Powerful Examples Of Raps About Life That Built A Hardcore Fanbase

Raps About Liferaps about lifeRaps About Liferap lyrics about lifeIntroduction

You were probably interested in this article because you wanted to see some examples of raps about life that built fanbases.

You probably wanted some examples of rap lyrics so you could mirror them in order to write your own raps about life.

So I decided to put this together in order to show you examples of real talk rap lyrics I have used in my own personal songs that I have seen my fans truly connect with and tell me have moved them in some way.

real talk rappers

Raps about life are the lyrics and songs that are going to truly build your fan base into a hardcore fan base that will be with you for a long long time. The raps about life are what people relate to, what they feel, what they have personally been through and what makes them see you as a real person just like them.

This is because they feel an emotional attachment to the your raps about life so they are going to respect and appreciate you so much more knowing that you have been through the same situations as them.

how to write raps about my lifeWhat you will learnWhat you will learn in this raps about life article

realest rap lyrics

You will learn that you can take events that have happened in your life and make entire rap songs about them.

Raps about life aren’t hard to make if you have actually felt the emotion before because you can just channel everything you felt and the entire situation into 1 song.

I am going to show you examples of my own raps about life that have all come out of individual circumstances that built into a full song that people have loved.

You’ll see the raps about life that will get you LESS HATE and MORE FANS. I explain this more later.

You can listen to the songs below if you don’t want to read the lyrics. One is a music video and the others are lyric videos.

rapping about lifeFriends and EnemiesRaps About Life 1 – Friends And Enemies

This is a song that I have had thousands and thousands of people inbox me about saying things about how much they related to it. It’s a prime example of raps about life that will gain you true fans.

Anyone who has had a friend that betrayed them or that has done things to destroy their friendship can completely relate to this song.

The song is based on real events and was actually written towards an old friend in my life. I shot and edited the music video and co wrote the script with a friend of mine. The twist ending is super cool.

Really this song was written to the person who was always trying to change who I was as a person. Telling me I should be this or that. When I was younger – like most of us – I was very susceptible to being influenced by friends around me. Luckily I started understanding that the best person I needed to be was myself. I didn’t need to change because someone else thought I did.

I lost friends for being real and you wouldn’t lose a real friend to something like that, would you?

Friends And Enemies Lyrics

[Alexis Dior]

As my list of regrets gets longer
My heart grows stronger

[T 3]

This is for my friends who eventually were enemies

[Alexis Dior]

Oh, Because of what you did to me

[VERSE 1:]

Off the top had to get a new friend to take your spot
and I’d do it again If it don’t stop
now I soak it in That bull shit rope it in
My Chemistry set got broke again
How stupid am I just to hope for friends?!
Cause everytime I get one They seem to act act dumb
Be on some, dont get where I’m comin’ from, from
Just a misfit, nother heathen
Lookin’ for something real to believe in
Couldn’t find it so I figured these kids
Need the same shit so thats where I begin
They say, what we dont say Cause we dont talk bout stacks all day
And if I dont get radio play I’ll still get haters that’s okay
This right here For all my friends I lost
And the price tags on all they cost
Only got me bought, like a life time supply of hate
Open wounds and a bag of salt
You were tryin to turn me into somethin I didn’t wanna be
And other people saw that As a matter a fact
Way I pictured life you couldn’t draw that
And that was your biggest draw back! Come on!

[Hook: Alexis Dior]

Cause I know
I’m over here just slippin, further away, from you
My hour glass sands spillin’ through my hands
As time struggles out of view
And even though an ocean hits on it
I build sand castles out of these moments
Hopin’, when its through
The next ones so much stronger than you

[VERSE 2: ]

Couple friends got shot, couple changed sides
Couple got locked, gave a couple black eyes
Down to ride, They swear they was
So I’mma talk about it like we need to bruh
Was the best of friends, you know its true
I mean you held me up, I did the same for you
Then you held me down, and you held me back
And i dont really know how I can forgive all that
Was like a 100 down a pitch black road
And we didn’t see it comin so we lost control
Uh, I, Talk so Heavy gotta weigh my options
N keep my balance like I wanna keep shoppin’
Some say that I ain’t poppin’
Look at all the bullshit they been droppin’
In the process, I lost some friends
Huh, but life does that now and again
Another trap door for an intruder that I let in
“Wonder where that trap door led him?”
More importantly it’s just me though
Rawer than a needle spoon fed a kilo
Did it for respect therefore we know
Villain Sqaud give us time there won’t be no equal, GOTT’M!

