Follow Adder Error Retrieving Username Data

Follow Adder Error Retrieving Username Data

I help a lot of people grow their Instagram profiles through tons unique, out of the box strategies.

I’ll tell you some of them further below. One of the strategies is the use of Follow Adder to automate your Instagram and promote all day long.


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You will wake up EVERYDAY with new followers and a smile on your face.


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A step by step guide on how to set up Follow Adder


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Follow Adder Error Retrieving Username Data

The video above shows you the same issue I couldn’t seem to fix for 30 minutes one time. I tried everything to fix the follow adder error and it just kept frustrating me more and more.

It all turned out to be as simple as turning on the automation for the screen name before trying to add the list in Follow Adder.

It shouldn’t be required in order to add to a list, though it should be required for it to ‘START’. Annoying but it’s easily fixable.

Have you ever gotten either of these errors while using Follow adder?

Follow Adder Error Retrieving Username Data

Error Retrieving Data from Shortcode


Follow Adder Contact Support Page

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