Follow Adder Contact Support

Follow Adder Contact Support

If you’re having any issues with Follow Adder you need to contact their support team.


What Is Follow Adder Contact E-mail

First I have to say double emailing Follow Adder won’t result in faster response. It will just add to the pile of e-mails they have to get back to responding.

But if this is your first time trying to contact Follow Adder than you can do so by using this e-mail


I Can Help You Fix ALL Of Your Follow Adder Problems FREE

I have told a lot of people about Follow Adder in the last year and not everyone is used to running software.

It can be complicated and overwhelming when you first turn on a software like Follow Adder.

For that reason I have made an ENTIRE FREE COURSE that teaches you how to perfectly set it up in order to grow your Instagram profile.

I also teach you how to grow your Instagram by 100’s to 1000’s of new followers a day depending how hard you’re willing to work.

Using this method

Here is a link to that Follow Adder Course


Why Does Follow Adder Take So Long To Respond?

As far as I know, they are only a team of 2 people.

They don’t have extra help from other people. So when they are dealing with 100 e-mails back and forth with customers, it can really add up for Follow Adder Support.

Imagine possibly 1,000 people contacting Follow Adder Support even. I don’t doubt this happens weekly.

If one thing goes wrong in the software, no one can fix it but them. So of course you immediately contact support.


Why Are You Having Follow Adder Issues?

They are always trying to work out bugs and glitches because Instagram is constantly updating and their team is so small.


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