[Hook: Alexis Dior]

Cause I know
I’m over here just slippin, further away, from you
My hour glass sands spillin’ through my hands
As time struggles out of view
And even though an ocean hits on it
I build sand castles out of these moments
Hopin’, when its through
The next ones so much stronger than you


This is what I do and I do it till the death of me
Can’t pretend to be, can’t pretend to be
Tryin’ to keep friends, keepin’ secrets from my enemies
That’s the recipe, that’s the recipe
Lyin’ to myself about things that eventually
And regretably, that’ll never be
So this is for my friends who eventually were enemies
Oh, I hope you seein’ me

real talk rap lyricsSave MeRaps About Life 2 – Save Me

Save me was a song I made when I was super depressed from all the stress that I felt from trying to make it in the music industry. The feeling of having tons of fans rooting for you to make it but not having a team or finances to be able to propel myself forward.

I didn’t have what all of the other rappers had. Financial backers, big artist co signs to push their projects and give them credibility, industry connections from label mates or other artist they knew. I didn’t have the doors opened for me like a lot of the other artist did. I started drowning from the pressure and it really sucked.

People don’t understand that 90% of making it in the game is your connections and doors that were opened for you, not your talent. I had done it all myself to that point and had no one to help me. I didn’t have that 90%, only the 10%.

This song was me basically asking God for help to be able to do it on my own. Help never came.

Save Me Lyrics


Oooooh somebody save me, ooooh somebody save me
Its lyke oooh somebody save me, some somebody save me

[Verse 1:]

In this puzzle called life Im jus tryna find the piece
To ‘complete’ the puzzle, and C the bigger picture at least
Before my grave stone reads “He was Killen them beats”
Died with all them whips and chains, cause the man was a beast
I Hop out my, glass top casket, N’ start fighting the priest
Cuz U refuse to die, But i guess that was expected of me
Cuz the Grim Reaper point his finger And it puts me back to sleep
Then they put me in the ground Last thing i see is some feet
ALL cuz i hate being walked on, even worse i hate to lose
If i had to choose, with my attitude I’d rather DIE than LOSE to you
And that rope tightens, my neck cracks, It rug burns, it bruise
And they play pinata wit my body as my soul diffuse
I Die fast…(*children’s laughter*) As my soul is restarted
And I trip over my own body, as i slowly depart it
To see, poor men compared to wealthy are only richer in wounds
When they swimmin with sharks, Bleedin out, circumventing their DOOM!


If you could only see
All the shyt thats in my head
You’d be praying for my downfall
You’d be wishin’ that im dead
All these feeling’s fillin’ up
As im reachin the top
And I’m drowning in my head
Nd the feelin’ won’t stop, im Like

Ooohh somebody save me
Oohhh somebody save me
Its like oooh somebody save me
Some somebody save me

[Verse 2:]

Im Drownin’ in the water And im Sick of iit
Lookin’ up to a duller light, like Every time i glimpse at it
If God’s house has a dimmer switch Then he hittin’ it
Cuz i keep reachin for Another breathe….
But i ain’t gettin it..
As i begin to win, self esteem Paper thin. Cuttin in like razor pins
Violined on cratered skin
Now im damaged, who the fcuks gunna need me?
Fore i can’t love you since
That’d be your only chance to exceed me
Women lie, and ive learned that over time
So i put up walls…
That even the most beautiful smiles can’t climb
Friends lie and sometimes They know you better than you
That’s why i doubled up my walls Good luck breaking through
My Studio gear and a brick Are the same cost (same cost)
So to me prison and failure Yup they’d b the same loss (same loss)
I must confess Theres way more i could be doin’
But my biggest obstacle of all..
I’m only Human


If you could only see
All the shyt thats in my head
You’d be praying for my downfall
You’d be wishin’ that im dead
All these feeling’s fillin’ up
As im reachin the top
And I’m drowning in my head
Nd the feelin’ won’t stop, im Like

