show you some of the stuff they posted.

2) You can pay which guarantees you a post up
This entire video series goes over how to get posted on all World Star Hip Hop platforms. World Star Hip Hop instagram, youtube and the site itself. I’ve been posted on Worldstar hip hop numerous times and I even show proof of my interaction with them in this world star hiphop series.

I hope this helps you understand how getting posted on worldstar hip hop works and how it is completely possible for you to do if you make good music or video content.

How To Get On World Star Hip Hop


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How To Get On World Star Hip Hop YouTube

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