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Instagram Follower Review
follow adder software

Follow Adder For Instagram Review

follow adder software review
I feel bad for hiding follow adder instagram from you

I feel bad, I’ve been hiding this follow adder software from you guys. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to tell people this was a huge key in me growing my Instagram to over 100,000 followers in the last year.

Then I really thought about it and it would be wrong of me not to show you one of the best tools to grow your fan base on Instagram. I gain not only Instagram followers, but they click through and listen to my music and I gain REAL fans everyday.

So here it is… My secret to growing my Instagram and fan base so fast (besides all of my Instagram tricks that you get when you sign up to my E-mail list)


Lets Start The Follow Adder Instagram Review

what does instagram follower adder edition do

You might shit your pants when you see these features and then ask yourself why you aren’t using this already. 

1) Makes a list of users to follow and comment on their pictures

It makes the list based on hashtags or the followers of a user. So if you want to get all of Jay Zs followers, it makes a list of those people. Also, since we are rappers, we just take the hashtags #Rap #Rapper #HipHop etc or the rappers you sound like that you think people would like such as #KendrickLamar #Eminem #Drake etc.

2) Automatically Follow Users

Since it now has a list pulled that are relevant to you and your music. Now it automatically follows masses of people a day

3) Automatically Unfollow Users

If the people were dicks and never followed you back, the software automatically UNFOLLOWS them for you and puts them into a blacklist to never follow them again

4) Likes and Comments On Pictures

When you scraped those rapper hashtags, it gets pictures that it automatically comments and likes

5) Auto Like Back (My Favorite Feature)

The reason I switched to this software from my old one had a lot to do with this feature. If someone likes a picture of yours, it makes your profile automatically like however many pictures you want of the other users. This way your profile looks more interested in the person and they more than likely come study your profile and check out your music. GENIUS!

6) Thank you Direct Message

Every time someone follows you, it instantly direct messages them saying anything you want it to. Like “Check out my new song” or “Thanks for following, if you didn’t know that I’m a rapper, there is a link in my bio” and it can include an artwork of your album as the DM picture.

7) Unlike Photos

This is so after you have gained the attention from the person, it’s like you never liked it at all. So after you’re famous, it’s like you never even did this. 😀

8) Auto Share Photos 

You can set it up to automatically share unlimited amounts of photos for you so that you don’t even have to get on your Instagram and it can post photos to keep everyone entertained.

9) Keeps Track Of EVERYTHING

It keeps complete track of how many likes you made, how many people you followed and how many followed you. How many people liked each individual picture of yours that day and so on. Amazing.

10) Spikes Endorphins In Your Brain All Day Making You Happy

This may sound stupid, but this is the reason people sit on their Facebook alllllllll day long waiting for notifications to feel cool.

Every time someone likes a picture of ours or comments or follows us, we get a tiny spike of endorphins that makes us happy. This is a scientific fact.

Now, imagine every time you log in to your Instagram there are 20+ notifications an hour. I always have at least 100 every few hours when I check mine. It honestly brightens my day in some way, everyday.

11) You Look Famous

Realistically as your Instagram grows you are literally getting famous. Your friends and family can see your Instagram is growing and people take you much much more seriously as an artist. Trust me. After you hit like 10,000 followers people start wondering “Who the fuck is this guy?” and then they go check out your music when they come across your profile.

Take A Look At This Guy Who Just Thanked Me After Using Follow Adder Service

Add to follow adder page

Done With The Follow Adder Instagram Review? If you’re already convinced Click Here To Check Out The Software

follow adder review

Imagine every 15-20 minutes when you check your Instagram it looks like this.

Wouldn’t you enjoy 20 new Notifications and a new DMs every 15 minutes? It feels incredible! You will be hooked.

Using the Follow Adder Instagram stratagy, getting notifications like these are possable.

instagram software follow adder review
follower adder review instagram growth

I’ve been using this Follow Adder Instagram stratagy for the last few months and I have grown my Instagram from 5,000 to 100,000+ Followers. The proof is right there for you to see Check Out My Instagram

I also have the software running the Smart Rapper Instagram and it’s already at 5,000+ followers in a month and a half.

Let’s do the math here, I have this Instagram Software set to: 

1) Like 1,000 Pictures A day

2) Comment on 200 pictures a day

3) Following 800 people a day

4) Direct Message 20+ new followers a day

That is a reach of over 2,000+ people a day potentially coming to my profile and becoming fans.

2,000+ people seeing you a day X 30 days in a month


For $14.95 a month. This is easily the CHEAPEST Smart Rapper way to gain fans.

If It wasn’t smart, I wouldn’t be using it.

instagram software
7 day free trial of instagram adder follow software

It’s $14.95 a month but it works while you’re sleeping. Hmmmm… 30 days of software running 24/7 liking photos, commenting and following and unfollowing people automatically that is gaining your music and Instagram attention? Well worth it. Plus the daily endorphin rush.

At least take advantage of the 7 Day Free Trial. It’s free…. Why the hell not.

Just trying this for 7 days you will see an insane amount of likes, comments and follows every time you turn on your Instagram.

Honestly, after you try it for 7 days you might get depressed when you’re not using it. Because you’ll go from a ton of interaction to almost none if the software isn’t running.

It’s running itself when you’re not even on Instagram, so it makes you feel like you spent all day working to gain fans when really you just did other stuff.

If you’re already convinced Click Here To Check Out The Software

instagram software follow adder
rapper help with anything follow adder

Don’t be afraid if you think it looks complicated, it’s VERY easy to get the hang of 😀

Anytime I have had a question I just ask them and they answer

They also have tutorial videos and even a user guide so you don’t have to worry about any of the little stuff.

Honestly, I don’t know what the hell you are waiting for, you are losing 2,000 potential fans PER DAY if you are not using this software.

BE A SMART RAPPER! Get this going today, the free trial will make you love it, so why not try it!

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Click the Picture or HERE to Check it out

follow adder software

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Follow Adder Instagram Review

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