Ooohh somebody save me
Oohhh somebody save me
Its like oooh somebody save me
Some somebody save me

[Verse 3:]

Thoughts repressed from messes voice mails, and txt msgs
From friends and ex’s All Convalescent… Cuz my success progressed
And You can Bettt i see right threw That Shit!
I knew yuh bitch! Dont act like my mind slipped
Cuz i gained fame and yu grew Tits
You can’t Do what i do cuz you dont
Do what i be tryin’ n
My level on some higher shit
Like credit, an yuh financin’
You lyin’ but you trippin’ So you spinnin’ like appliances
But… Im on the same shit i been onnn
Eye, sleep with one eye open
You know what i mean?
Cuz in the land of the blind
One eyed men are Kings
This alone depicts.. An illuminatical scheme
While were blindly focused on ‘THE’ American Dream


If you could only see
All the shyt thats in my head
You’d be praying for my downfall
You’d be wishin’ that im dead
All these feeling’s fillin’ up
As im reachin the top
And I’m drowning in my head
Nd the feelin’ won’t stop, im Like

Ooohh somebody save me
Oohhh somebody save me
Its like oooh somebody save me
Some somebody save me


I feel it creepin in my bones (eeuuooo)
Dont let em act like they knoo you
They only comin cuz they see you at the top
But as soon as you fall all that lovin gunn stop…

how to keep it real in rap lyricsAllow Me To Explain MyselfRaps About Life 3 – Allow Me To Explain Myself 

I made this song to explain to my fans why things weren’t propelling. The struggles day to day that were happening behind the scenes that no one ever knew was happening.

The things that went from Save Me to me spiraling into a deep depression from all of the pressure. I was under so much stress and being so negative on myself that I literally thought I had cancer. It was just tearing me to shreds mentally and physically.

In this song I explain every bit of it, everything from me contemplating suicide to me going to the Doctor when I was end the end of my rope fearing the worst.

If you wanted an examples of raps about life, this is probably one of the realest ones you will ever find. I even mention what Save Me was in this song.

Allow Me To Explain Myself

[Intro: ]

Allow me to explain myself


Allow me to explain myself


Allow me to explain myself

[Verse 1: ]

See, we lived in the hood, 600 a month
My team lived in the garage, I lived in the front
And my second in charge, he helped pay the rent
Plus iTunes, shirt money and whatever we’d get
Cause shit
We was waiting on funds to come
Like months on months on months and then some
From promises of investors but never got none
Promised large sums, but we never saw a crumb
And if you get where I’m coming from, this shit’s dumb
This is exactly why i don’t trust no one
Cause we needed big money to make big moves
Cause I felt small steps would make us look too new

But who knew

Saying two weeks, two weeks we’d have money
But it never came and what’s more funny
I’m a goddamn dummy, was depressed and sat
Cause from the start, I shouldn’t even of relied on that
Cause everyone relied on me and it seemed
As if I was the one supposed to work for they dreams
But I guess as a leader, that was kinda my thing
But I needed a team, if you know what I mean
Cause they never had ideas or reached out the box
So like, how the hell we supposed to get to the top?
If only I have ideas? Only I make moves
Only I have passion, but I mean what can I do
I’m only one man, and a fucked up one at that
And that ain’t hard to see if you just start looking back
I’d give motivational speeches but two days later
They was right on back down the escalator
So for months on end, I tortured myself
Hated life and it affected my health
Barely slept, was spent and only had money for ramen
I can’t explain how many times I considered just stoppin’
Talked suicide so much, he was my best friend
Lot of lonely nights we would spend
We’d play hide and seek and he’s count to ten
But lucky for me he never found me in the end

[Verse 2: ]

I made “Save Me” while severely depressed
Was how I confessed and addressed all that stress
Expressed my regrets and wishes for death
As I drowned in thoughts of homicide, tears and neglect
I hated life, and all I had was my rhymes
Even laughing, I was crying at the same damn time
I couldn’t cope and what killed the most
Sloped, no brakes and completely wrecked my hopes
I swear to God on this, my career, and life
My father’s grave, shit, I swear that twice
For six months I actually thought I had cancer
But couldn’t afford the doctor for a definite answer
According to the net, I had all the symptoms
But I was way too poor to change how I was living
Praying to God like “Man, you gotta be kidding
It’s sickening that you’d go and drown me when I’m barely kicking”
And that tore me apart everyday
So positive minded, hardest thing to stay
Plus I was afraid to go to the doctor incase he’s say
Anything besides something along the lines of you’re okay

Well okay

I didn’t even tell anyone ’till I broke down
Was crying my eyes out, thinking no one was around
But Majeed walked in there after he said he was leaving
Then I told him and he couldn’t believe it
Then he told me if I was dying and couldn’t afford the treatments
That he had my back and that
Is a brother and I love him for that
Cause even if he didn’t mean it, them words carried me through
And that’s the type of shit a real friend’ll do
Yeah, that’s the type of shit a real friend’ll do

[Verse 3: ]

I considered, would the fans stick with me through kemo?
Assuming all the girl fans would leave me though
I considered would they notice if I wore bigger hats?
Should I wear a bandana and how would I go about that?
I released a mixtape with no money to spread it
So it sat there as people who’d love it completely neglect it
And mentally breaking down, I was forced to accept it
Cause once again in my life, I was completely rejected
I thought the mix tape would bring me back
But in fact, it just pushed me further into collapse
Then half my team left, and I just cracked
And everything sort of blacks out after that
So to stop the thoughts I started smoking mad weed
Considered if the devils offers would set me free
I started reading power books and ironically
It started having this weird power over me
Cause it was all a process and I started to see

How it’s a political not talented industry

Cause I only shook like one other rappers hand
And the things he did to make it I don’t want to do man
But months later got the iTunes check and on the spot
Spent the whole thing going straight to the doc
Sitting in the waiting room was the scariest thing ever
Hoping he’d come in and prescribe things to make me better
Instead he came in, and he sat down
Scanned some shit and he said “Let’s see now,”
He asked if I had a past with depression
And I said, “Why everybody always ask me that question?”
Then I told him I read symptoms on the net
Then he said “That’s the worst place to check!
You’d be surprised, people actually do that a lot
They turn the smallest things into something they’re not!”
I’m like, “They’re not?”
“Yeah, a case of severe depression is all that you got!”
A week later all the internal pain in me just stopped
I was so depressed mentally, I was killing myself physically
Goddamn, look what I did to me
That’s how fucked up I was in my head
I just thank God my ass wasn’t on any meds
Cause I ain’t have the nuts to make myself physically dead
But my mind’s so strong it tried to do it for me instead

[Verse 4: Novi Novak]

But after that, my whole life changed
I was more determined than ever to get in the game
And since they say everything happens for a reason
And I believe it, I believe God did that to me
So I’d take health more seriously
I started writing like a mad man
Released “Thrift Shop” and fans were like “God damn man!”
Hell yeah man, hell yeah man!
Tossed out my holey shoes
Got a day job and started making my own moves, for real!
And man now I’m more driven than ever
And I ain’t stopping ’till I change the rap game for the better
(Is it better?)
I apologize to my fans for my human mistakes
As here I explained the wait
So thanks, for sticking with me along the way
Cause now I’m about to do whatever it takes, it’s my fate


I left a lot out but
That’s the gist of it
I’d say the rest but, it’d be like a 25 minute song
But you know, I guess I’ll explain the rest later
You just going to have to wait again
*laughs* sorry

how to rap about lifewrapping upWrapping Up Raps About Life

I have many more examples of raps about life but this article is getting pretty long haha

I just wanted to show you how you can take real situations in life and make them into rap songs that your future fans will truly respect and appreciate.

When you are writing raps about life, it makes it much harder for someone to find a reason to hate on you. I have realized that time and time again over the last couple years.

rap lyrics

Even trolls have feelings. They can easily hate on a club song or trap song with no feelings you release, but once you real a song that raps about life itself, they start seeing you as a person and can start gaining respect for you.

When writing raps about life I am going to recommend you are always honest and that you don’t say things you have never experienced. If someone finds out you are lying it will completely alienate them and they will no longer respect you.

That has ruined many rappers careers and you shouldn’t be rapping about anything that you haven’t personally experienced.

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